A small desk is your perfect option is you have limited space for your office, home office, kitchen, bedroom and other rooms or areas of the house. There are different small desk designs and you can surely pick one that would be ideal for your space and need. The most common small desk design options include; corner desk, built in desk, floating desk and L-shaped desk. You may also See Executive Desk Designs

Small Computer Desks

There are different types of computer desks and if you only need small one, the designs available for you include; foldable, hanging, wall mount, or just a simple desk with top and under shelf. A small computer desk is ideal if you are using a laptop.

small computer desks

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Small Office Desk Designs

For a small spaced office or home office, it is important to choose a desk that is small enough to fit the area, but functional enough to accommodate your working tasks. Some of the best small office desk designs include; off-the-wall with storage or a simple rectangular desk with compartments to hold the clutter and stack of papers.

small office desk designs

Small Kitchen Desk Designs

If you need a desk on your kitchen, it would be great to choose one that will go well with your kitchen furnishings. You can have a desk customized to match your kitchen cabinetry. Or you can just buy a desk that has the same design or material used.

small kitchen desk designs

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Small Wooden Desk Designs

Wooden desks are very classic and traditional. They are functional and versatile as well. Most wooden desks are designed with drawers and compartments to avoid having too much clutter on the desk tops. By having drawers and compartments, the desks can be small in measurement without being small in functionality.

small wooden desk designs

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Small Built In Desk Designs

A built in desk can be wall-mounted to make effective use of space. It can also be built into a cabinet system, to give the overall look of uniformity. It is also a good idea to have a built in desk that can be folded when not in use.

small built in desk designs

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Small Bedroom Desk Ideas

A small bedroom desk can be an ordinary rectangular desk with drawers. It can also be built into the side or the foot of the bed. You may also See Writing Desk Designs

small bedroom desk ideas

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Small Corner Desk Designs

One of the most common small corner desk design is the L-shaped desk. This designs allows you to have two desk tops and this is the ideal option if you need to work tables. Another cool corner desk design is the two-layered desk that can accommodate your computer unit – CPU on the bottom, monitor on the top and the keyboard on the small compartment under the top layer.

small corner desk designs


Small Reception Desk Ideas

A reception area requires a desk and usually it is a long desk. But if your reception area is not very spacious, a small reception desk made of curved wood is your best bet. Another good reception desk idea is an L-shaped desk with glass on the top part and then wooden top.

small reception desk ideas

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Small L-Shaped Desk Designs

An all-wood L-shaped desk is very classic. A modern design is one with one side used for storage and the other side as the desk.

small l shaped desk designs

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Rustic Small Desk Designs

The rustic look can be easily achieved by using an old wood as the desk top. You can have your rustic desk customized with distressed wood, or you can easily make up your own desk by using old, and unpolished wood.

rustic small desk designs

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Small Floating Desks

A floating desk is one that does not touch the ground/floor. This means that it should be wall mount or built in. The best thing about floating desks is that you can have them installed in spaces or corners that are usually ignored or unused.

small floating desks

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Small Folding Desk Ideas

Small folding desks can be stand alone folding desks or wall mount folding desks. Both options are functional and space saving.

small folding desk ideas

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Small Metal Desk Designs

Metal is a common material used for furnishings and for a small desk, it is ideal because it does not require heavy or thick metals to create durable desk foundations.

small metal desk designs

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Vintage Small Desks

Vintage furniture pieces are normally big and wide to complement the vintage appeal of the interior design of the house. But there are small desks in vintage design and they are achieved by re-creating the antique designs mostly found on vintage furnishings. You may also See White Desk Designs

vintage small desks


DIY Small Desk Designs

There are several desk designs to choose from if you want to make one on your own. One of the best designs is the built in or floating desk design. This design allows for effective space saving. Another common design choice is the simple wood with drawers and compartments desk.

diy small desk designs

Tres McKinney Design

Small desks need not be small in functionality. If you are wide enough in choosing your desk, you will have one that allows you to work effectively on the desk top and stack up your clutter on the drawers and compartments. Corner desks are the best choice if you want to make use of the typically-ignored corner space in your room.

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