Office Designs and Decorating Ideas

Those days are left behind when all you can think about an office is a boring place with monotonous walls and boring cubicles. Offices are now being made a fun place to work at as they say about all work and no play. Companies brought in creative and innovative changes to their workplace and it worked out for their good with improved performance by the employees. As simple as changing the dull white color walls into graphical wallpapers will be inspiring enough to work around in a fun space.   Read More

Making Department Specific Customization

The major basis of designing an office should be allotting the office spaces department wise. That will make the work in office more organized. Who work around surely affects the quality of your work and hence similar jobs should be placed together for improved team work.

And then every department has its personalized requirement. The functioning is different and hence the office space should be designed accordingly. Don’t forget for a common place or lobby where people from all the departments can socialize, and it should be a place additional to the conference room. After all that’s a place for formal meetings and your mates would need a place for fun time.

Allow Natural Light as Much

A cluttered office space isn’t going to give you the best output. A closed and artificially lit place will never give the essence and effect what natural light can be. So design your office so that natural light is as much welcoming as possible.

If you have small office space then you can make use of glasses as much as possible. It is better than an opaque environment that obstructs brilliant ideas to flow around and not just the light. Allow some open space by the windows. It gives a better perspective that a clumsy workplace.

Let the Walls Do the Talking

The largest part of any construction is the wall and in offices this is what the staffs stare at the most. Hence you must make the most usage of these walls. Moreover just a designed wall can change the overall look of your office without any other major renovations.

Using creative wallpapers with bright colors or maybe some graphical imprints are good to go and are quite trendy too. Another creative usage of wall’s is that you can make it a medium of communication. If you build the walls with materials that can be written upon then it will be easier for the employees to take notes by their desk as the wall is always in reach.

While designing your office you should consult your office mates too as they will be better helping at the things that motivate them and things that work the other way round. It’s good to cater their need and not make any baseless assumption.

Try to make your office a unique place where your staff will love to work and make the environment an inspiring place to get along.