Basically, a modern desk is designed to match the modernity of the space. Since the trend today is minimalistic, you can expect to see modern desks built to save space. You can even see an executive desk designed with subtler approach and functionality as the main design objective. Some of the trending concepts for modern desk design include; L-shaped, corner, foldable and those built in different forms (like bended stainless steel and stacked wood forms). You may also see Computer Desk Designs

Modern Computer Desk Design

Modern computer desks are minimalistic. They have simple designs in neat and easy lines. The main idea is to build a functional desk that lets you save space. A simple L-shaped computer desk in ideal for office use, while work from home people can settle for the foldable computer desks.

Modern L-Shaped Computer Desk

modern l shaped computer desk

Modern White Computer Desk

modern white computer desk

Modern Office Desk Design

One of the most common modern office desk design is the L-shaped office desk. This design provides two working spaces that allows you to effective organize your work station. You can also opt for the simple curved office desk. You may also see Rolling Desk Designs

Modern Glass Top Office Desk

modern glass top office desk

Modern Office Desk with Storage

modern office desk with storage

Modern Executive Desk

Modern executive desks are designed to provide the same wide desk space but without the classic wood carving style. Today, most executive desks have simple and neat lines but are made of rich polished wood.

Ultra Modern Executive Desk Design

ultra modern executive desk design

Modern Reception Desk

Designs for modern reception desks are varied – you can go simple or you can go outrageously unique. The choices include; glass, curved, and wavy. You may also see Space Saving Desk Designs

Modern Glass Top Reception Desk

modern glass top reception desk

Modern White Reception Desk

modern white reception desk

Modern L-Shaped Desk

One of the most common options for desks is the L-shaped design. This is the multifunctional desk design because it provides work-space in one part and storage in the other. This design also lets two people working at the same time in one allocated working space. You may also see Home office Desk Designs

Modern L-Shaped Laptop Desk

modern l shaped laptop desk

Modern L-Shaped Black Glass Desk

modern l shaped black glass desk

Modern Wood Desk

Wood desks may sound classic and traditional compared to a more contemporary designs of glass or stainless steel desks. But you can also have the modern feel with a wood desk with one that has simple lines and minimalistic design.

Modern Small Wood Desk

modern small wood desk

Modern Dark Wood Desk

modern dark wood desk

Modern Corner Desk

A corner desk can let you save space. This is an ideal option if you are working in a room with limited space. Your options include two-level corner wood desk or the industrial stainless steel corner desk. You may also see Corner Office Desk Designs

Modern Home Office Corner Desk

modern home office corner desk

Design by Dan Brunn Architecture

Modern Built-In Corner Desk

modern built in corner desk

Small Modern Desk

If you are looking for a small modern desk, one of your best options is the wall mount desk. This design allows you to have a desk that you can use when needed and then folded up when work is done. Another choice is the foldable stand alone small desk design. You may also see Floating Computer Desk Designs

Small Modern Kid’s Study Desk

small modern kids study desk

Small Modern White Desk Design

small modern white desk design

Modern Vanity Desk

Vanity desks used to come with huge mirrors in heavily designed or intricately carved wood frames, and with desks built with numerous drawers. The modern designs are more minimalistic and the have mirrors with simple wood frames and just one or two drawers.

Modern Vanity Desk with Mirror

modern vanity desk with mirror

Modern Bedroom Vanity Desk Design

modern bedroom vanity desk design

White Modern Desk Design

A white modern desk is a great choice if you like the clean and neat look into your work-space. This is also a good option if your interior has that bold black and white or red and white design set up. You can have a wooden desk painted in white or you can also go for the white stone desk type.

White Modern Home Office Desk

white modern home office desk

Modern Black and White Desk Design

modern black and white desk design

Modern desks are the most common choice of people who like having functional desks with designs that are not too classic or traditional. Modern desks are classy, and they can also be space-saving or minimalistic in theme. One of the most modern design in a glass desk design. The beauty of glass lends that unique contemporary feel into the entire interior design.

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