Shelves can never be enough to showcase one’s accessories. Having wall shelves in a living room is the best way to decorate the room and accentuate the style. You can display many things like books or photo frames and any other accessories with ease and style. You can also showcase your collections or your prizes. Keep on reading to find out the collection of ten living room wall shelves ideas we have in our archives. You may also see Corner Wall Shelf Designs

Living Space Floating Shelves

living space floating shelves

If you have a fireplace you can decorate the walls on each side with floating shelves. This will give you extra space to showcase your accessories or your numerous photo frames. You may also see Modern Wall Shelves

Corner Living Room Shelf

corner living room shelf

Design By: Skout

Shelves can follow the direction of any wall. You can create a shelving spot on the corner of your living room to accessorize your space with pictures and other decorative items.

Living Room Wooden Shelves Idea

wooden shelves idea

Create a stylish wooden bookcase to store your collection of books. Tall shelves give a sophisticated and elegant look to any living room like this transitional one in dark mahogany color.

Living Room Wall Mounted Shelves Design

living room wall mounted shelves design

Create interesting patterns with your open shelves. This will add an elegant tone to your living room. You can also create shapes of glass wall shelves that will give you storage and style.

Living Room Hanging Shelves Design

hanging shelves design

Design by : Tess Bethune Interiors

A wall of hanging shelves will give a look of scholar intellect in your living room. This will help you store the books in your house allowing you to admire your collection every time you sit on your couch.

Living Room Wall Bookshelves Idea

wall bookshelves idea

Mounted bookshelves are a great idea for a living room. They allow for free space underneath them for extra storage. Like this transitional living room the dark color of the bookshelves blend beautifully with the beige colors of the sofa.

Living Room Wall Rack Design

living room wall rack

Create a contrast between the colors of the wall with the color of the shelves. Floating modern shelves in light camel colors match darker colors like grey creating the perfect antithesis for your living area.

Unique Living Room Wall Shelves Idea

trendy living room wall shelves idea

You can build the shelves high up closer to the ceiling. This will give the impression of a taller room and will also allow you to take advantage of the space underneath for a sitting space or an office table.

Living Room Wall Shelves Decorating Idea

wood wall shelves idea

Design by Ashley Anthony Studio

There is no need to drown your living room walls with shelves. Even a small wall shelf or two can make the difference and add a decorative touch in your room.

Living Room Black Wall Shelf Design

black wall shelf design

Black is always classic and timeless color. Wall shelving in black will add a sophisticated and elegant tone to your living room. Use lighting in each shelf for a more luxurious approach. You may also see Hanging Wall Shelves

Red and White Wall Shelves Living Room

red wall shelves living room

Living Room Mountain Wall Shelves

living room mountain wall shelves

White Living Room Shelves Idea

white living room shelves idea

Design by : Tamara Mack Design

Traditional Living Room Shelves Idea

traditional living room shelves idea

Simple Living Room Shelves Design

modern living room shelves design

You can always build your own floating shelves easily. You can place them in any layout you choose for a more interesting look. You can keep the same color scheme with the rest of your living room or you can choose contrasting colors for emphasis. Choose the accessories you will place on the shelves according to the room’s style. They can follow your wall’s layout adding a tone of sophisticated elegance. Apart from wood you can use other materials like glass or metal for a more industrious style.

Shelves are a great idea to incorporate in your living room. The storage space they provide is perfect to decorate your space or to showcase your books. Add lighting and play with the different shapes and colors. This will earn you points in style and character for your decorating skills.

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