Trees, as part of nature give a great variety of ideas for tattoo designs. They can be naked of leaves or in full bloom depending on the mood you want to maintain as well as the message you want to pass through it. Moreover, trees have been a growing trend for the last year or so. In case you are interested for tree tattoos, keep on reading for our collection of ideas that will help. You may also See Flower Tattoo Designs

Oak Tree Tattoo Designs

Oak trees have been a design of strength, endurance and bravery related to the psyche levels. The design you can choose can have bare branches or a full tree with leaves in order to showcase a different to you meaning.

Oak Tree Leaf Tattoo Design


Oak Tree Tattoo on Wrist


Family Tree Tattoo Design Ideas

Family trees represent the union of a family as a functional unit. Usually each branch represents a family member. You can choose a tree with various designs incorporating names and decorative elements in order to make the design more interesting. You may also See Mother Daughter Tattoo

Family Tree Tattoo Design on Back


Small Family Tree Tattoo Design


Palm Tree Tattoo Designs

You can go for a single palm tree design or you can incorporate it in a more complex design. The meaning of palm trees represents goodness and wisdom giving you a great idea for many tattoo designs for the future. You may also See Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm Tree Tattoo Design on Arm


Palm Tree Tattoo Design on Ankle


Shoulder Tree Tattoo Designs

Shoulder tree tattoos have a unique way of adorning your body in style and with earthy designs. The trees can range depending on the gender and the personal tastes of the bearer, however we can all agree that they look fantastic on everyone that chooses them.

Cherry Blossom Tree Shoulder Tattoo


Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo Designs

Cherry blossoms have a short life span making them important for many cultures. You can choose from flower tattoo designs in order to add a touch of hope and humility as well as female beauty and authority.

Cherry Blossom Sleeve Tree Tattoo


Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on Back


Willow Tree Tattoo Ideas

Willow trees have various meanings too. From healing to dreaming you can find many different designs for willow tree tattoos that will help you add a mystical tone to the design. Their design requires a certain level of skill to complete.

Willow Tree Tattoo on Back


Small Tree Tattoo Ideas

Small trees can be placed anywhere you see fit. From your wrist to your arm and from the back to your calves you can choose any design of small tree that will have a special meaning to you adding style.

Small Tree tattoo on Ankle


Tree Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Tree sleeves have taken the world over the last year. Many men and women around the world have chosen mystical and mesmerizing sceneries with trees in stunning designs. You can go from half to full blown sleeve for extra character.

Family Tree Sleeve Tattoo


Palm Tree Sleeve Tattoo Design


Pine Tree Tattoo Ideas

Pines remind us of mountains with fresh air and wild animals. You can go for dark scenery of multiple pine trees or you can decide to have a single tree with in black and white or a bright colorful version. You may also See Pine Tree Tattoos

Pine Tree Wrist Tattoo


Dead Tree Tattoo Designs

You can bring the coldness of the winter to your design by choosing a bare tree tattoo. The bare branches will add an eerie setting making the tattoo look lonely and mysterious. These designs will take some time to complete.

Dead Tree Tattoo Arm Tattoo


Tree of Life Tattoo Designs

Tree of life tattoos have a symbolic meaning that showcases the circle of life in nature. I most designs the tattoos incorporate in equal parts the leaves and the roots of the tree showing both sides of the same unit.

Celtic Tree Of Life Tattoo Design


Tree of Life Sleeve Tattoo


Side Tree Tattoo Designs

In case you want a big tree design then you can consider having it inked on your side. There are many different tree designs that you can have depending on your gender and your preferences regarding the meaning of the tattoo.

Tree Tattoo Designs on Arm

Embellish your arm with a tree design. This will make you look stylish and trendy while giving you the opportunity to get a beautiful design on your skin. These designs are great for cover up tattoos for hiding old scars.

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo on Arm


Tribal Tree Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are a great way to add a certain level of fierceness on your skin. This design goes mostly for our male readers that want an awesome design with an ulterior meaning behind it to make them more interesting.

Tribal Tree Tattoo on Hip


Olive Tree Tattoo Designs

The olive tree is a symbol of peace and unity. You can get the desired design with roots, leaves and olives to add some visual interest in the tattoo. These designs are suitable for everyone that wants style with sophisticated touch.

Olive Tree Tattoo on Back


Olive Tree Branch Tattoo


Every individual has different tastes making the tree designs a great way to connect with nature. Men go for masculine designs with dark scenery and naked trees that create an ominous look. On the other hand, women usually go for a softer approach that also has fierce looks making the designs look stylish and feminine. In both genders you will see designs with added features like animals, birds or human figures adorning the tree look.

Tree tattoos can come in various sizes and designs. You can go from a wrist sized tree to a full blown one suitable for sleeve tattoos. The best ideas for trees come in black and white, however you can get a colorful one that will look stunning and more natural.

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