Graveyard tattoo design is a rather unconventional theme for getting your body inked. But surprisingly enough, a large number of people opt for this design. Graveyard tattoos represent a mystic world charm and the theme carries within itself a mysterious touch to it. What’s enchanting about these graveyard and cemetery tattoos is that they remind us of our final destination – Death! Have a look at some of the most epic and awesome graveyard tattoos as follows. You may also see Skull Tattoo Designs

Graveyard Sleeve Tattoo Design

Graveyard Sleeve Tattoo Design Source

This sleeve tattoo with a graveyard design covers the whole of arm and the colors used are only shades of green and brown. It has a Plus symbol alongside the name of a person and the years lived by the person. Since the tattoo is inked in the arm on part of sleeve, it reminds the wearer of the gloomy world after death.

Graveyard Tattoo Idea for Men

Graveyard Tattoo Idea for Men Source

This graveyard tattoo on the chest is suitable for men as they can flaunt open their chiseled chest with the tattoo design. It is a haunted scenery tattoo with a black haunted mansion alongside several cemeteries and graveyards in the same picture. You may also see Tattoo Designs for Men

Graveyard Scene Tattoo on Hand

Graveyard Scene Tattoo on Hand Source

This customized graveyard scene tattoo is inked in the hand. It is a tattoo with haunted scenery which has skulls, cemeteries and birds flying. It represents the mysterious world of death, Halloween and ghosts. The colors used are only gray and black.

Zombie Graveyard Tattoo

Zombie Graveyard Tattoo Source

This zombie graveyard on the wrists has a unique theme which represents two shades in it. One is a deadly nightshade graveyard tattoo and the other is a pumpkin tattoo which has more colors in it like orange, green and purple. It is a mix of jack-o-lantern, bats, graveyard and pumpkin.

Back Graveyard Tattoo Idea

Back Graveyard Tattoo Idea Source

This back tattoo on a woman is a graveyard picture and a headstone along with a haunted tree, dog, skulls and a written quote with words in it. It also features bats, birds and all things black. It is a portrayal of the mysterious dark world after death.

Colorful Graveyard Hand Tattoo

Colorful Graveyard Hand Tattoo Source

This is a colorful graveyard tattoo where pops of red, orange and blue have been splashed with black skulls, graves and a haunted mansion. The tattoo has been inked in the hand and this design can be inked on both girls and guys.

Skull Graveyard Tattoo

Skull Graveyard Tattoo Source

This graveyard tattoo is inked in the sleeve and contains skulls, cemetery and the plus sign which is very large with intricate detailing in it. This tattoo completely covers the hand and is a perfect depiction of the mystic world in an art form.

Cool Graveyard Tattoo on Shoulder

Cool Graveyard Tattoo on Shoulder Source

This graveyard tattoo is inspired by the Japanese design which is very cool and has a fish print in it. It is colorful and contains colors like orange and black floral patterns in it.

Cemetery Tattoo Design Idea

Cemetery Tattoo Design Idea Source

This is a cemetery gate tattoo with a large plus sign on the top which is a very haunting and mysterious. It is a design which has been portrayed in a very artistic manner. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Awesome Graveyard Tattoo Idea

Awesome Graveyard Tattoo Idea Source

Traditional Graveyard Tattoo

Traditional Graveyard Tattoo Source

Grim Reaper Graveyard Tattoo

Grim Reaper Graveyard Tattoo Source

Dead Tree Chest Tattoo

Dead Tree Chest Tattoo Source

Little Graveyard Tattoo for Men

Little Graveyard Tattoo for Men Source

Devil Eye Graveyard Tattoo

Devil Eye Graveyard Tattoo Source

Art Work Graveyard Tattoo for Men

Art Work Graveyard Tattoo for Men Source

Simple Graveyard Tattoo Design

Simple Graveyard Tattoo Design Source

Graveyard Tattoo on Thigh

Graveyard Tattoo on Thigh Source

Skull Graveyard Half Sleeve Tattoo

Skull Graveyard Half Sleeve Tattoo Source

Scary Owl Tattoo Design

Scary Owl Tattoo Design Source

Graveyard tattoo designs are for those with the love for the mystic world and its mysteries. It is an element of art and culture combined with tradition that is inked in several parts of the body. Not many know that graveyard tattoo designs are quite popular and many youngsters choose to ink this design in hands, wrists and even back.

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