Outdoor kitchens allow families to cook meals outside when the weather permits it. This is a perfect idea for people who have sufficient outdoor space for entertaining family and guests. By being able to have the meals prepared and ready outdoors, there is no need to keep going back to the kitchen for the food. Due to the popularity of this concept, design ideas for outdoor kitchen countertops are readily available in different categories (like rustic or contemporary kitchen design).

Outdoor Kitchen Concrete Countertops

outdoor kitchen concrete countertops


This outdoor kitchen is an extension of the original kitchen. The materials used for the outdoor countertop is similar to that of the one inside minus the cooktop and the oven and replaced with side burners and barbecue. The table provides a perfect outdoor dining space.

Slate Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

slate outdoor kitchen countertop


One of the most challenging aspects of building an outdoor kitchen is to blend the kitchen design with natural settings. This countertop has the full kitchen features and the countertop is made with honed granite, a material proven to withstand the harsh elements. To match the beauty of nature, the cabinetry is done in marine-grade teak in natural wood color.

Outdoor Kitchen Wood Countertop

outdoor kitchen wood countertop

Design by : SJ Renovations

This wood countertop provides a rustic look into the outdoor barbecue setup. Everything looks so natural and blends well with the surroundings. It’s like the setup is a real part of the garden or backyard. The roof/cover is made with red cedar and polycarbonate, so there is no problem with sun damage or overheating.You can also see Spacious Kitchen Design

Marble Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

marble outdoor kitchen countertop


This marble outdoor kitchen countertop has built barbecue grill, sink, faucets, under the counter washer and dryer, and stainless steel refrigerator. It is a complete kitchen setup especially designed for outdoor use. The use of marble and stainless steel is a brilliant idea as the combination looks so nice and works effectively.

Outdoor Kitchen Glass Countertop

outdoor kitchen glass countertop


This outdoor bar/dining area is perfect for huge spaces. It can be an option for people who likes to entertain a lot. The countertop has built in features like barbecue grill and sink with faucet. You can also see Green Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

rustic outdoor kitchen countertop


The use of marble/granite for kitchen countertops has been a popular option for both indoor and outdoor kitchen. This one is a typically designed granite countertop with a built-in barbecue grill and work space. The wood cabinetry provides storage and a nice aesthetic match to the beauty of the surroundings.

Granite Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

granite outdoor kitchen countertop


This kitchen countertop is the perfect outdoor barbecue foundation. The surface is made with a three inch Arizona flagstone and the rest of the body has stones collected from the property. It is a great way of using available resources when possible.

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

contemporary outdoor kitchen countertop


For this contemporary outdoor kitchen, stainless steel is used for the countertop and the cabinetry is made of wood. The setup is simple and would work well with a small outdoor space. The countertop has enough space for a sink and a long work space.

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Countertop

traditional outdoor kitchen countertop


This is a gourmet outdoor kitchen that houses a barbecue grill, wood-burning pizza oven, egg smoker, side burner, refrigerator, sink, trash chute and a Rustic Kitchen Island. The countertop is made of natural lime stone.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Design

modern outdoor kitchen countertop design


This mini outdoor kitchen is perfect for a small outdoor space. The countertop is built with black granite and it houses the barbecue grill on the long side and the sink on the short side.

Outdoor Kitchen Black Countertop

outdoor kitchen black countertop


Outdoor Kitchen Gray Countertop

outdoor kitchen gray countertop


Outdoor Kitchen Space Marble Countertop

outdoor kitchen space marble countertop


Outdoor Kitchen Stone Countertop

outdoor kitchen stone countertop


Concrete Outdoor Kitchen Design

concrete outdoor kitchen design


Small Outdoor Kitchen Rock Countertop

small outdoor kitchen rock countertop


Outdoor Stone Kitchen Concrete Countertop

outdoor stone kitchen concrete countertop


If you are considering an outdoor kitchen, the first thing that you need to think about is the space. If you have enough space, then your next focus should be the countertop. Kitchen countertops used for indoor kitchens also work well outdoors, so there should be no problems. You can go for granite, marble, stainless steel or even wood.

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