When it comes to ranking cute animals with clumsy legs, then a giraffe definitely ranks top on the list. However, the diversity of meanings is what makes a giraffe tattoo unique and rare. So whether you want to portray an African tribal tattoo using a giraffe or its spiritual foresight traits, there’s a giraffe tattoo design to suit you.

Zombie Giraffe Tattoo

zombie giraffe tattoo


The contrasting yellow and brown color of a baby giraffe makes this tattoo perfect for kids or teenagers of all genders. Go for a zombie giraffe tattoo with eyes defined by a black ink and a creative light blue background.

Giraffe on Fire Tattoo

giraffe on fire tattoo


Bring out your creativity side by opting for a giraffe on fire tattoo. The pencil sketch design will blend with a pale skin tone while combining a baby and mom giraffe gives the tattoo a unique meaning that parents can appreciate.

African Tribal Giraffe Tattoo

african tribal giraffe tattoo


If you love tribal tattoo, then go for an African tribal giraffe tattoo. While a lion describes leadership traits, you can opt to use giraffes legs or neck to represent strength and endurance .

Watercolor Giraffe Tattoo

watercolor giraffe tattoo


Opt for a giraffe tattoo to depict your elegant trait. The ability to incorporate more than two colors in a watercolor giraffe tattoo makes this design ideal for both males and females who want to portray a fun personality.

Stand Tall Giraffe Tattoo

stand tall giraffe tattoo


If you’re looking for a simple tattoo with an inspiration quote, then a stand tall giraffe tattoo is just what you need. This tattoo is perfect for both men and women who had the courage to overcome life obstacles.

Black Small Giraffe Tattoo

black small giraffi tattoo


Small tattoos on the hand can be hidden easily with a long sleeved shirt in case you need to attend an interview or a formal event. The deep shading and size of this tattoo make it perfect for girls or young ladies.

Rose Giraffe Tattoo Idea

rose giraffi tattoo idea


Roses are a symbol of romance and what better way to show dependability than through a rose giraffe tattoo. Opt for stained glass design to give the tattoo a vintage look that can complement any casual outfit.

Giraffe Face Tattoo

giraffe face tattoo


A giraffe tattoo made using neon colors is the best representation of creativity and vision. Complete your giraffe face tattoo by adding a leaf necklace and colored gemstone on the forehead to give it that royalty or elegant aspect.

Cute Giraffe Tattoo

cute giraffe tattoo


While a zombie tattoo can be intimidating to most people, a cute giraffe tattoo will give you positive comments. The contrasting background and bold colors make this tattoo a cool back to school present.

Simple Giraffe Tattoo Idea

simple giraffi tattoo idea


Blackwork Giraffe Tattoo

black and white giraffe tattoo


Giraffe Pair Tattoo Design

giraffe pair tattoo design


Awesome Giraffe Tattoo for Back

awesome giraffe tattoo for back


When it comes to giraffe tattoos the meaning that you want to portray, will determine the type of design to choose. If you’re not sure about size, then go for a small tattoo either on the wrist or legs. To describe elegance and vision go for a giraffe tattoo with a long neck.

Graphic Pattern Giraffe Tattoo

half sleeve giraffe tattoo


Giraffe Flower Tattoo

flower with giraffe tattoo


While a zombie tattoo can elicit both negative and positive comments, a cute giraffe ink art will give you admiration. The ability to have a giraffe tattoo in multiple hues helps both men and women of all ages to express their unique meaning. So, whether it’s a watercolor giraffe or a simple giraffe art with a rose; get creative and get yourself one of these rare tattoos.

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