Body art for men’s tattoo design has reached its pinnacle. With the availability of mechanical ink, the body art has been transformed into a 3D design. Show off the potpourri of design elements, be it steampunk, cyber dog, or any of the sub-genres of rock and punk musical revolution. The steampunk tattoo makes your skin look like a canvas. This degree of artistry can make the skin look like it could turn you into a living terminator!

Traditional Mechanic Tattoo

Traditional Mechanic Tattoo Source

This is a motley of motifs. You can see a dental tool with a floating tooth, clutched by a hand. The background is colorful with a filigree of gears and rose design matched together. Purple, red, and a dark outline in black give this a dramatic look. You may also see UFO Tattoo Designs

Mechanic Wrench Tattoo

Mechanic Wrench Tattoo Source

Are you a garage punk, doused in grease and oil? Wear your job on your hand with this mechanical ink. This tattoo has a wrench that fades in the end. Get this tattoo if you pretty much breathe into the mechanics of the world.

Auto Mechanic Tattoo Idea

Auto Mechanic Tattoo Idea Source

This tattoo design is a combination of mechanical wrenches crossing each other. The backgrounds of this are motifs of blue flowers and green leaves.

Diesel Engine Tattoo Design

Diesel Engine Tattoo Design Source

Are you a born motor head? Do you love the mechanics of cars and vehicles? This tattoo can scream your love for diesel engines as it depicts the same. They are meant for those auto punks, who love tinkering automobiles.

Mechanic Forearm Tattoo Idea

Mechanic Forearm Tattoo Idea Source

This tattoo has 3D effects. It looks like your arms is a terminator or a transformer in the making. With nuts, bolts, and pipes sealed into the skin, type of design, it displays the same effect. If you are a total mechanical geek, try this tattoo on! If you want to think of an alien tattoo, this is for you!

Wing Mechanic Tattoo

Wing Mechanic Tattoo Source

Eagle wings colored in red and yellow, hold on to a screw with threads. This is for someone with esoteric beliefs and a mechanical head. Looks good on young boys and not men!

Cycle Mechanic Tattoo

Cycle Mechanic Tattoo Source

The gears and spanner motif in this tattoo in monochromatic artistry is ideally suited for the garage punk! The black shade with the leaf motifs thrown in makes it appealing. Men in their late twenties can wear this motif in ink.

Mechanic Cross Tattoo

Mechanic Cross Tattoo Source

Do you love a cross that is fixed in nuts and bolts? This symbol of Christianity designed in a mechanical sign for anyone who believes in the spirit of Christianity and loves their tools. This tattoo is more suitable for young boys than men.

Skull Mechanic Tattoo

Skull Mechanic Tattoo Source

This design shows that the skin is torn making the skull tattoo design above the spanner visible. For men who are aggressive and feel the adrenaline rush in mechanics, can wear this tattoo. For the ska punks, this is ideally suited!

Black and Grey Mechanic Tattoo

Black and Grey Mechanic Tattoo Source

This tattoo has the design of an anchor posed in a 45-degree angle and wrapped in a rope. The coral background also has a flower and splashes of water design. This is good for the metro sexual punk, who can dare to show his androgynous side.

Mechanic Tattoo on Palm

Mechanic Tattoo on Palm Source

Skull and Wrench Tattoo Design

Skull and Wrench Tattoo Design Source

New School Mechanic Hand Tattoo

New School Mechanic Hand Tattoo Source

Colorful Mechanic Tattoo on Forearm

Colorful Mechanic Tattoo on Forearm Source

Unique Mechanic Tattoo Design

Unique Mechanic Tattoo Design Source

Small Mechanic Tattoo on Shoulder

Small Mechanic Tattoo on Shoulder Source

Green Color Mechanic Tattoo

Green Color Mechanic Tattoo Source

Ribbon Mechanic Tattoo Design

Ribbon Tattoo Design Idea Source

Clock Work Mechanic Tattoo for Men

Clock Work Mechanic Tattoo for Men Source

Mechanic Sleeve Tattoo Design

Mechanic Sleeve Tattoo Design Source

Black Work Mechanic Tattoo

Black Work Mechanic Tattoo Source

Realistic tattoos are possible when you use the mechanical ink and not the traditional style of getting inked! The sailor tattoo or a design of combined motifs gives a story to speak of in the form of this body art. These are futuristic designs that can never get out of vogue in the body art designs. Forget the floral and text that have the names of your beau. The futuristic fantasy art is an in thing and trending in men’s tattoos.

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