Although getting a tattoo was once taboo, they have become a way for people to express themselves. For those thinking of getting a tree design, a palm tree tattoo has a wide variety of meanings. Different parts of this tree also give a unique meaning that favors all gender; while the size makes it perfect for a sleeve tattoo. So, whether you want to portray honor or fertility, there’s a palm tree tattoo that will suit you.

Traditional Palm Tree Tattoo

traditional palm tree tattoo


This traditional palm tree tattoo with a sun symbol will remind you of a sunny vacation. So, get yourself this tattoo, head to the beach and enjoy that sunset.

Small Palm Tree Ankle Tattoo

small palm tree ankle tattoo


The miniature size of this tattoo makes it bold, cute and easy to replicate. Both male and females will look good with a small palm tree ankle tattoo because the simplicity of the black and white design makes it inconspicuous.

Palm Tree Sleeve Tattoo Design

palm tree sleeve tattoo design


The elongated leaf design of the palm tree is a symbol of protection while the trunk portrays strength. Men will love this tattoo because the black design complements any skin tone and other body art.

Palm Tree Tattoo on Finger

palm tree tattoo on finger


Men who don’t like wearing rings as an accessory can go for palm tree tattoo on the finger. The choice on which finger you want the design is up to you, either way, this design will complement any outfit.

Back Palm Tree Tattoo Design

back palm tree tattoo design


A single palm tree design on this tattoo makes it easier to ink. Opting for a black ink color only helps all parts of the tree to stand out. The simplicity of this back tattoo makes it perfect for ladies.

Black and White Palm Tree Tattoo

black and white palm tree tattoo


What’s unique about a black and white palm tree tattoo is that you can add other elements around the design to give it a personal touch. You can add an autism tattoo to promote awareness or to show your support.

Palm Tree Tattoo Behind Ear

palm tree tattoo behind ear


Go for a very dark shading to create a unique palm tree tattoo. To the replicate this design, a tattoo artist has to make the palm tree trunk slightly bent and shade even the leaves black to express your gothic style.

Half Sleeve Palm Tree Small Tattoo

half sleeve palm tree small tattoo


Palm Tree with Letters Tattoo

palm tree with letters tattoo


Palm Tree with Tiger Tattoo

palm tree with tiger tattoo


Palm Tree with Text Tattoo

palm tree with text tattoo


Black Plam Tree Band Tattoo

black plam tree band tattoo


Flower with Palm Tree Tattoo

flower with palm tree tattoo

Since the design of a tattoo is a reflection of your personality, culture or religion ensure that your favorite symbol is an accurate representation of you. If you need to symbolize the sun, then go for a palm tree tattoo or a Polynesian tattoo.

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