A round coffee table will give a memorable first impression to any guest who visits your home or business area. These table designs have many functions which including storing magazines, holding cups, to providing the ideal space for your kids to do their homework. The shape of this table can easily make your living room appear polished and luxurious. It has vast options making it fun for you to choose from modern metallic, trendy plastic to traditional wood designs. You may also See Square Coffee Table Designs

Round Glass Coffee Table Designs

Round glass coffee tables have a reflective top that will make your space appear larger. It also makes it easier to decorate with any colored items and tend to complement glass door cabinets. A glass top coffee table with metal stand will highlight an elegant space.

round glass coffee table designss


Round Wood Coffee Tables

Round wood coffee tables are the most popular designs. They come in vast designs that can fit a modern style as well as a home with a traditional theme. These coffee tables are timeless and have a dark rich color that makes them warm.

round wood coffee tables


Small Round Coffee Tables

Are you living in a small apartment? If yes, then go for small round coffee tables. They will make your space appear cozy and you can even choose from acrylic, wood or heavy metal materials. To save more space opt for a design that includes drawers or shelves.

small round coffee tables


Round Metal Coffee Tables

Round metal coffee tables continue to be popular due to their sturdy structure and durability. You can even get lightweight metal tables in interesting shapes. If your coffee table looks simple then adding decorative items in square or rectangle shape will give it an edge.

round metal coffee tables


Rustic Round Coffee Tables

Make your living room stunning by adding a round rustic coffee table. They add a nature or outdoor style into your home. You can use these tables to give your space character as well as to highlight your personality.

rustic round coffee tables


Round Outdoor Coffee Tables

Comfort, durability and practicality are paramount when choosing outdoor coffee tables. Synthetic resin is one of the ideal materials for making these tables, as it is all weather proof, strong, comfortable and rust proof. For a cozy look opt for heavy solid wooden coffee tables.

round outdoor coffee tables


Modern Round Coffee Tables

Modern round coffee tables are sleek and feature a minimalist style. These tables are often in neutral colors even though colored designs can create a beautiful contrast. The simplicity and clean shapes of these tables tend to blend functionality with visual appeal.

modern round coffee tables


Round Industrial Coffee Tables

Round industrial coffee table tend to exude a factory feeling. They can incorporate metal and wood to form sturdy designs. The size of your coffee table should depend on the available space, and it should leave enough space for sitting comfortably around it.

round industrial coffee tables


Round Patio Coffee Tables

The patio is one of the best places for entertaining guests or holding outdoor barbecues. Hence your round patio coffee table should reflect your home’s architecture while considering the weather conditions. Opt for teak which has a beautifully grained finish and is an all weather material.

round patio coffee tables

Bowery Interior Architecture

Diy Round Coffee Tables

Diy round coffee tables will easily showcase your creativity. The unique DIY design will ensure that your coffee table is the main point of attraction. Warm the mood of your home by going for designs that incorporate wood and metallic elements. You may also See Rustic Coffee Table Designs

diy round coffee tables


Round Concrete Coffee Tables

Make a bold statement by going for round concrete coffee table. Marble is among the most popular building material because of its hardness and stable traits. White marble tends to incorporate mineral impurities which further add to these tables’ decorative purposes.

round concrete coffee tables


Contemporary Round Coffee Tables

If you need a trendy design, then opt for contemporary round coffee tables. These tables tend to complement modern furniture, are lightweight and feature unique designs. If you have a TV stand, then these tables will complement it.

contemporary round coffee tables


Round Drum Coffee Tables

Be it wood, marble or metal, round drum coffee tables are eye-catching. The drum design will help the table to stand out on its own and still complement the interior décor. Your room will look less ordinary with this table in it.

round drum coffee tables

OMNIA Group Architects

Stone Round Coffee Tables

Bring the outdoor into your living room by opting for a stone round coffee table. Due to its heavy weight choose tables with a strong base like steel and cast iron.

stone round coffee tables


Antique Round Coffee Table

Bring memories to life by going for antique round coffee tables. While they often feature repurposed materials, these tables are classy and will complement other vintage house items.

antique round coffee table


How Round Coffee Tables are Useful and Decorating Tips

A round coffee table provides equal space which makes socializing easier. It can also act as a focal point on which your kids can do their homework, play a board game or for you to drink a cocktail with guests. It lacks any sharp edges hence prevents injuries especially for people with young children. Adding metallic candle holders, a large shell or a cute flower vase at the center of the table can help depict a luxurious or exotic space. You may also See Round Dining Table Designs

Whether large or small, a round coffee table will complement the décor of your home. While you can decorate it with books and personal ornaments, if it tends to be the focal point for your family members then it should be free from clutter. Your coffee table should be decorative and practical.

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