Wondering how to use wood as a kitchen design material? Well, several homes have found the perfect solution. The answer lies in highly strong timber and high-quality laminates. Wood evokes the richness that is so apt for any kitchen design project. Manufacturers and designers have consequently come up with wood processing techniques that add durability and sturdiness to the construction. With a lot of grades to choose from, wood can really be an exciting way to bring your kitchen design to life. If you have been planning on the same lines, here are some examples you can take a cue from.

Modern Wooden Kitchen Design

Modern Wooden Kitchen Design kitchenarchitecture.co.uk

Wood is a particularly suitable material for modern day modular kitchen construction. The ease of maintenance and other features like self-cleaning chimneys ensure that there is less impact of the smoke on the wooden panels. Consequently, homeowners have been able to establish a rich design from the natural texture of wood.

Small Wooden Kitchen Idea

Small Wooden Kitchen Idea rendallandwright.com

If you plan for a smaller kitchen, you can always make your space look more vibrant using wood as the construction material. They can go into your cabinets, modular paneling, dining layout and any other décor you choose to install.

Contemporary Wooden Kitchen

Contemporary Wooden Kitchen teddyedwards.co.uk

This example beautifully showcases how wood construction can completely transform a kitchen design from the ordinary to extravagant. An experienced interior designer will be able to come up with a design theme that not only goes with the rest of the home décor but also adds functionality to the space. You can also see Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Light Wooden Kitchen Design

Light Wooden Kitchen Design Design by : Chantry Kitchens

If you own a rather open kitchen space as shown in this example, wood can be creatively used to spruce up the space. Using different textures for your modular arrangement, you will be able to create a dynamic space. In this example, everything apart from the floor and ceiling is in wood.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Design Idea

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Design Idea 3dworldny.com

Wood is the most suitable material for kitchen cabinetry. They are not just lightweight and replaceable, but also bring in a richness unique to the material. Working with an experienced interior designer, you can always choose among a variety of settings.

Dark Wood Kitchen Design

Dark Wood Kitchen Design carolinakitchens.net

Dark wood, probably from red cherry timber, can impart a highly rustic and rich appeal to your kitchen design. They bring in a sophistication that will not be possible using any other material, howsoever expensive it may be. Using strategized lighting and a clean layout, the richness evoked in this example is gorgeous.

Wooden Modular Kitchen Decorating Idea

Wooden Modular Kitchen Decorating Idea mosaicarchitects.com

The best thing about modular kitchens is that they offer a neat arrangement and free up your floor space for all kinds of human activity. All your cooking and storage needs are neatly organized in dedicated corners. Using wood, in this case, would be a cost-effective idea, as the design itself adds durability to the space.

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen f-farchitects.com

If you have a rather outdoor setting for your bar cum kitchen, wood will again be the most suitable material. Wood makes the transition from the outdoors to the interiors balanced and exciting. The richness of the material further creates an ambience that is ideally suitable for all kitchen activities.

Wooden Kitchen Hoods Design

Wooden Kitchen Hoods Design thepanoptikon.com

This is a truly gorgeous example of how wood can bring in luxurious sophistication into your kitchen. The dark wood material is in perfect contrast to the lighter walls. Using proper kitchen lighting, you will be able to make it most unique space in the house.

Wooden Kitchen Rack Idea

Wooden Kitchen Rack Idea lcramer.com

Wood always brings in the right balance of contrast to a lighter themed kitchen space. If you have been trying to make your kitchen a livelier environment, this would be the perfect example to take a hint.

Oak Wood Kitchen Design

Oak Wood Kitchen Design costa-doro.prom.ua

Small Wood Kitchen Idea

Small Wood Kitchen Idea bengwaller.com

Modern Soft Wood Kitchen Design

Modern Soft Wood Kitchen Design


Traditional Oak Kitchen Design

Traditional Oak Kitchen Design hendersonandredfearn.co.uk

Trendy Wood Kitchen Design

Trendy Wood Kitchen Design daa.co.nz

Rectangular Wooden Kitchen Design

Rectangular Wooden Kitchen Design risingerhomes.com

Black Wood Kitchen Design

Black Wood Kitchen Design kitchendesigns.com

Wooden Kitchen Island

Wooden Kitchen Island mhcustom.com

We hope you like our wood kitchen design compilation. If you have something unique going on at your end, we would definitely like to take a peek!

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