Traditionally, henna tattoo designs are an important part of cultures such as India and Pakistan. However, they have become a safe haven for people who are afraid of getting permanent tattoos. Depending on your lifestyle and skin, a henna tattoo will last up to three weeks. From modern to traditional designs, this list has henna tattoo designs that will make you look stunning.

Tribal Henna Tattoo Designs

Tribal Henna tattoo designs are perfect for men who prefer to portray the warrior within them in the easiest and pain-free way. Depending on other elements added, a tribal tattoo should depict the personality and passion of the individual.

Tribal Henna Tattoo on Arm

tribal henna tattoo on arm


Tribal Henna Tattoo for Guys

tribal henna tattoo for guys


Tribal Sun Henna Tattoo Design

tribal sun henna tattoo design


Henna Hand Tattoo Designs

Both women in Indian and Arab countries have been decorating their hands with henna during weddings or to enhance their beauty. Henna tattoo designs on the back of the hand symbolize protection while on palms it signifies an offering to God or the world.

White Henna Hand Tattoo Design

white henna hand tattoo design


Henna Flower Hand Tattoo Design

henna flower hand tattoo design


Small Henna Tattoo Designs

Small Henna tattoo designs are ideal for beginners or people getting tattoos for the first time. You can use the small size tattoos to check if you have any allergic reaction with the paste. If not then go for a design that expresses your mood.

Small Elephant Henna Tattoo

small elephant henna tattoo


Small Wrist Henna Tattoo Design

small wrist henna tattoo design


Flower Henna Tattoo Designs

Flower is the most popular henna tattoo design for women. Flower Henna tattoo designs are beautiful, feminine and are associated with joyful occasions. Suitable for ladies of all ages, this design will look good on any part of the body.

Lotus Flower Henna Tattoo Design

lotus flower henna tattoo design


Henna Flower Shoulder Tattoo

henna flower shoulder tattoo


Henna Arm Tattoo Designs

While jewelry can make your arms elegant, henna tattoos all over your arm are eye catching and look exotic. Since you can create your own design, most people tend to go for henna arm tattoo designs to showcase their creativity.

Henna Armband Tattoo

henna armband tattoo


Henna Upper Arm Tattoo Design

henna upper arm tattoo design


Henna Arm Tattoo for Men

henna arm tattoo for men


Back Henna Tattoo Designs

The back is a vast body part, so when choosing back henna tattoo designs, it’s best to consider large designs that will be conspicuous. Thickened layers that give the illusion of a 3D design are great for the back.

Lower Back Henna Tattoo Design

lower back henna tattoo design


Full Back Henna Tattoo Design

full back henna tattoo design


Henna Heart Tattoo Designs

Whether on its own or incorporating other themes, henna heart tattoo designs are beautiful. The design can be done on the palm, feet or the back of the hand. However, the ideal place is where people will get to see the design.

Paisley Henna Heart Tattoo Design

paisley henna heart tattoo design


Butterfly Henna Tattoo Designs

Butterflies are beautiful insects that symbolize beauty, freedom, and change. So when choosing butterfly henna tattoo designs, the wings and body shape of this magnificent insect should be considered so as to ensure you get a unique design that will complement your style.

Tribal Butterfly Henna Tattoo Design

tribal butterfly henna tattoo design


Butterfly Henna Tattoo on Back

butterfly henna tattoo on back


Arabic Henna Tattoo Designs

Whether African, Arabic or Indian, each culture has its own henna designs. Arabic henna tattoo designs follow a free flowing style; it tends to incorporate embellishments such as diamonds to make the pattern more appealing and is suitable for all occasions.

Traditional Arabic Henna Tattoo Design

traditional arabic henna tattoo design


Arabic Henna Tattoo on Hands

arabic henna tattoo on hands


Arabic Henna Jewelry Tattoo

arabic henna jewelry tattoo


Henna Foot Tattoo Designs

Getting henna foot designs symbolize the connection with earth since the feet are the only body part that makes contact with the ground. This design is perfect for summer when most people are wearing open shoes such as sandals or flip flops.

Small Henna Foot Tattoo

small henna foot tattoo


Henna Side Foot Tattoo Design

henna side foot tattoo design


Henna Flower Foot Tattoo

henna flower foot tattoo


Henna Tattoo Designs for Men

Men love tattoos and they usually get them to depict their masculinity. Tribal, skeleton, anchor, guns, roses, skull and cross henna tattoo designs will look good on any man. Henna tattoos will look attractive when it draws attention towards a man’s masculine areas.

