Office workspace design of the old days required uniform styles – from the reception area to the bosses’ rooms. Today though, flexibility and comfort are the focused. The entire workplace area does not even have to look formal or business-like. That is why, most offices are designed with the concept of bringing the outdoor atmosphere in. This simply means use of natural floral patters in artworks and fabrics, as well as installing exposed concrete floors and reclaimed wood paneling. Living walls are becoming more and more popularly used, as well.

Modern Office Work Space Design

skype office workspace design

By Matthew Millman

Tombras Group Office Work Space

tombras group office worspace

 By David Massengill Photography

Awesome Red and White Work Space Idea

awesome office workspace design idea

Bringing the home design into the workplace is another design idea being used today. That is why some offices have incorporated couches and coffee tables into some areas; like the conference rooms and lounge areas.

Unique Office Work Space with Globe Hanging Lights

unique office workspace

By David Wakely

Stylish Office Work Space Design

stylish office workspace design

Attractive Work Space with Glass Walls

attractive office workspace design idea

Visnick & Caulfield Associates Designs

Colorful Office Work Space with White Furniture

nformatica%e2%80%99s tel aviv office

By Uzi Porat

Industrial Office Space Idea

infinite peripherals%e2%80%99 office workspace looks awesome

Small Office Work Space Idea

nowy styl group office in krak%c3%b3w

By Smart Studio

Beautiful Work Space with Graphic Wall Art

beautiful office workspace

Trendy Office Work Space with High Ceiling

colorful office workspace design

By Jasper Sanidad

Modern Office with Rich Furniture

international office workspace design model

By Giulio Asso

Unique Office Work Space Interior Idea

modern office workspace interior

 Morpho Studio Designs

Goodbye to cubicles is another new design trend in offices. Non-assigned seating has overtaken the multipurpose spaces. This allows for one space to be utilised for a lot of purposes like casual breaks and multimedia presentations. Multipurpose areas are designed with height-adjustable tables or oval-shaped desks.

Classy White Office with Lavish Look

minneapolis office workspace

Large Office Work Space

dealogic office workspace

In-house Designs

Blue and White Work Space Idea

optimedia moscow office

By Ilya Ivanov

Luxurious Office Design with Pendant Lights

cond%c3%a9 nast entertainment office workspace design

By Eric Laignel

Black and White Office with Teak Furniture

oshkosh b%e2%80%99gosh office in new york city1

By Bilyana Dimitrova

Awesome Office Work Space with Ceiling

awesome workspace design

By Christopher Nose

No more permanent layouts for workplace spaces is yet another new concept being implemented. As mentioned above, flexibility and comfort are important aspects for today’s office design. This means use of flexible work landscape with modular components that can be stacked, moved around and mixed.

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