A square living room looks proportionate on all sides which makes it perfect for urban living. But when you have a such a living room you have to be very prudent regarding the arrangement of your furniture. In a square living room things may look a little messy if you don’t take care about accessorizing it properly.

When you have a square living room make sure the elements in your living room are perfectly placed. Use a rectangle or square shaped rug and sofa set in the right size for your room. The color of the walls of a square living room should not be in a darker shade. This would make the room look open and spacious.

Large Contemporary Square Living Room

large contemporary square living room


Living Room Square Coffee Table

living room square coffee table


White Square Living Room

white square living room

The Ranch Mine Architects

With the natural light passing through the windows, a square living room looks great. The size of a square living room matters to determine the perfect home decor of the room. In most cases decor in dreamy hues evoke a delightful ambiance in this style of living room.

Square Metal Table Living Room

square metal table living room

Vanessa Deleon

Square and Rectangle Living Room

square and rectangle living room


Neutral Traditional Square Living Room

neutral traditional square living room


Great Square Living Room

great square living room


Craftsman Square Living Room

craftsman square living room


Coastal-Style Square Living Room

coastal style square living room


Awesome Square Living Room

awesome square living room


Living Room with Square Windows

living room with square windows

Photo by Robert Paul Properties

Glassy Square Windows Living Room

glassy square windows living room


Beautiful Square Living Room

beautiful square living room


Orange Wall Square Living Room

orange wall square living room


Contemporary Square Living Room

contemporary square living room


Victorian Square Living Room

victorian square living room


Traditional Square Living Room

traditional square living room


Dazzling White Square Living Room

dazzling white square living room


Beautiful Contemporary Square Living Room

beautiful contemporary square living room


Square Living Room with Beautiful Curtains

square living room with beautiful curtains


Square Contemporary Living Room

square contemporary living room


Awesome Square Contemporary Living Room

awesome square contemporary living room


Contemporary Square Family Room

contemporary square family room


Simple Square Living Room

simple square living room


Contemporary Beautiful Square Living Room

contemporary beautiful square living room


In condos or mid-sized apartments, a square living room helps to optimism space well.  People can also indulge in concept living with this wonderful style of living room. Keep changing the appearance of your square living room to know what suits it best.

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