99 Ways, Ideas and Colors to Style Your Blonde Hair

Blonde, also known as Blond Hair is a special category of hair colors, which includes various shades of fair colored hairs because of the lack of dark colored pigment, eumelanin.

The blonde hairs essentially consist of a shade of yellow or golden, and the shades can vary from very pale blond to darker reddish or golden brownish textures, depending upon the amount of eumelanin.

10 Quick ways or Ideas to style your Blonde hair

1. Beach Wave

Start spraying your hairs with some texturing spray or sea salt spray, just to damp them out. Then try creating as many braids as possible and once you are finished, just leave it to dry in air. Finally pull the braids out and brush lightly. Blonde beach wave hair style

Source Beach wavey style hair


2. Curly Dark Blonde

Apply some thermal protectant and then use a round brush at the crown to get some volume. Pick some thin threads of hair and create curls starting from tip to the base. Give some time and then lightly comb your hairs with fingers. Curly Dark Blonde

Source Curly blonde hair style


3. Sleek & Straight

Get your hairs nice and damp with some good thermal protectant. Select a large round brush and use it get the hair dry. Alternatively paddle brush can be used. Use a flat iron at a just moderate level to get your hairs straight. Finally add glossy shine with a gentle spray Sleek & Straight hair

Source Sleek & Straight hair style


4. Long Layers

This is probably one of the simplest and quickest ways to style your blond hairs. All you have to do is get your hairs nice and damp to start with. Spray them with a good thermal protectant. Get a large round brush to comb them gently and eventually apply holding spray. Brownish Long Layers

Source Black hair Long Layers


5. Blunt Bangs with a Braid

Just spray your hairs to make your hairs damp and apply a proper thermal proctectant on the damp hair. Get them dry but keeping them straight with a paddle brush. Further straighten them with a flat iron. For the hairs on the back, collect them and create a braid. Blunt Bangs with a Braid

Source Blunt Bangs with a Braid hair style


6. Beautiful Braid

Dampen your hairs and get a nice spray of thermal proctectant. Also spray some texturizing spray. Let the hairs dry. Collect and get all your hairs on one side in front of shoulder. Weave them into a thick braid. Keep it loose to get volume. Beautiful Braid

Source Beautiful Braid with loose hair


7. Face Framing Layers

Spray your hairs nice and damp. Get a large round brush to create bending sections while the hairs are drying. Bend one section inwards while next outwards through all sections. Add a light texturizer to get sharp finished and pointed ends. Face Framing Layers

Source Face Framing Layers hair style


8. Half Up

Get your hairs damp and then dry them with a simple round brush to get some volume at the base. Pick small sections and curl them starting from tip to the base. Backcomb the hairs over the crown. Pull the desired hairs up and tuck them. Finally get a hold hair spray. Half Up

Source Half Up hairdo


9. Side-Swept Bangs

Prepare your hairs for the style by spraying them damp. Pick medium threads of hairs one by one and curl them in the direction away from the face, from tip towards the base. Get them on the desired side and then spray them with a hold hairspray. Side-Swept Bangs


10. Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories can give your blonde hairs an all new style and look with some colorful and attractive hair accessories like the headband. All you have to be careful of is to choose the right color to go with your outfit and also suit a particular occasion. Just get the head band on and show your style. hair pins

Source hair arificial flower hairdo


Blonde Hair Colors

1. Platinum Blonde Hair Color

It is one of the lightest among all the blond colors and is characterized by its neat light shades. It is normally recommended for the gals with a fair skin tone or at the most medium skin tone with colorful eye lenses. Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Source Platinum Blonde Hair Color idea


2. Light Ash Blonde Hair Color

This blonde color is identified by its characteristic whiter shades with a ashy or grey tint. It looks perfect on fair looking gals when used exclusively. Alternatively it can be used as highlighter with darker shades on the base of the hairs at crown. Light Ash blonded hair color

Source Light Ash blonded hairdo color


3. Natural Blonde Hair Color

It goes by its name and gives a natural color feeling to the hairs, as if you were born with that hair color. There are various shades from light to dark which fall in this category. Thus you can find a perfect natural blonde hair color for every skin tone. Natural Blonde Hair Color

Source Natural Blonde Hair Color for matching skin tone


4. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

It is pretty popular blonde hair color which can be easily identified by its characteristic reddish shades just like that of rising sun. It basically works as a highlighter to enhance the beauty of your light blond shades and make them look attractive. Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Source Strawberry Blonde Hair Color with light brown mix


