Looking for inspiration to convert your office into a more functional, productive and encouraging space? Depending upon the availability of space, the work that goes on, the expected traffic and the personality desired of the space, we all struggle to find a solution. Following are some unique examples of office designs that you can gauge to make changes to your own space. The basics of office design however remains the same – clean and clutter free space, equipment’s and furnishing where you need them, enough lighting and an environment that encourages you to work more.

Classic Office Room Design

classic office room design


An ultra modern design scheme, here the designer has used glass, metal and a bit of wood in stark balance to each other. Every furnishing is streamlined and kept to a bare minimum. The use of the wooden table top and the small shelf on the wall are the only subduing element son the whole space.

Office Room Interior Design Idea

office room interior design idea


Another example of simplicity and modernity, here we have contrasting furnishing but all in stark colors. The fluorescent orange desk chair contrasts the white table top and similarly, the sofa color is in contrast to the carpentry. The use of a room length window allows the maximum use of daylighting and also matches the metallic theme of the space.

Office Design for Small Space

office design for small space


For executives with smaller office space, the best way to go about things is to have just three clusters of furniture. The first comprises of your desk, chair and required lighting, and electronic equipment. The second is the guest seating with a couple of comfortable chairs and a table in between. The third component is the cabinetry/storage and can attain a flexible arrangement, being achieved on the walls or under the desk.

White and Blue Commercial Office

white and blue commercial office


This is certainly a unique and fresh idea to an office. The desk is kept at the longer end of the room while sofas and chairs on either side of the longer room service the guests. White glossy ceiling tiles help spread the present light to brighten up the space. Long windows on one side of the room add to the arrangement’s spaciousness.

Minimalist Office with Wooden Furniture

home office with wooden furniture1


If you have two adjoining cubicles, it is best to have a glass divider in between to create the illusion of spaciousness. Other than that, keep the furnishing to a bare minimum to both help in creation of free space and save on the chances of clutter. Wooden cabinets against the white themed room create a natural space that promoted productivity.

Modern Home Office Design

modern home office design


If you are trying to achieve a ‘cool’ office design, well, all it would need is the integration of a creative décor and a couple of installations that would be deemed unique. This is most likely to be found in most home offices that are startups or are small scale businesses working in the creative services. Just try livening up the space.

Traditional Brown Home Office Design

traditional brown home office

Design By: Jorge Rosso Interiors

A traditional office space requires plush sofas big tables and huge cabinetry, royal carpeting and lighting, perhaps using chandeliers! Obviously, you would be requiring a huge space to achieve this but the result is always admirable.

Black and White Office Room Idea

black and white office room idea


An office space that follows a black and white theme can look impressively cool, given you use a lot of glass around and enough amount of lighting to spruce up the space.

Contemporary Office with Book Shelves

contemporary office with book shelves


More of an exotic office design; you can integrate a small fireplace, a fluorescent lit bookshelf and a lot of plush seating. Contemporary office designs always have the essence of the “rich”!

Home Office with Wooden Furniture

minimalist office with wooden furniture

Design By: Golden Age Interior Designers

Classic Office Design with Green Wall

classic cargill office design


Ruby Office Room Design

ruby office room design

Photo Bye : Nicolai Mørk / KAM

Grey Background Office Room

grey background office room


Light Blue and White Office Design

light blue and white office design


Yellow Walls Office Room Design

yellow walls office room design


Varonis Lighting Office Design

varonis lighting office design

Photo By : Liam Frederick

Austgate Greenery Office Design

austgate greenary office gesign1


Latest Office Room Design

latest office room design


Intoo Black and White Office Design

intoo black and white office design

Photo By : Zhang Daqi

Marvelous Look Office Design

marvelous look office design


Official Office Design with Green Chairs

official office design with green chairs


Coming back to the basics again, the bare minimum amount of furnishing is well established against a colorful wall color and big trendy curtains.

Which of the office spaces did you like? We would like to hear out your ideas for a personal office space. If you have already got a unique space, we would also like to have a glimpse of it!

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