Men’s hairstyles are trending in fades and quiff styles. You can see every young college lad posing in baggy, tee, and a pompadour or a brushed up hairdo. It gives a very cool and a stylish look. It is only suitable for oval and thin jaw lines.

Men who have a round or a square face shape must avoid these styles all together. They can choose long and wavy styles for a hairdo. Men under the age of 25 can try the faux hawk and the undercuts along with the brush-up styles.

Brad Pitt Undercut Brush Up Hairstyle

brad pitt undercut brush up hairstyle idea

The man has style and élan. His brush up style makes him look debonair. Men of age who have not yet hit 50 years of age can try this hairdo. This is a men’s undercut hairstyle that is combining with fades. A clean shave is a must for this hairstyle. Beaded men can avoid this hairdo.

David Beckham Side Brush Up Hairstyle

david beckham side brush up men hairstyle

This is a simple brush up style for long hair. Suitable for men of all ages, teenage boys better avoid this unless they are geeks trying to look cool. A hairstyle a nerd could try coming out of their comfort zone.

Anne Hathaway Blonde Brush Up Hairstyle

anne hathaway blonde brush up hairstyle idea

This is suitable for women who love short hair but will not go for the pixie cut. This has all the brush-up style done well and looks stylishly messy. If you are not wearing a lot of colors on the hair, try this hairdo.

Alex Pettyfer Messy Brush Up Hairstyle

alex pettyfer messy brush up hairstyle

The messier hairstyle the better with this hairdo for men with a goatee or a beard. The rule of neatly combed hair is now rewritten. Keep the style varied and yes, messy! For all the young men, looking for a casual chic look, this style of hair is for you.

Justin Timberlake Brush Up Hairstyle

justin timberlake brush up hairstyle for round face

This is a neat brush up style. Men with longer hair can try this style without the fading effect. Forget the quiff hairstyles, you can go for this simple hairdo that sets the style apart and can still make you stay in your comfort zone.

Justin Bieber Brush Up Hairstyle

justin bieber short brush up hairstyle

This is a brush-up hairstyle with a pompadour styling. You can have the fades on the side and a sheen color on the top coat of the hair. This is typically suitable for teenage boys, young adult men, do not even attempt this.

Adam Lambert Faded Brush Up Haircut

adam lambert faded brush up haircut

If you want your hair to stand stylishly without looking like you have had goose bumps, try this hairdo on. Meant for men who love rap music or be-buoying dance, this is a chic hairdo that goes with this style. Wear casual as well as formal clothes along with these hairstyles.

Zayn Malik Brush Up Quiff Haircut

zayn malik brush up quiff haircut

This brush-up hairstyle has strands of blond streaks on black hair. It gives an over the top look. For men who can carry this kind of ostentatious look, go for it! Suitable for men in a creative field, if you are a geek in a software firm, don’t wear this to the office!

Bruno Mars Brush Up Hairstyle

bruno mars brush up hairstyle

For blokes who still live in the 80’s and 90’s style, can have this Bruno Mars style of brush-up hairstyle. It is simple and basic and has all that hair placed neatly in a messy style. Now, that is a contradiction that you can show through this hairstyle. You may also see Greaser Hairstyles

Cristiano Ronaldo Spike Brush Up Haircut

cristiano ronaldo short brush up haircut

This has a slight faux hawk. It also has a fade and a zig zag texture on the fading part of the hairdo. Men who take sports seriously can use this style.

Side Swept Brush Up Hairstyle

brush up hairstyle for thick hair


Clean Brush Up Haircut

clean brush up haircut


Side Faded Brush Up Hairstyle

classic brush up hairstyle design


Comb Over Brush Up Hairstyle

long brush up hairstyle


Stylish Side Faded Brush Up Hairstyle

stylish side brush up hairstyle


Pompadour Brush Up Haircut

pompadour brush up haircut


Quiffs, undercuts, and fade haircut will stay for at least a decade until technology actually starts to influence hair fashion. This is a given! When tattoo designs are deeply influenced by the mechanical tools days are not far when you see trendy hairstyles looking chic and bearing an influence of the digital world.

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