Choosing the right table is a paramount factor while designing office at home. Gone are the days of using a plain table chair to complete your strenuous tasks.You can now accentuate your home office space with many stylish yet compact tables turning the heads of your friends.

Gray Home Office Furniture

gray home office furniture

Design By : NIH Homes

Blue Desk Design For Home Workspace

blue desk design for home workspace

Design By : Dana Lauren 

Luxury Wooden Desk Idea

wooden desk idea

Photo By: William Raveis Real Estate

One can use either an antique or a contemporary table made of glass, stone, wood and metal. If you face problem with a cluttered desk, then a compact desk with ample storage in the form of drawers and cabinets is the solution.

Antique Glass Table Design

antique glass desk design

Photo By : Debbie Perez

Corner Computer Desk Home Office

corner computer desk home office

Compact Desk With Ample Storage

compact desk with ample storage

Cynthia Mason Interiors Design

Contemporary Stone Table Workspace

contemporary stone table

Anthony Wilder Design

Elegant Home Office White Desk

classy home office white desk

Photo By: Brady Architectural Photography

Large Black and Yellow Table

largeblack and yellow desk

Design By: S&K Interiors

Stylish Home Office With Lime Green Desk

stylish home office with lime green desk

Photo By: Jill Wolff

Eclectic Home Office Interior

eclectic home office interior

Classy Home Office Furniture Idea

classy home office furniture idea

Unique Stone Desk For Home Office

unique stone desk for home office

Photo By: Ralph Kylloe

Green Workspace Interior Design Idea

green workspace interior design idea

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

Vintage Wood Paneled Home Office

vintage wood paneled home office

Photo By: Jenkins Custom Homes Design&Build

Modern Wood Office Desk

modern wood office desk

You can also choose from an array of colors and other accessories thereby sprucing up the look of your work area. Keeping factors like functionality and creativity, cast your eye on some of the enticing home office table designs:

The Covet desk: This kind of desk is stylish and is useful for the people who have chronic clutter issues. A trendy glass top table to store your important documents underneath the desk making it looks spick and span.

Simple Covet Desk Design Idea

simple covet desk design idea

Black Covet Desk For Home Workspace

black covet desk for home workspace

Photo By: Blackband Design

The Luna Desk: Go for this desk if you have an aesthetic taste of vogue and richness. This Italian piece of furniture is an ideal home office desk for prime business meetings.

Chic Luna Desk Design

luna desk design picture

Photo By: Jessica McGowan

The Wall desk: Craving for space? Then this desk is definitely the solution for you to design your home office.

Wall Desk Idea For Space Saving

wall desk idea for space saving

Photo By: Alex Lukey Photography

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