Contemporary living room is the craze these past few years. In fact, it’s not only the living room where this kind of design is applied. You can find contemporary versions of kitchen, library, garden, patio, and more. Those who opt for contemporary designs are all about geometric patterns, natural colors like beige, tan, black, brown, white and accented with bold colors like solid red, electric or royal blue, canary yellow, emerald green, and more.

More and more people are getting attracted to the irresistible elegance that the contemporary design exudes.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture Idea

contemporary living room furniture idea

Stylish Living Room Idea

stylish living room ideas

Gray Contemporary Living Room

gray contemporary living room

Stick with white, tan, or neutral colored brick walls. These would set the contemporary mood for your living room. Next thing that you want to add in your living room is a big rug or carpet that matches an accent color from your brick wall. If your wall is made up of one solid color, be the one to decide what the accent color will be. It can be red, black, green, orange, and more just as long as you stick to that one color.

Modern Living Room Decor Idea

modern living room decor idea

Elegant Living Room with Gray Furniture

elegant living room with gray furniture

Luxurious Contemporary Living Room

luxurious contemporary living room

Contemporary Living Room Wall Mural

contemporary living room wall mural

Contemporary Formal Living Room

contemporary formal living room

Modern Blue Family Room

modern blue family room

White Contemporary Living Room

white contemporary living room

Small Living Room with Shelves

small living room with shelves

Simple Living Room White Wall Paint

simple living room white wall paint

Contemporary Black and White Living Room

contemporary black and white living room

Kellie Burke Interiors

Modern Contemporary Living Room

modern contemporary living room

Cool Living Room Furniture Set

cool living room furniture set

Black Family Room Chandelier Design

contemporary family room with gorgeous chandelier

Orange Coast Interior Design

Vintage Contemporary Living Room

classy contemporary living room

Small Contemporary Family Room

small contemporary family room

Cozy Contemporary Living Room

cozy contemporary living room

Classic Living Room Idea

classic living room idea

You can now add your sofa set. If your carpet matches your wall’s accent color, make sure your sofa set matches majority of the color of your wall, if not close to the color that your wall is flaunting. Then strategically place your mode of entertainment like TV, add the lights, and a low coffee table that is slightly lighter or darker compared to your sofa set.

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