The lifestyle of people are fast changing and so are the living habits. When you try to find a spacious home where you can accommodate the living room accessories as well as kitchen goods, an open kitchen living room is what you look out for. With the change in attitude and choices among various people, there has been an influx of new designs. Now, you will have to choose from a number of available options when you think of these kitchens living rooms. Here are ten nice ideas that you may like:

Kitchen Family Room Idea

kitchen family room idea

Design by : Cynthia Lynn Photography

When you have a large living room, you can opt for a kitchen table with a granite countertop. Place the dining room cabinet along the horizontal wall to yield space. The brown finish of the cabinet goes well with the cream countertop on the table.

Open Kitchen Living Room Remodeling

remodeling open kitchen living room1

Design by : Sunnyside Builders

You can get everything in the room painted in brown. In this kitchen living room, utilise the space by installing the required furniture and paint them brown to make them elegant. Use the light brown floor color that goes well with the dark brown cabinets on the high walls.

Open Kitchen Living Room Floor

open kitchen living room floor

Design by : Jackson Design

When you think of the open floor plans for the room, make sure that there is a good compatibility between the two floors. In the kitchen living room, you can choose a light-brown based floor color. It can be covered with a carpet, similar in shade, over which the sofas are placed.

Small Open Kitchen Living Room

small open kitchen living room

Design by : Indese

When you need to accommodate a large number of things in a small are, you need to make the right use of space. Beside the sleek dining table, place a couch with loveseats. It is an ideal open concept kitchen for small apartments. The accent table and grey sofas are contrasting.

Open Living Room Kitchen Island

open kitchen island living room

Design by : Robbins Architecture

When you have a large and spacious interior incorporated with a bookshelf, you can have the kitchen built at a side. Choose one of the horizontal walls for the same, and paint the table white. You can get some classy brown stools for sitting on the table. Use grey carpets and sofas for the plan.

Kitchen Living Room Wooden Interiors

open wall kitchen living room

This is a loft open floor plan idea which you can incorporate in the kitchen living rooms. Get in touch with a dining table with sharp edges, brown in color. Red chairs are ideal for the setting. The room has a beautiful accommodation of bookshelves, and cabinets built around the fireplace.

Blue Kitchen Living Room Sofa

kitchen with blue living room furniture

Design by : Richard Luke Architects

People are moving towards the trends of kitchen living rooms where you can have a comfortable sitting arrangement with blue sofas. The turquoise blue furniture goes well with the gypsum walls of the room. At the other end of the room, get the kitchen accessories installed.

Living Room Kitchen Interior Design

living room kitchen interior design

Get in touch with the kitchen living room with elegant, dark hardwood floors. Get a side-by-side oven for the room, painted in white. avail colourful covers for the sofas to match the looks. The white cabinetry suits the room perfectly.

Narrow Kitchen Living Room Design

narrow kitchen living room design

Well, have you ever thought of the idea where you can have kitchens without cabinets? This is an ideal setting where drapes from the floor to the ceiling. Get dark brown floors and matching cabinets for the room. Bright couches look beautiful with these settings.

Retro Living Room Kitchen Combo

retro living room kitchen combo

When you search for a luxurious living room and kitchen incorporated together, you can opt for dark brown floors with other designs in it. A brown cabinet in the kitchen space complements the elegant furniture and couches. Buy a glass centre table for the room.

Open Kitchen Living Room Storage Unit

open kitchen living room shelves

Rustic Kitchen Living Room Design

rustic kitchen living room design

Modern Kitchen Living Room Combo

modern kitchen living room

Long Open Kitchen Living Room

long open kitchen living room

White & Black Kitchen Living Room Idea

white kitchen black living room idea

Design by : Hatfield Builders

Wood Kitchen Living Room Design

wood kitchen living room design

Modern Open Kitchen Living Room

modern open kitchen living room

White Kitchen Living Room Idea

white kitchen and living room idea

Contemporary Kitchen Living Room Design

contemporary kitchen living room design

Vintage Kitchen Living Room Design

vintage kitchen living room design

So, when you decide the open kitchen living room design, have an insight into all the possible varieties of styles you can incorporate. Contemporary trends are changing and you have a lot of scope to innovate new ideas. If you come up with something new, feel free to share them with us. Hope these ideas will assist your decision making process.

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