Homeowners always intend to give an appealing look to their dining rooms. For this, it is essential to renovate the complete dining space by the help of curves, lines, circles, triangles, rectangles and other shapes. These enticing shapes make up a geometric dining room can give the interior a chic, modern and a sophisticated look. The transitional dining room designs are showcased below that shows the different ideas and designs.

Contemporary Geometric Dining Room

contemporary geometric dining room


The colourful wallpaper of the stairwell gives the dining room a colourful and interesting back splash. The geometric colour pattern gives a unique and creative look, and a dramatic effect is created.

Minimalist Geometric Dining Room

minimalist geometric dining room


The mid century furniture along with the light fixture is a bit of retro while the artwork and the light walls add a balance to the contemporary style. The colours in the wall and the table give a feel of summer and a formal space as well.

Geometric Dining Room Wall Design

geometric dining room wall design


Although the place has got natural lighting but the addition of this type of lighting can be the right fit for this space. The dining room has the custom wall treatment and the artistic background with blue walls. The whole look of the dining room was inspired by the Chinese pattern. You may aslo see colorful dining room designs.

Modern Geometric Dining Room

modern geometric dining room


This is a transitional enclosed dining room which has dark hardwood floors and gray walls. The contrasting colours of the chairs and the oak table give the room a mix of furniture.

Geometric Dining Room Rugs

geometric dining room rugs

Design by : Karen Houghton Interiors

This is a contemporary enclosed dining room with the dark hardwood floors and the standard fireplace. The walls are absolutely beautiful with grass cloth in a taupe colour. The rug has beautiful geometrical shapes in it that cover most of the part of the dining room.

Geometric Dining Room Furniture

geometric dining room furniture


This dining room consists of a light pine table on dark wood flooring with beige walls. The curtains which have a rich diamond shape on it are affixed to the wall and the rugs also have a rough diamond shape on it.

Colorful Geometric Wall Dining Room

colorful geometric wall dining room


This dining table is a conceptualized one and has a beautiful light fixture above the dining table. The backspace in the wall consists of three separate pieces of screen printed in an abstract manner with a larger cityscape and pops out many colours. The bright green at the backsplash makes the room much brighter.

Rustic Geometric Dining Room

rustic geometric dining room


This is a midsized mountain style dining room with pink walls all around and dark hardwood floors.

Midcentury Geometric Dining Room

midcentury geometric dining room


The design idea of the dining room is inspired from the 50s with hard wood floors. The convex wall mirror which is the Mylar mirrors (vintage from 1970s which were used in discos). The idea of a built-in bookshelf is a unique one and the combination of bright chairs and wooden table is wonderful. The backsplash has a wallpaper with geometric shapes on it and the blue colour is a classic match with the table.

Tropical Style Geometric Dining Room

tropical style geometric dining room


This is an interesting dining concept to maximize the view as the dining area that merges with the outdoor area. The tropical dining room with beige walls with a wooden structure and tiled floors makes the room look fresh.

White Geometric Wall Dining Room

white geometric wall dining room

Design by : Anthony Carrino

Black Dining Table Geometric Carpet Idea

black dining table geometric carpet idea

Design by : Barley|Pfeiffer Architecture

Dining Room Geometric Mirror Idea

dining room geometric mirror idea

Design by : Larsen & Talbert Photography

Geometric Curtain Dining Room

geometric curtain dining room


Geometric Wall Glass Dining Table

geometric wall glass dining table


Small Geometric Dining Room

small geometric dining


Traditional Geometric Dining Room

traditional geometric dining room


Geometric colourful dining room designs are in trend and will always stay in fashion for upcoming years. To renovate, many accessories can be added, decors on the wall or on the floor or a new paint can give a phenomenal look. You may also see contemporary dining room designs.

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