Isn’t it true that a perfect hairstyle gives you confidence and a very approachable look? Back then in the 80s or 70s, long hair was the fad and every woman wanted to wear the same hairstyle. But, nowadays, fashion and trend has changed its color and women want to experiment with their hair.

Red and Black Hair for Women

red and black hair


Green and Brown Mohawk Hairstyle

green and brown hair

Source The hairstyles and haircuts are custom made as you wish and whether it is bangs or straight hair, curly hair or messy styles, you get the satisfaction of wearing something comfortable. A lot of women color their hair too and now you can custom make that too!

Grey and Black Medium Hair

grey and black hair


Two Pink Shades Long Hair

two pink shades hair


Halloween Hairstyle of Side Part Bob

halloween hairstyle


Two Shaded Short Bob Hair

short bob hair


Easy Long Curly Hairstyle

long curly hairstyle


Two Tone Medium Wavy Hair

two tone wavy hair


Short Layered Haircut

short layered haircut


Pink and Blue Straight Hairstyle

pink and blue hair


Beautiful Two Color Hair

beautiful two color hair


Two Tone Chin Length Hair

two tone bob hair


Two Toned Bangs Hair

two toned bangs hair


Purple Colored Vintage Hairstyle

purple colored hair


Two Colored Shor Haircut

two colored haircut1


Short Shaggy Hairstyle

short shaggy hairstyle


Two Colored Pixie Hair

two colored pixie hair


Yes, you can ask your hairstylist to pick only one part of your hair to color it and leave the rest. Or, divide your hair and color it in two or more parts. That is what is called two tone hairstyles. You can blend two colors or wear contrasting colors too. Colors like burgundy, blonde, blue, lavender are famous colors that are mixed to achieve two tone colored hairstyles. Hairstyles like buns, braids, bangs, layers, edgy cuts etc highlight both the colors and make it very interesting and appealing. The whole idea is to look unique and cool. So, try it!

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