If you are fond of highly cultured lifestyle, you must consider having a rustic kitchen in your home. These kitchens look like ancient farmhouse kitchens, and they deliver an enriched look to your house. There are different elements that bring the rustic ambience in the kitchens. The dark brown colour of weathered wood, antique furniture and thick frames in the doors and windows make the kitchens classy. Here are ten rustic kitchen designs and you may incorporate any of these themes in your home. You may also see Rustic Kitchen Island Designs

Small Rustic Kitchen Design

In a small rustic kitchen, you can deliver a contemporary touch by installing tiny pendant lights. The golden hue created on wooden logs is something you should watch out for. Thick logs in the ceiling make the kitchen even more classy.

Small Rustic Wood Kitchen

small rustic wood kitchen

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Small Rustic Cabinets Kitchen

small rustic cabinets kitchen


Modern Rustic Kitchen Design

You can achieve a beautiful mix of vintage and modern looks in your kitchen if you get wooden ceiling along with tiled floors. The well-polished brown floor needs to be compatible with the wood-colour in the ceiling. You may also see Wooden Kitchen Designs

Modern Rustic Kitchen with White Cabinets

modern rustic kitchen with white cabinets


Modern Rustic Kitchen Island Design

modern rustic kitchen island design


Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Designs

In modern cottages, contemporary rustic kitchen ideas can be incorporated to achieve a new mix of architecture. Opt for brown tiles for the walls and craft a polished wooden floor. You can install modern wooden furniture in the room to boost up its looks. You may also see Contemporary Green Kitchen Designs

Contemporary Rustic Stone Wall Kitchen

contemporary rustic stone wall kitchen


Contemporary Rustic Kitchen Bar Design

contemporary rustic kitchen bar design


Industrial Rustic Kitchen Designs

Industrial kitchens in modern homes are featured by the extensive use of tools. Here, metal and wooden furniture enjoy a good co-existence. Opt for polished wooden floors and elegant furniture to upgrade the looks of the look.

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Lighting Idea

industrial rustic kitchen lighting idea


Industrial Rustic Kitchen with Wood Floor

industrial rustic kitchen with wood floor


Country Rustic Kitchen Designs

If you look out for a rustic kitchen in the country-style, fix large, hanging lights with shade from the logs in the ceiling. High chairs, polished tables and floors and glass-cupboards are ideal for this room. You may also see Zen Kitchen Designs

Country Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Design

country rustic kitchen cabinets design


French Country Rustic Kitchen Design

french country rustic kitchen design


Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Glass shades are the best elements to incorporate in a rustic kitchen, when you think of the lights. Fix small pendant lights in the wooden ceiling and complement them with long, hanging lights with shades. Place the hanging lights just above the dining table.

Rustic Kitchen Pendant Lighting

rustic kitchen pendant lighting


Rustic Kitchen Hanging Lights

rustic kitchen hanging lights


Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas

A kitchen island can be the centre of attraction in a rustic kitchen. You can design the edges of the island with floral art. Polish the furniture well and create a good compatibility with the floor and ceiling. You may also see Rectangular Kitchen Designs

Rustic Wooden Kitchen Island

rustic wooden kitchen island


Rustic Kitchen Island with Sink

rustic kitchen island with sink


Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens have wooden barns, if you choose to create it outside your home. Incorporate a stone oven to get a classy ambience in the room. You can use metal lampshades to retain the vintage flavour of livelihood. Here, you can try out different flavours of housing, with high wooden walls, heavy doors and tables and vintage grills in the windows.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Idea

rustic farmhouse kitchen cabinets idea


Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

rustic farmhouse kitchen lighting1


Rustic Kitchen Furniture

When it comes to furniture, you can retain the ancient touch of weathered wood in your kitchen. The dark brown colour of floor and wall cabinets complement each other. Choose a finer polish for the cupboards and other furniture in the kitchen. You may also see Black and White Kitchen Designs

Traditional Rustic Kitchen Furniture

traditional rustic kitchen furniture


Simple Rustic Kitchen Furniture

simple rustic kitchen furniture


Rustic White Kitchen Design

White rustic kitchens are incorporated in modern cottages and villas. The ceiling is fitted with thin logs of wood and they are all coloured in white. Wrought iron furniture goes well with this setting. You can also incorporate a dark floor in the kitchen.

Rustic White Kitchen Cabinets

rustic white kitchen cabinets


Rustic White Cottage Kitchen

rustic white cottage kitchen


The Uniqueness of Rustic Kitchen

The rustic kitchens present you with a long-preserved heritage. It is the symbol of elegance that you cannot replace with the modern architectural designs. These kitchens have dark wooden cabinets, cupboards made of weathered wood and several wooden furniture. Altogether, it reflects a different class of livelihood when you incorporate all the elements with perfection.

In contemporary homes, rustic kitchens are incorporated with the small kitchen ideas. You can even opt for a small outdoor rustic kitchen if you have enough space in your compound. Trends of living are evolving and you can come up with innovative rustic kitchen ideas. Feel free to share new ideas with us, if you have any.

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