Outdoor kitchens are a part of the contemporary trend. Cottages, mansions and resorts incorporate outdoor kitchen design themes to have elegant and personalised chambers. Customised sitting arrangements are also made along with these kitchens, and you can experiment with several variations of outdoor kitchen designs. Along with the kitchen accessories, you also need to look out for customised furniture. Here are ten of the classiest outdoor kitchen themes that you can design for your home or commercial space.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Design

small outdoor kitchen design

Clarke Kitchen & Design Showroom

When you have a small space for the outdoor kitchen, you can turn it into an elegant stone patio kitchen. The kitchen island is made of rocks and a tile wall in the background area serves the purpose well. it comes with a built-in grill and you need to arrange for comfortable chairs for sitting. You may also see Tiny Kitchen Designs

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Design

covered outdoor kitchen design

Frederick + Frederick Architects

When you have a covered outdoor kitchen, you can opt for splendid porches in it to gain a matching look. here, you can incorporate light wood colored cabinets under the countertop and get a painted brownish brick wall in the kitchen. Get matching furniture for the kitchen to make the kitchen complete.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

rustic outdoor kitchen design


You can build a stacked stone fireplace to get a rustic look in the outdoor kitchen. The barn wood bar has a grey stone countertop, and you need to buy matching grey stools for the room. The grey square tiles on the floor complement these settings and a dark colored ceiling add to the elegance.

Outdoor Bbq Kitchen Design

outdoor bbq kitchen design

Terra Firma Design

You can make the outdoor kitchen quite vibrant when you have a built-in barbeque grill. Here, the wooden kitchen island has a stainless steel countertop. Get a white privacy fence, and a white stone paved flooring will make the kitchen bright and beautiful.

Outdoor Kitchen Design with Pool

outdoor kitchen design with pool

Angelo's Lawn-Scape of Louisiana

In modern homes, people tend to be creative with outdoor kitchen designs. When you build the kitchen beside a pool, you get the cool ambience that adds to the visual pleasure. You can opt for a brick and concrete structure with brick posts supporting the roof. The slanting roof with exterior designs looks cool and classy.

Lowes Outdoor Kitchen Design

lowes outdoor kitchen design

Sublime Architectural Interiors

When you have a kitchen under an apartment, you can opt for the covered ‘U’-shaped kitchen idea. Here, you can arrange for off-white kitchen islands with stainless steel accessories. You can fix bright lights over the white kitchen islands. Wooden flooring is ideal for this kitchen.

Outdoor Stone Kitchen Design

outdoor stone kitchen design

Prideaux Design

Stone kitchens are elegant in looks. Here, the ‘L’ patterned kitchen island looks beautiful with a rugged stone finish. The floor is paved with contrasting pavers. Arrange for some potted plants in the kitchen for better looks. For sitting arrangements, switch to a darker shade, like black.

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Design

l shaped outdoor kitchen design

Promised Path Landscaping

Outdoor kitchens with spacious area look sophisticated when you get string lights to decorate the place. Opt for stone kitchen islands, bright in colour, to create a good parity with the flooring. The sitting area beside the fireplace is installed with reclining sofas, and you can enjoy your time in the splendid space with a royal ambience.

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Design

contemporary outdoor kitchen design

Sage Outdoor Designs

Contemporary outdoor kitchens are innovatively designed, and in this case, you can cherish a stucco finish in the kitchen. Metal furniture looks classy with the bright surroundings. Match up the kitchen island and floor with a natural bright cream color for enhanced looks. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs

Outdoor Kitchen Design with Fireplace

outdoor kitchen design with fireplace

Logan's Hammer Building & Renovation

If you plan to incorporate a fireplace in the covered outdoor kitchen area, you can get a freestanding fireplace for the purpose. The wooden floor and slanted brown ceiling complement each other. Get a vintage ceiling fan for a rustic look in the kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen with Granite Countertop

outdoor kitchen with granite countertop

Fredman Design Group

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Design

traditional outdoor kitchen design

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Design

beautiful outdoor kitchen design

Anthony Albert Studios

Outdoor Kitchen with Walnut Cabinetry

outdoor kitchen with walnut cabinetry

Conrado Home Builders

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Idea

modern outdoor kitchen idea

C&C Partners Design/ Build Firm

Unique Outdoor Kitchen Design

unique outdoor kitchen design


Classy Outdoor Kitchen Design

classy outdoor kitchen design

Custom Kitchen Design

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Design

simple outdoor kitchen design


Apart from these, there are other themes of outdoor kitchen designs, and you can experiment with them according to your housing tastes. However, you need to remember that best looks are achieved in outdoor kitchens when you achieve the perfect compatibility with color contrasts, kitchen accessories, and other outdoor structures.

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