Crimped hairstyle which was once considered a 90s hairstyle has become one of the most popular hairstyles. Celebrities such as Iggy Azalea and Tyra Banks have also embraced the crimped hairstyle while other pop stars such as Katy Perry have gone further by adding color to their crimped locks to give it that fun and creative look. So whether you prefer medium wavy hair style designs or tight curls there’s a crimped hairstyle idea that you can use.

Beyoncé Wavy Crimped Bob

beyonc%c3%a9 wavy crimped bob

What better way to spice up crimped hair than by adding a faux bob. To recreate that beyoncé wavy crimped bob, add highlights to the ends of your hair and apply red lipstick to give your face that elegant look.

Carey Mulligan Blonde Crimped Pixie Hair

carey mulligan blonde crimped pixie hair

Carey Mulligan blonde crimped pixie hair is the perfect hairstyle for short to medium hair length. Add braids to give the hairstyle a fun look and part the front hair to make your face shape stand out.

Annalynne Mccord Textured Crimped Hair

annalynne mccord textured crimped hair

Annalynne Mccord is one of those celebrities who love to experiment with her hair. In this look she opted to make the curly hair stand out by applying minimum makeup that compliments her skin tone.

Crimped Tucked Braid Idea

crimped tucked braid idea


Adding a braid is one of the easiest ways of improving a simple crimped hairstyle design. With the help of a hairstylist add hair extensions, metallic color, and a side braid to give the crimped hair a chic look.

Crimped Formal Hair Updo

crimped formal hair updo


When you’re going to prom or a night date, a crimped formal hair updo is what will make you stand out. You can give the hair an elegant look by combining dark blue and light green highlights.

Messy Crimped Hairstyle Idea

messy crimped hairstyle idea


The fun aspect about crimped hair is that even your hair is messy it still looks chic and fun. Teenagers and young ladies in college will love this messy updo hairstyle because it’s easy to create and maintain.

Teens with short hair can opt for a pixie hairstyle to give their hair that edgy look. Creating a frizzy design on the crown of the hair and contrasting it with a sleek sidecut will give you that cool look.

Putting your hair into a short bun is a simple way of making a fashion statement with your hair. Ladies can opt for a frizzy hairstyle design that complements their skin tone and complete the look with red lipstick.

Long Crimped Fishtail Idea

long crimped fishtail idea


What better way to give your long hair that wow effect than by adding a fishtail. Side-part your hair, twist the hair into a loose fishtail and hold the ends with an elastic band to achieve that elegant look.

If you’re running out of ideas on how to style your crimped hair, then get creative and add a bubble braid. This kind of crimped style can be achieved by creating French braids and tucking the tail in the hair.

Crimped Hair with Bangs

crimped hair with bangs


Brush your hair and straighten it to prevent frizz and divide into sections. Put each hair section into a U pin; apply some hair spray and using a straightener, iron your hair starting from ends closer to the pin to the roots. Allow your hair to cool and remove the pins.

Side Parted Crimped Hair

side parted crimped hair


Modern Crimped Hairstyle

modern crimped hairstyle


Crimped Hairstyle for Kids

crimped hairstyle for kids


Trendy Braid Curly with Crimped Hair

trendy braid curly with crimped hair


Natural Crimped Hairstyle

natural crimped hairstyle


Crimped High Ponytail Design

crimped high ponytail design

A hairstyle is one of the first things that that people notice in a woman. If your hair is long, you can go for a long wavy hairstyle while for those of you with short hair you can opt for soft crimps that add texture to the hair. Whatever hair length you have there is a crimp hairstyle design that will make you look fashionable.

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