Zen, in interior design, means balance, relaxation, and harmony. It is the concept of creating an atmosphere that entices tranquility in the midst of this modern, stressful and erratic times. For most people, the living is that one area of the home wherein they can relax with the family or have fun with friends. That is why this room needs to be really relaxing and comfortable. Creating a Zen living room is not such a difficult task. Check out these good examples.

Zen Living Room Furniture

zen living room furniture

Creating a Zen or relaxing living room is usually based on the choice of furniture. This living room, for instance, has a nice furniture arrangement. There is no clutter. The simplicity of the seating pieces allows for a really comfortable and no stress relaxation.

Zen Wall Decor

zen wall decor

Design by Interiors by Myriam, LLC

This classically designed living room has equally classic decorative pieces and furnishings. One of the most eye-catching elements incorporated into the interior design is the Zen wall decor. The metal square wall art is a cool representation of nature, and it provides a natural flow of positive energy into the room. You can also see Small Living Room Furniture Designs

Living Room Zen Interior

living room zen interior

Some people say that if you fill in a room with white things, you effectively created a Zen feel. This is true with this almost all-white living room. No negative vibe can entry this immaculate and peaceful setup.

Zen Living Room Decorating Ideas

zen living room decorating ideas

Dashes of colors cannot hurt your Zen living room design. For this living room, the white wall is matched with a white center table. The couch is reddish-brown and this color scheme is evident in the rest of the room – the rustic painting easel, pillows and the rest of the decorative pieces.

Japanese Zen Living Room

japanese zen living room

This living room is a perfect example of a Japanese Zen living room. This is a simple set up, and an ideal place to invite people for tea.

Zen Living Room Tiles

zen living room tiles

The flooring design of a living room is another important factor in creating a Zen feeling. This living has a nice decorative flooring design that provides a nice and calming effect into the whole set up.

Modern Zen Interior Design

modern zen interior design

This modern living room has a really relaxing Zen look. The arrangement of the well-chosen furniture pieces is so effective that the whole design of the room turns into a truly enchanting and comfortable relaxing space.

Apartment Zen Living Room Design

apartment zen living room design

If you live close to the beach, or if you want to bring the beach into your home, your best bet is it decorate your living room with authentic beach accessories. For this living, some succulents in square glass containers are decorated white beach sands.

Zen Living Room Colors

zen living room colors

Black and white with splashes of pastel colors give this living room an open and real Zen appeal. The green and blue shades provide a nice contrast to the design. The effect is quite stunning and inviting.

Small Zen Living Room

small zen living room

This living room may not have a big space, but it truly has that enchanting and soothing Zen feeling. The furniture pieces are minimalist in look and the arrangement is perfectly simple. The addition of small bamboo tree is a nice representation of the view from the outside. The stones also add relaxing feel.

Wall Art Zen Living Room

wall art zen living room

Baby Blue Living Room

baby blue living room

Black Zen Living Room Outer Backyard

black zen living room outer backyard

Beach View Zen Living Room

beach view zen living room

White Zen Living Room

white zen living room

Zen Living Room With Fireplace

zen living room with fireplace

Classic Zen Living Room

classic zen living room


Most people use their living rooms for relaxation after a hard day of work. That is why they try to make these spaces feel as relaxing as can be. With the Zen concept incorporated into the design, you can be assured that your own living room area is as stress-free, relaxing, comfortable and aesthetically appealing.

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