Whether for your home or office, writing desk provides a flat surface on which you can place your laptop or a book to write upon. These desk designs are mostly important for a writer as they act as the ideal working space for composing your thoughts and expressing them in a way that will appeal to the readers. You can get them in any style, material, and color that fit the needs of any working person. You may also See White Desk Designs

Small Writing Desk Designs

Small writing desks can fit against a wall, corner or under the staircase. They are perfect for small space and can be used by kids to do their homework. People who need to use this desk for working should opt for those with a keyboard tray.

Riguerra Design

Antique Writing Desk Designs

To maximize its usage, your writing desk has to match your interior décor. If you have antique furniture from Victorian or Edwardian style, then an antique writing desk is perfect for you. For a smaller design, go for field desks with a slot for inkwell and quill pens.

Tres McKinney Design

Rustic Writing Desk Designs

Rustic writing desk designs are made of wooden twigs or logs to create a realistic natural look. Suitable homes with a country theme, these desks add a creative edge to an understated room. You can get these desks made of wrought iron or solid oak.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Corner Writing Desk Ideas

Corner writing desks do not take up any extra space. Instead, they give you an easier access to a quiet time to focus on your writing. With plenty of styles, you can choose a corner desk that acts as the statement piece in the room.

Reid Developments Ltd

Contemporary Writing Desks

Contemporary writing desks have sleek designs that make better use of the available space. With simple yet sophisticated style, they give a space a hip feeling which will energize the work environment.

Element Studios

Farmhouse Writing Desks

If you love rustic decorations, then farmhouse writing desks are perfect for you. The popular material for these desks is wood so you can choose from walnut, oak, pine to ash. To brighten up the room go for ash or pine while for a darker shade oak or walnut will do.

Iwan Sastrawiguna Interior Design

Kid’s Writing Desk Designs

Kid’s writing desk should be sturdy and comfortable. A comfy desk made in kids favorite color will motivate him or her to use the desk to do their homework and study. A standard flat top desk with extra drawers is practical.


Large Writing Desk Ideas

Large writing desks are suitable for offices as they can accommodate a computer, printer, and other office necessities. They tend to dominate the room hence are ideal for rooms with ample spaces. They are mostly made of mahogany, oak or teak. You may also See Glass Desk Designs

Susanne Croley

Diy Writing Desk Designs

Add life to your room by adding DIY writing desk. These desks will not only add a stunning visual appeal but will also show you creativity. Made from recycled materials, you even include leather or go for those with embellishments.

Kristin Peake Interiors, LLC

L Shaped Writing Desks

L shaped writing desk can be easily stacked against the wall to create an illusion of space. You can strategically place your L desk to break up space and create a unique focal zone.

Berghuis Construction LLC

Home Office Writing Desks

Home office writing desks can serve many functions including decorating the room and providing the ideal space for you to write. Suitable for people who work from home, you should purchase a home office desk with a beautiful finish that meets your writing needs.

Alison Whittaker Design, Inc.

Modern Writing Desks

Modern writing desks are a favorite to many because of their clean lines and sophisticated style. They tend to be in white or black colors which complement any interior décor. Those in bright colors will brighten a room.

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Traditional Writing Desk Designs

If you are fond of elegant accessories, then a traditional writing desk can meet your needs. Popular in many homes and offices, these desks tend to be in neutral or pale colors like chocolate brown, ivory, beige or cream.


Portable Writing Desks

Portable writing desks make it easier for you to move them from one room to another. They are made using lightweight materials and can even include wheels at the legs of the desk for easier movement.

Bratt Brothers Construction, Inc.

Oval Writing Desk Designs

Unique and efficient, oval writing desks are for people who love unusual shapes. You can put it against the wall and use the extra desk space to display your books.

Ownby Design

Luxury Writing Desks

Luxury writing desk work to add warmth and a comfortable feeling to the room. Apart from decorating the space, these desks can include a lamp to provide extra light.

Allegro Limited

Folding Writing Desk Designs

If you want a convenient desk, then go for those with a folding design. They don’t limit on space and are suitable for people who are frequently moving. You may also See Home Office Desk Designs

Signature Homes

Metal Writing Desks

Metal writing desks are durable, functional and available in patterns that will showcase your personal style. To add beauty, choose a color and style that complements your lifestyle.


Writing desks tend to feature a flat surface to write on and can incorporate drawers for holding all your necessary writing tools. Depending on your space you can opt for a large desk with ample space to fit a computer which suits work environment or small desks which are ideal for homes.

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