Henna Tattoo Design for Men Chest

henna tattoo design for men chest


Henna Sleeve Tattoo for Men

henna sleeve tattoo for men


Bird Henna Tattoo Designs

Birds are a symbol of freedom and in many cultures, they are the link between heaven and earth. Bird henna tattoo designs tend to incorporate birds with a symbolic meaning that fits the individual. Peacocks and sparrow are the birds added in most henna tattoos.

Bird Feather Henna Tattoo Design

bird feather henna tattoo design


Bird Henna Tattoo Design on Foot

bird henna tattoo design on foot


Henna Cross Tattoo Designs

The cross is a religious symbol to Christians. Henna cross tattoo designs are perfect for spiritual people who would rather get a temporary than a permanent unique body art. You can even include the rosary to further express your faith.

Henna Cross Tattoo on Wrist

henna cross tattoo on wrist


Cross with Flower Henna Tattoo

cross with flower henna tattoo


Henna Cross Tattoo on Back

henna cross tattoo on back


Henna Sleeve Tattoo Designs


Henna tattoo designs are so versatile that you can get one on the sleeves. Whether your design will be on full or half sleeves is entire up to you. Sleeve henna tattoo designs are ideal for attending for a birthday, wedding or costume party.

Full Sleeve Henna Tattoo Design

full sleeve henna tattoo design


Henna Half Sleeve Tattoo Design

henna half sleeve tattoo design


Henna Arm Sleeve Tattoo

henna arm sleeve tattoo


Wrist Henna Tattoo Designs

Both men and women can use wrist henna tattoo designs to give their arms that exotic look. Henna tattoos with floral patterns will add a touch of feminine traits to the wrist of ladies while men can go for geometric or Aztec themes.

Infinity Henna Tattoo Design on Wrist

infinity henna tattoo design on wrist


Inner Wrist Henna Tattoo Design

inner wrist henna tattoo design


Floral Henna Tattoo on Wrist

floral henna tattoo on wrist


Wedding Henna Tattoo Designs

Wedding henna tattoo designs differ from one culture to another. The designs are appealing and are done in such a way that they coordinate with all the wedding outfits. The color of the henna tattoo is usually darker to symbolize a long lasting marriage.

Wedding Henna Tattoo for Bride

wedding henna tattoo for bride


Wedding Henna Tattoo design for Foot

wedding henna tattoo design for foot


Peacock Henna Tattoo Designs

Peacock Henna tattoo designs signify beauty which is associated with the bird’s gorgeous feathers. This bird depicts grace and elegance so incorporating it in a henna tattoo creates a beautiful design. Parts of the peacock that you can include are feathers, beaks, and the eyes.

Peacock Feather Henna Tattoo

peacock feather henna tattoo


Peacock Henna Tattoo Design on Back

peacock henna tattoo design on back


Henna Tree Tattoo Designs

Henna tree tattoo designs represent perseverance, fertility, stability, transformation and spiritual growth. While drawing a tree tattoo on the back or the arm looks beautiful, creepers and vines are some of the plants that are included in popular tree henna designs.

Henna Tree Tattoo Design for Men

henna tree tattoo design for men


Henna Tree of Life Tattoo Design

henna tree of life tattoo design


Henna Tree Tattoo Design on Ankle

henna tree tattoo design on ankle


Henna Skull Tattoo Designs

Henna skull tattoo designs are ideal for individuals with a gothic lifestyle. Skull tattoos are a symbol of escaping death, eternity, protection or a rebellious attitude. This design is a favorite for both men and women with meaning unique to each person.

Sugar Skull Henna Tattoo

sugar skull henna tattoo


Skull Henna Tattoo Design for Men

skull henna tattoo design for men


Animal Henna Tattoo Designs

When it comes to choosing animal henna tattoo designs, most people tend to go for the animal’s character that reflects their own personality. Men tend to go for ferocious animals to show courage while girls go for subtle creatures that represent maternal instincts.

Dragon Henna Tattoo Design

dragon henna tattoo design


Sea Animal Henna Tattoo Design

sea animal henna tattoo design


Henna Tattoo for Men and Women Tips

Males and females love henna tattoo designs because they are affordable and pain-free. Henna paste is made from powdered leaves of the henna tree, so it is safe to use on skin. You can customize your design according to what you want it to be and where to place it. The brown and red henna is popular among women while men tend to prefer tattoo designs made using black henna.

People perception towards henna has changed, that’s why Henna tattoo designs have become a popular art for expressing emotions and personality. While these designs were mostly used by women in India and Arab regions, men have also embraced henna tattoos.

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