Get ready to step into the world of some spooky yet creatively well designed and executed tattoos. These will give you goose bumps and will also make you go wow at the same time. Skull tattoo design is quite scary to look at but not when paired with some extreme intricate styling added to it. Some of them are bold while some of them are bright and colorful but all of them are creatively well conceptualized. Let’s take a look at some of these creative designs. You may also see Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Sugar Skull Tattoo Design

sugar skull tattoo design


The tribal tattoo designs are bright and colorful and visually appealing to the eyes. The flowers make it look like more than just a skull tattoo. Some of the colors used here blend with each other perfectly especially the rose in between the forehead.

Skull and Rose Tattoo Design

skull and rose tattoo design


You can spot the scary looking skull right in the middle of all the pretty flowers. This sleeve tattoo design has a splash of multiple colors that is allowing it to be so pleasing to the eyes. There are flowers attached to different parts of the skull and it seems like they are all interconnected.

Skull Sleeve Tattoo Design

skull sleeve tattoo design


The skull and rose tattoo takes us back in time because of its traditional outlook. This particular sleeve tattoo has multiple tattoos designed, each with a different spooky look but each designed equally well. The multiple colors used to define this tattoo is admirable.

Skull Shoulder Tattoo Design

skull shoulder tattoo design


This legendary tattoo is done with so much perfection to make it look scary and realistic. From the cracks on the skull to the number written in a spooky way, they all are a fusion of a perfect tattoo design.

Skull Leg Tattoo Design

skull leg tattoo design


The half skull and half flower design is beautifully conceptualized and has been executed wonderfully. It is such a subtle and simple design but looks equally elegant and neat. It looks like a very rough sketched design but that rough sketch has been done with perfection.

Skull and Butterfly Tattoo Design

skull and butterfly tattoo design


This cute little butterfly skull tattoo is nice to look at. The color theme being blue with a little shading of black is small, cute and simple. The combination is very different and appealing.

Skull Tattoo on Thigh

skull tattoo on thigh


If you prefer getting a small design and a very simple one, then this should be the perfect one for you. The design doesn’t have much work or coloring on it. It just has basic shading to make it look as realistic as possible. The leaves around it add an extra effect to it. You may also see Eagle Tattoo Designs

Skull and Snake Tattoo Design

skull and snake tattoo design


Queen Skull Tattoo Idea

queen skull tattoo idea


Unique Skull Tattoo Design

unique skull tattoo design


Skull and Wings Tattoo for Men

skull and wings tattoo for men


Geometric Skull Tattoo Idea

geometric skull tattoo idea


Watercolor Skull Tattoo Design

watercolor skull tattoo design


Small Skull Tattoo Design

small skull tattoo design


Black and Gray Skull Tattoo

black and gray skull tattoo


Skull Back Tattoo for Women

skull back tattoo for women


These tattoos tell us is that they are unique and definitely trendy because of how beautifully they have been designed and paired with different flowers. You can get these tattoo designed anywhere, be it big or small. They are all ought to look amazing just as in the pictures.

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