Instead of thinking of staircases as a boring part of your living room, you should think of them as an interesting and key feature and use it to achieve the desired style of the room. If you have a staircase or if you are planning to build one in your new home then check out these 10 living-room stair designs we have picked out for you.

Open Living Room Staircase

open living room staircase

According to the general style of your living room the staircase needs to blend in. However you can make it stand out by simply installing hidden lighting under the stairs in a color.

Small Living Room Stairs

small living room stairs

You can set your staircase in a retro style. The industrial feeling of the metal framework along with the wooden steps, make a small living room look spacey. You can also see Mansion Staircase Designs

Under Stairs Storage Idea

under stairs storage idea

Extra storage space is always needed. Take advantage of the space that forms under the staircase and build cabinets and drawers. This will always give you additional space whether it is located inside or outside of your house.

Stair Shelving Idea

stair shelving idea

You can build shelves underneath your staircase. Like this industrial staircase, the space underneath was reclaimed by building shelves for decorating purposes. You can also turn it into a showcase for your collections or your books.

Living Room Staircase Design

living room staircase design

Design by Denver Parade of Homes

In this spacious living room the staircase follows the same style. The traditional setting of the banister and the stair spindles in a dark mahogany color matches perfectly the coffee table.

Staircase Furniture Design

staircase furniture design

For your garden living room you can build a metallic spiral staircase. It saves space since its axis is vertical and can be used in contemporary style with an industrial feeling. Also metal has better endurance against the weather conditions when placed outside.

Living Room Spiral Staircase

living room spiral staircase

You can have a state of art staircase that will be an eye catcher. A spiral staircase with a compact banister in vinyl white would be perfect for a contemporary living room creating a unique artistic feature.

Living Room Stair Rail Idea

living room stair rail idea

The combination of wood with metal and glass give the perfect outcome like this one. The transitional style of this staircase stands out in this neutral colored living room giving a homey feeling to the room.

Open Wood Stairs Idea

open wood stairs idea

The contemporary and industrial style of this open space living room is completed by the staircase. Using the same materials and following the simple lines of the rest of the room makes the staircase blend in.

Under Stairs Shelves Idea

under stairs shelves idea

Decorate the space under your staircase in a contemporary style. The shelves will give you endless options for accessories to decorate it with as well as books.

Gray Living Room Stairs Design

gray living room stairs design

Modern Living Room Stairs Idea

modern living room stairs idea

Black Living Room Stairs Design

black living room stairs design

Design by : Atmosphere Interior Design

Rustic Living Room Stairs Idea

rustic living room stair idea

Traditional Living Room Stairs Idea

traditional living room stairs idea

White Living Room Stair Design

white living room stair design

Design by : Shakuff

The staircase can be both a part of your living room as well as a standalone feature. You can take advantage of the space underneath for additional lighting and storage. The variety of materials you can use is endless. They are adaptable to every space and style adding character in a room no matter whether it’s interior stairs or exterior. However you need to be careful with its layout. In case you have kids in the house you need to choose materials that are safe for kids.

Industrial Living Room Stairs Idea

industrial living room stairs idea

Contemporary Living Room Stair Design

contemporary living room stair design

Following the safety factors of a staircase you will find that it is an interesting part to have in your house. You can always use it for other purposes other than going up and down on the house’s levels. Develop a staircase that will serve for more than the ordinary.


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