When you choose to buy a Laptop desk, you often land up in a dilemma. You may want it to be functionally beneficial, sleek and spacious. One the other hand, sophisticated laptop desk can add value to the visual elements of the room. In contemporary professional circuits, people often work from home. Hence, you need to opt for a versatile furniture that serves all the purposes. Here are ten modern desk designs that you can choose for your device. You may also See Modern Desk Designs

Small Laptop Desks

You can fit a small laptop deck in the corner of your room. A freestanding laptop deck looks chic and sophisticated. Get darker shades for the laptop decks, like blue, black or deep magenta. Wooden decks serve the purpose well, still you can opt for steel decks for a polished look.

small laptop desks

Wolfe Rizor Interiors

Laptop Computer Desk Designs

Be innovative with the deck designs and make sure that there is a compatibility between the deck and wall colours. If you have white walls, get a dark wooden laptop deck to get a good colour contrast in the room. You can also get a single deck attached to the wall.

laptop computer desk designs

Paragon Kitchens

Wall Mounted Laptop Desks

Wall mounted laptop decks look elegant. If you have white or light coloured walls, get a brown wooden deck for the purpose. You can also install a sliding deck that rolls off the walls when required. Choose colours like red and yellow if you want to add to the level of vibrancy in the room.

wall mounted laptop desks

Sarah Barnard Design

Rolling Laptop Desks

Rolling laptop decks have been in the trend for quite some time. These are mounted on wheels and can be moved easily. These decks are used both in offices and homes, and you need to optimize the structure as per your requirement. You can choose the number of smaller decks below the main deck, according to your need.

rolling laptop desks

Mary Shipley Interiors

Portable Laptop Desks

If you need to move the laptop frequently, a portable laptop deck is recommended for you. These can be folded up easily and are easy to handle. These decks come across various patterns and styles. Choose a colour that suit your formal ambience and offers all the functional features. You may also See Rolling Desk Designs

portable laptop desks

Holland and Green Architectural Design

Modern Laptop Desk Designs

Modern laptop decks come across a wide range of varieties. You can get a wooden one with polished finish or a metal deck with glossy touch. These decks can be placed anywhere you want. Choose a corner of the room, mount them on the wall or arrange for smaller decks around to place the accessories. You can customize the setting for yourself.

modern laptop desk designs

John Lum Architecture, Inc. AIA

Corner Laptop Desks

Corner laptop decks are designed to save space. Get a black triangular desk if you have sharp corners in the room. Glass laptop decks go well with all sorts of interiors. You can also install a freestanding polished wooden deck with drawers to place your laptop.

corner laptop desks

House Port LLC/Hally Thacher

Laptop pillow Desks

These decks are customized to be used in homes. You can enjoy the comfort of your sofa or bed while working on the laptop when you have these laptop pillow decks. These are easily portable and you can customize the colour of the decks according to the bedding accessories.

laptop pillow desks

Shannon Crain

Standing Laptop Desks

Get a free-standing laptop deck if you want a higher pedestal to place the device. A wheel-mounted standing laptop deck is easily portable. These are sleek and you can buy them keeping the colour contrast in mind. Buy a standing laptop deck with drawer to place the necessary accessories. You may also See Computer Desk Lamp Designs

standing laptop desks

White Laptop Desk Design Ideas

White laptop decks look sophisticated and can be incorporated both in homes and offices. In case you have white walls, get a wall-mounted white laptop deck to make it compatible in looks. These decks go well with brown floor.

white laptop desk design ideas

Valerie McCaskill Dickman

Laptop decks are being added with innovative storage features to make them versatile. You can choose the home office desks that offer all the desired features and has got a perfect visual appearance. You can get smart and formal laptop decks even for your home. In case you have innovative laptop deck ideas of your own, get in touch with us and share them.

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