If life is a journey, the destination better be a beach! If not, then there is always an option of giving a coastal touch to your house. Let’s start with the dining room. Coastal dining rooms are casual, bright, blue and modern; like any delightful seaside. Soothing hues, weathered wood, beach lamps and few rustic accessories are important design elements for a coastal space. Take cues from the designs given below to help yourself create an effortless and stylish dining room for your home.

Coastal Dining Furniture Design

coastal dining furniture design


This is a coastal dining space with a contemporary touch. The use of subtle shade on the walls is sand-inspired and the natural fiber rug complements the vibe beautifully. The furniture and the candles provide a natural and easy-going setting to the room with the flowers adding to the softness. You can also see Amazing Deco Dining Room Designs

Beach Themed Dining Room

beach themed dining room


This is how a bright sunny day at the sea-side looks likes, except this room is a lot less chaotic. The way color blue has been incorporated in the design has taken the charm of the dining room to another level. The variety of chairs and the lamps provide a perfect breezy ambiance. The natural wooden frames are another highlight that one certainly cannot ignore.

Coastal Dining Chairs

coastal dining chairs


Here is a beautiful amalgamation of rustic and modern. The setting is completely natural and the color white is absolutely pleasing. Not too many elements have been used so it is difficult to lose focus from the table and chairs. The table looks earthy and the chairs are sophisticated yet together the furnishing looks beautiful, creating a perfect dining space. You can also see Scandinavian Dining Room Designs

Coastal Living Dining Room

coastal living dining room


Here is a combined coastal-theme living dining room. It is a beautifully designed space with elements like subtle hues, wooden and sand-like textures, and a little pop of blue. If nothing still reminds you of the seashores, the lamps will certainly do the job.

Beach Dining Chairs Idea

beach dining chairs idea


This is how you can add coastal elements to a rather contemporary space. This small dining room is very similar to most the modern day dining rooms that we witness day to day. If there is anything that is making the difference, it is the basket-like lamp shade on top and the wooden chairs.

Dining Room Wall Decor

dining room wall decor

Design by : Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

Here is a coastal-inspired dining room with an ultra modern appeal. Looking at the interiors we can see how you can bring the coastal vibe to the room with just a wall decor. The contemporary apartment is oozing the rustic vibe with the wall decor that comprises of a nature-inspired piece of art.

White Coastal Dining Room

white coastal dining room


If you want to create a coastal dining room without taking any design risk, go for a white coastal dining room. White is the safest choice one can make while designing a coastal-inspired room but that doesn’t mean it is boring. After all, sometimes it is better to be safe and avoid the risk.

Beach Cottage Dining Room

beach cottage dining room


If wood if your preferred element for interior design there is no way you can dislike this dining room. Explore and experiment with the timeless wooden texture to create a dining room that will remind you of the beach cottage from your last vacation.

Coastal Dining Table Design

coastal dining table design


To witness a sunset from the seaside is one of those few pleasures that everyone must experience. This dining room too has that ambiance in its design. The hues are not subtle like we have seen in the rest of the designs. The tone of the room is perfect for a cozy dining space.

Coastal Living Dining Table

coastal living dining table


If you have a large space, combine the dining room with the living room and create a welcoming aura. The aesthetics of this room is truly pleasing. The rustic monochromatic hues provide an interesting character to the living dining room.

Outer View Coastal Dining Room

outer view coastal dining room


Beautiful Chandelier Dining Room

beautiful chandelier dining room


Coastal Living Dining Interior

coastal living dining interior


Modern Coastal Dining Room

modern coastal dining room


Rustic Living Dining Room

rustic living dining room


Small Coastal Dining Room

small coastal dining room


Beautiful outer-view Glass Dining room

beautiful outer view glass dining room


Pool View Dining Room

pool view dining room

Design by : Ian Engberg

Tiny Dining Room with Wall Art

tiny dining room with wall art


Beach View Dining Room

beach view dining room


Well, these design inspirations were mere hints and you can always improvise upon them. If you are someone who loves the sea more than the mountains, these designs surely much have enchanted you. Give these designs a try. Start with the dining room and then experiment with the other areas as well.

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