Retro living rooms have made a comeback but with a modern twist. It involves the use of bold and bright colors, although adding too much of color can make the living space garish. But with a right touch of colorful hues, you can certainly rock the retro look for your living room. The following are some ideas for a retro living room that is simple yet chic and stylish.

Living Room Furniture Design

living room furniture design

Design By : Jodie Cooper Design

This retro inspired furniture in the living room contains a colorful printed rug which is the main attraction alongside a chocolate brown couch which is made of leather and a small low coffee table in wooden brown that complements the brown and white theme of this living room.

Rustic Living Room Design Idea

rustic living room design idea

This rustic living room contains a comfortable vintage style lounge chair along with two types of sofas in shades of brown and beige. The furnishings are low and small scale, without any heavy adornments. The walls are in a contrasting color that balances out the look of this rustic living room.

Contemporary Family Room Design Picture

contemporary family room design picture

This contemporary form of a living room is perfect for families and is loaded with pops of colors that add a vibrant spirit in the living space. A pebble rug in gray is a thick one made out of felted wool and is placed in the center. The couch compliments well with the sofa and the walls.

Blue Wall Retro Living Room

blue wall retro living room

Design By : Natalie DiSalvo

The stunning aquatic blue color on the accent wall of this living room is the main factor that adds peaceful vibes to the space. The two toned pillows in orange and blue go well with the walls. It features a small tea table in the center, wooden shelves, and two comfortable armchairs.

Mid Century Living Room Idea

mid century living room

This modern living room with a 60s retro touch is a highly functional and beautiful living space. From the white curtains to the colorful furniture such as the rug and the contrasting sofas make it a true vintage living room.

Retro Family Room Interior

retro family room interior

This beautiful retro style living room in colors like blue, brown and white holds a touch of contemporary and vintage. A large printed rug in brown and white is placed in the center whereas a small tiger printed cut shape rug is placed right below the armchair.

Classic Living Room With Wooden Furniture

classic living room with wooden furniture

This classic living room features wooden furniture and the living space is large and spacious. It is a mid-century modern home with an olive green sofas, pine ceiling, honey oak flooring and a triangle window at the entrance of the home which has a very nice mid-century touch to this living space.

Retro Living Room Decorating Idea

retro living room decorating idea

This awesome retro living room is not just highly functional but is also beautifully designed. The all white theme of this living space has shades of gray walls and a mix of white and black furniture. A few tints of bottle green décor is also incorporated in this mix of retro and modern living space.

Raised Ranch Living Room Idea

raised ranch living room idea

This is a 50’s ranch house with a few renovations done to make it a little more modern. The room features wooden ceiling and a brick fireplace which have been left untouched. It has colored cork flooring, gray sofas, pendant lights and a wall that divides the kitchen from living space.

Teal Living Room With Black and White Rug

teal living room with black and white rug

Photo By : Tricia Messeroux

This is a modern teal living room with teal walls that contrast brightly with a printed black and white rug. The room features low-slung furniture for the seating, and the gray sofas are complemented with white and green cushions to give this room a true retro look.

Unique Living Room Interior

unique living room interior

Eclectic Living Room with Blue Sofa

eclectic living room with blue sofa

Think Contemporary

Cozy Living Room with White Wall

cozy living room with white wall

Tanya Design

Mid Century Living Room with Decorative Gallery

mid century living room with decorative gallery

Above Construction

Spacious Living Room with Gray Sofa

spacious living room with gray sofa

House and Homes Palm Springs

Cool Living Room with Decorative Wall

cool living room with decorative wall

Malcolm Duffin Design

Red and White Luxurious Living Room

red and white luxurious living room

Photo by Chris White

Unique Living Room Decorating Design

unique living room decorating design

Photo by Sarah Greenman

Small Living Room with Black Sofa

small living room with black sofa

Photo by Gary Quigg

Vintage Look Living Room with Fireplace

vintage look living room with fireplace

Amy Troute Inspired Interior Design

Classy Living Room with Textured Walls

classy living room with textured walls

Kenneth Brown Design

Retro living rooms have been popular for some time now, a number of house owners are opting for a retro look to renovate their living space, as it means they can mix and match with the traditional and modern furniture to give their rooms a retro finish.

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