White symbolises purity and serenity and when used in interiors it translates into class. Smart use of white coloured desks in interiors makes your space look neat, plush and bright. Whether in commercial spaces or your at home, white coloured desks brings freshness to your space. The best part of using white is that it is gender neutral. Though white also means high maintenance but who is complaining? Let us see some interesting white desk designs to compliment your interiors. You may also See Folding Chair Designs

White Corner Desk Designs

Convert your corner into a functional part of your house by installing a corner desk. Consider a small computer or study desk with or without drawers and a few storage shelves above. Make it more interesting with a white study lamp on one side.

white corner desk designs

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White Office Desk Trends

White is the safest colour for office places. While setting up office furniture you can either go for complete white look or use a combination of white and natural wood to break the monotony. Set it up with enough drawers to store office documents and papers on one side.

white office desk trends

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White Computer Desks

There are endless designs to set up a beautiful white computer desk. It can be a simple table with enough leg space below. A white computer desk with a single drawer running along the length of the table makes enough space to store key board.

white computer desks

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Small White Desk Ideas

A simple white table can be used as the desk. To make your small white desk more functional slide portable storage drawers under the desk. A sleek white desk with two drawers on one side looks perfect for small spaces. Cover your table top with clear glass to add class.

small white desk ideas

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White L Shaped Desks

L-Shaped white desk helps you make maximum use of your corners. An ivory white desk with extended storage shelves on one side and closed cabinets on one side to store important documents. Personalise your spacious L-Shaped white desk with complimenting decorative pieces. You may also See Garage Cabinet Designs

white l shaped desks

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Modern White Desks

White colour compliments the sleek modern designs effortlessly. Consider a simple minimalistic curved white desk with concealed drawers. A neat glossy white coloured desk with straight lines and steel legs looks every bit modern. Storage drawers fixed on one side improves its usability.

modern white desks


White Executive Desk Designs

You will be surprised to see the innovative and artistic designs available for executive desks. It can be as simple as a white coloured rectangular ring with curved edges and concealed drawers on the inside. A wooden desk with glossy white desk top, compliments formal interiors in style.

white executive desk designs


Antique White Desks

To bring in the antique look to your space use carved wooden desk painted white. If carved wood is not your style you can go with subtle detailing in the wood to get the look. Use of glass doors for closed cabinets also adds to the look. Use metal knobs for drawers to compliment white.

antique white desks


White Wall Mounted Desks

If your walls are white, lighter shades of blue, green or cream white coloured wall mounted desks will definitely uplift the looks. A white wall mount with central desk to keep your books or computer and storage shelves above is functional and looks stylish.

white wall mounted desks


White Bedroom Desks

Corners in bedrooms can be utilised to install L-Shaped white desk. It offers enough space to keep books, computer and small decorative pieces as well. Extend it to include overhead storage. A narrow white desk along the wall gives enough space to keep a midnight lamp to enjoy reading.

white bedroom desks


Kid’s White Desk Designs

Make a white desk interesting for kids by adding a little colour to it. Decorate your kid’s desk with their favourite colourful toys. Fix a colourful soft board on the wall above white desk to pin cards and notes. Team their white desk with comfortable colourful chair.

kids white desk designs


White Floating Desk Trends

A simple glossy floating desk under your window looks just perfect. Top it up with one or two small indoor plants to add colour. Convert the wall space below your television into your study or computer desk. A floating desk also offers open shelves for storage.

white floating desk trends


White Gloss Desks

White gloss desks look modern and stylish. It compliments modern as well as minimalistic interiors. Whether commercial spaces or home they adds to the look amazingly. If you want a contemporary rich look, glossy white desks are the perfect choice.

white gloss desks


Curved White Desk Designs

Curved desks are common in the reception area. Curved desk designs add an artistic touch to a space and white make it catchy. A blend of white and wood look classy where as in some designs it is fixed with concealed lighting making it even more attractive.

curved white desk designs

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Rustic White Desks

A wooden desk with faint white paint showing off wood grains adds to the rustic look amazingly. Use of oxidised cabinet handles and drawer knobs enhances the rustic look further. A pale aged white paint on old desk looks every bit rustic. You may also See Glass Desk Designs

rustic white desks

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White desks add to the interiors like no other colours because of the ability of white to reflect light. Whether it is a corner desk, vanity desk or storage cabinets white coloured desks always add style and elegance to your space. Maintain them well and you will never regret your choice.

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