Dining table designs come in various innovative designs which are not just great to look at but also convenient and compact. Dining tables today, can be expanded and contracted as per convenience and usage. These dining tables serve multiple purposes and come in round as well as square shaped designs; the best part is that they have a contemporary look and feel. Listed below is a collection of extendable dining table designs.

Round Extendable Dining Table

Round Extendable Dining Table tidewaterlumber.com

This is a round rustic dining table with an extendable design which means it can be expanded as per use. The whole theme of this dining room is that of a rustic design featuring stone encased walls, dark wood flooring, vintage lights and other antiques inside the dining space.

Modern Extendable Dining Table

Modern Extendable Dining Table Design by Fanny Zigdon Interiors

This is a contemporary dining room featuring a modern style extendable dining table in a round shape. The dining table has a dark brownish color with complementary white chairs and wooden flooring; a center vase with flowers has been placed.

Square Extendable Dining Table

Square Extendable Dining Table oakfurnitureland.co.uk

This is a square dining table made out of solid oak and it is extendable. It is placed in a transitional dining room. The dining table has a light wooden color and chocolate brown leather seats. It is a transitional room with all wooden furniture, basically a combination of traditional styling with modern design. You can also see Classic Dining Room Table Designs

Extendable Glass Dining Table

Extendable Glass Dining Table Design by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

This is another transitional dining room featuring a luxurious dining table made of a glass top which is in a square shape and is also large. The chairs for this extendable dining table are made of gray fabric and look very comfortable and functional.

White Extendable Dining Table Design

White Extendable Dining Table Design meditchmurphey.com

This is a beautiful white extendable dining table design in a round shape. It is small, compact and extendable. With brown complementary chairs, this makes for a unique design and enhances the look of the dining space. You can also see Stone Dining Table Designs

Expandable Outdoor Dining Table

Expandable Outdoor Dining Table clodagh.com

This is a modern patio having an expandable dining table placed outdoors. It is a wooden dining table in a rustic style which can be extended into a larger one. It also features contemporary bar stools made of matching wood.

Oak Extendable Dining Table

Oak Extendable Dining Table Design by Kit Pollard

This is a dining table made of oak wood and is extendable. It is round in shape and has a chocolate brownish color. It is a simple, modern and extendable dining table, and is also highly functional.

Contemporary Extendable Dining Table Idea

Contemporary Extendable Dining Table Idea Source

This vintage style dining table with a modern design made out of teak wood is a large rectangular shaped table which is perfect to be placed on patios or decks. It is a modern dining table with a mid-century design in Danish style.

Extendable Oval Dining Table

Extendable Oval Dining Table Source

This gorgeous looking extendable dining table has an oval shape and is placed in a well-designed interiors room having a rich brown color with black legs. It features black and white intricately printed chairs that match the rest of the décor of the room.

Small Extendable Dining Table

Small Extendable Dining Table Source

This is a small extendable dining table which can be used alternatively as a coffee table. It can be expanded to be used as a dining table, and is made of wood and has a lovely brownish color.

Glossy Extendable Dining Table

Amazing Extendable Dining Table Source

Teakwood Extendable Dining Table

Traditional Extendable Dining Table Source

Hardwood Extendable Dining Table

Attractive Extendable Dining Table Source

Tiny Extendable Dining Table Design

Tiny Extendable Dining Table Design Design by angela adams

Darkwood Extendable Dining Table

Hardwood Extendable Dining Table stiffandtrevillion.com

White Extendable Dining Table

Trendy White Extendable Dining Table. Source

Extendable dining tables are now becoming increasingly popular due to their multiple purpose usage and flexibility. The best part about the expandable dining tables is that they can be kept small or large as and when needed. They do not occupy a lot of space unless needed. The above designs are a collection of several types of extendable dining tables which can be used as an inspiration.

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