If you still believe curly hairstyles are a thing of the past; then you are absolutely wrong! Thanks to fashion icons such as Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, frizzy hair has now become a trendy hairstyle. While males and females can pull the curly hairstyle, the trick is to consider your face shape. So whether your hair is thin, thick, long or short, these trending frizzy hairstyle designs will suit you.

Brody Jenner Frizzy Hairstyle for Men

brody jenner frizzy hairstyle for men

With a little curling and trimming, you too can also rock the Brody Jenner frizzy hairstyle. The trick is to keep the hair short but ensure that the top section is long enough for styling.

Jenny Slate Short Frizzy Curly Hair


jenny slate short frizzy curly hair

Pull off the 80s curly hair look by opting for soft bangs and keep the hair shoulder length. To get that Jenny frizzy natural curly hairstyle , brush out the curls and always use less hairspray.

Zooey Deschanel Frizzy Wavy Haircut

zooey deschanel frizzy wavy haircut

For a classic and chic frizzy look, go for a thick straight bang or go for side swept bangs for a flirty but mature appearance. For Zooey’s trademark fringe, opt for thick bangs which have been trimmed with shears or scissors.

Rihanna Long Frizzy Hairstyle Idea

rihanna long frizzy hairstyle idea

From pixie cuts to long curly hair, Rihanna loves to experiment with bold hairstyles. When it comes to styling her frizzy locks she always goes for long wavy curls that frame her face.

Taylor Swift Blonde Frizzy Hair

taylor swift blonde frizzy hair1

Do you love thick wavy blonde hair? Be inspired by Taylor, who uses her natural hair texture to embrace the frizz trend while using the side part to frame her face.

Kiernan Shipka Curly Frizzy Haircut Idea

kiernan shipka curly frizzy haircut idea

Perms are back and what better way to embrace the trend than by using Kiernan Shipka curly frizzy hairstyle idea. With the 80s as your inspiration opt for a faux perm that brings out both volume and bouncy coils.

Charlize Theron Frizzy Bob Hairstyle

charlize theron frizzy bob hairstyle

A curly bob hairstyle should be easy to attain and maintain just like Charlize Theron frizzy bob hairstyle. This particular bob cut is a simple yet chic hairstyle that brings out the inner diva in you.

Emma Stone Frizzy Bangs Hairstyle Design

emma stone frizzy bangs hairstyle design

Bangs are a common sighting to many celebrities because they compliment every face shape. The long and side swept works to camouflage Emma Stone’s broad forehead, especially when partly tucked behind the ear.

Audrey Tautou Frizzy Pixie Haircut

audrey tautou frizzy pixie haircut

If long curly hair is giving you problems with styling, then you’re going to love the side swept pixie haircut. Turn a trendy pixie haircut idea into a fashion statement by using Audrey’s baby bangs as your inspiration.

Selena Gomez Frizzy Hairstyle Idea

selena gomez frizzy hairstyle idea

You can achieve the trendy Selena Gomez natural curly hairstyle by allowing your hair to air dry using the help of a detangling spray and rough drying the down hair section to increase volume.

Long Curly Blonde Hair

long curly blonde hair


Natural Shoulder Length Frizzy Hair

natural shoulder length frizzy hair


Beautiful Frizzy Updo Hair

beautiful frizzy updo hair


Lovely Frizzy Hair for Chubby Face

lovely frizzy hair for chubby face


How to manage frizzy hair?

Curly hair is hard to style or maintain during humid or rainy days. However, if you intend to keep your curly hair healthy, then you need to avoid exposing it to heat sources such as flat iron and harsh chemicals in shampoos. When it comes to obtaining smooth, shining hair, opt for a moisturizer with natural oils or protein and towel dry instead of combing with a brush use your fingers instead.

How to get the long and loose frizzy hairstyle design?

When it comes to curly hair, the first step is to determine whether you prefer short or long hairstyles. For a long and loose frizzy hairstyle design, first wash your hair with a mild shampoo then towel-dry it. While the hair is still damp, apply adequate amounts of leave-in conditioner and air dry it. Then lastly part your hair into sections, and then wrap a few pieces on a curling iron while avoiding the ends so as to give it volume.

While straight hair was once a common sighting and fashionable, curly hair and pixie cuts are back! You, therefore, have the option of selecting the best frizzy hairstyle design depending on your face shape. You can also choose hairstyles specifically formulated for curly hair to portray your fashion sense and individualism.

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