The living room is the heart of the home; this is where you spend most of your time, and it is also where you host your guests when they visit you. For this reason, it should be the best room in the house. Having a fantastic living room cabinet draws attention to the beauty and synchronization of the room’s design. Try out some of the living room cabinet designs described below for a serene or striking home.

Gray Cabinet Design For Living Room

blue cabinet design for living room

This is a two-part living room cabinet in gray color. The two pieces are set on opposite sides of the wall, which serves as a divider.

Simple Living Room Cabinet Idea

simple living room cabinet idea

This cabinet is set in white, giving the room a tranquil atmosphere. White is also a good color to give the illusion of space.

Wooden Cabinet Designs For Living Room

wooden living room cabinet

This is the traditional cabinet design for contemporary homes. It has several drawers where you can store different items.

Vintage Living Room Cabinet Designs

vintage living room cabinet designs

This is a wide open cabinet design without any doors and resembles an arrangement of shelves; ideal for spacious homes

Traditional Family Room Cabinet

traditional family room cabinet

This is a cabinet set in traditional styles. It is great for storing your library of books to add color and character to the room.

Modern Living Room Cabinet Design

living room tv cabinet design

This is a serene, white cabinet that has a dividing wall in the middle. It is ideal for a home that has a fireplace in the middle of the room.

Living Room TV Cabinet Design

living room tv cabinet design1

This is a fantastic, wide living room cabinet that takes up the whole wall. It has enough space for a very big TV.

Stylish Italian Living Room Cabinet

stylish italian living room cabinet

This is a contemporary living room cabinet with clear cut lines. It gives the room a pristine, clinical look.

Cabinet Design For Mid Century Living Room

cabinet design for mid century living room

This is a mid century cabinet design in brown wood. It has a vintage look and can provide contrast to a contemporary home.

Living Room Storage Cabinet

living room storage cabinet

This is a contemporary storage cabinet for your books, TV and entertainment units. It has a clean minimalistic look.

Unique Yellow Cabinet Makeover

unique yellow cabinet makeover

This is a striking cabinet with a yellow color against a gray background. This makes it stand out and draw the viewer’s eye.

Eclectic Family Room Furniture

eclectic family room furniture

The name says it all. The room is filled with furniture of all colors and this draws attention to the magnificent cabinet on the wall.

Custom Mounted Cabinet Idea

custom mounted cabinet idea

This is a cabinet design where the pieces are mounted on the wall and are not connected at all. This idea is great for a contemporary look

Wall Cabinet Design For Living Room

wall cabinet design for living room

This is a cabinet design resembling two boxes mounted on the wall. It is a great place to stash your magazines and other small items.

White Cabinet For Family Room

white cabinet for family room

Photo By : Trevor Glenn

This is a serene design in white and covers the wall completely. It only stretches to the middle of the wall and not the top.

Sectional Living Room Furniture Idea

sectional living room furniture idea

This is great for a living where you want the dining area and the living room to be separate. Each of these has a different cabinet design.

Colorful Cabinet Makeover Idea

colorful cabinet makeover idea

Traditional Living Room Storage Furniture

traditional living room storage furniture

Living Room Cabinet Designs Pictures

living room cabinet designs pictures

Cabinet Design For Small Living Room

cabinet design for small living room

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You put a lot of thought and investment into making your home look good, and your living room is the actual face of the home, seen by all who enter. These designs will make your home truly unique.

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