5. Buttery Blonde Hair Color

It is one of those blonde hair colors which are known by their warm hue. The hue is accompanied by splashes of honey-yellow which make them unique. .This hair color goes nicely with the pearly complexions with light to medium skin tones. Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Source Blonde hair model color


6. Beige Blonde Hair Color

It is a combination of lighter and darker shades, with dark color used as the base and lighter color used as a highlighter. This is best for the medium and darker skin tones. Also it comes out really good on the naturally dark hairs. Beige Blonde Hair Color

Source Beige Blonde Hair Color hairdo


7. Silver Blonde Hair Color

It is a characterized by nice ashy or silvery shades and provides a sterling hue to your natural blond hairs. It works out best on the naturally gray blonde shades and sets up beautifully. It is more suited to gals with lighter complexions and colorful eyes. Silver Blonde Hair Color

Source Silver Hair Color hairdo


8. Summer Blonde Hair Color

It is characterized by the by the typical sandy shade as base with sunny highlights to give your blonde hairs a perfect flaxen hue. The beauty of this color is that it can be adjusted to suit the skin tone with darker shades for more of a medium and darker skin tones. Summer Blonde Hair Color

Source Summer Blonde light sandy Hair Color


9. Creamy Blonde Hair Color

It is perfect shade for the naturally darker hairs and medium to darker skin tones. It can be easily differentiated by its darker shades on the base with a cream and butter highlights. It goes beautifully with dark colored eyes. Creamy blonde hair color

Source Creamy blonde hair color with rainbow colors


10. Golden Blonde Hair Color

It gives a natural blonde shade with perfect mix of honey, gold and butter shades. It is also popularly known as sun-kissed blonde hair because of its characteristic shade. It suits fair skin complexions with light colored eyes. Golden Blonde Hair Color

Source Shining Golden Blonde Hair Color


Some Specific Blonde Colors and Styles with the suitable Hairstyles

1. Strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blond hair is a perfect blonde shade with a touch of red underneath. The hairstyles like Medium Wavy Cut, and Long Wavy Cut; Retro Hairstyle gives your hairs a perfect wavy touch to bring out the real beauty. Some celebs are also featuring with straight hairstyles like the classic bun. Strawberry blonde hair with medium wave cut

Source Strawberry blonde hair with Long wave cut

Source Strawberry blonde hair with Retro style

Source Bella Thorne blonde bun hair style

Bella Thorne

2. Platinum blond hair

Platinum Blond Hair is a very new shade to the series of blond shades. Most of the latest trends and stylish for this particular shade features short hair cuts with pronounced sharp ends with straight hairs like Candy Floss, Mod Rock Mop, Golden Fur , Pearl Passion, Blocked out Blonde etc. Sienna Miller with candy floss hair color

Sienna Miller Platinum blonde hair color in mod rock design

Source Blonde woman on the beach with mop golden fur hair

Source Platinum blonde hair color in peral passion


3. Ash blonde hair

Ash Blond Hair is setting new trends in fashion with some exclusive hairstyles. The best hairstyles that suits Ash Blond Hair are flatter on the crown with curls at the end. The shades are darker at the base and lighter on the edges. The darker base beautifully presents the light ash shades. Ash blonde hair loose hair

Source Ash blonde hair loose hair with class ash shades

Source Ash blonde hair loose hair with dark shades


4. Dark blonde hair

Dark Blond Hairs alone cannot make a strong statement. Thus give your dark blonde hairs a touch of lighter shades to feel the real magic. Thin strands of lighter shades with dark blonde background and making a lot of buzz in trending fashion. For the plain dark blonde hairs, the best option is to go sleek and straight. Dark blonde long hairdo

Source Dark blonde wave hairdo with edges shade

Source Dark blonde sleek and stright

Source Dark blonde black sleek and stright hairdo


5. Short blonde hair

Short Blonde Hairs does not give you a lot of choices and you are limited to very little hairstyles. Curls will not suit short hairs and the best way to go is with straight hairs. However you can get different hairstyles by varying the cut patterns and adding highlight colors. Short blonde hair idea

Source Short blonde hairdo

Source Short blonde hairdo side sleek

Source Simple Short blonde hairdo


6. Honey blonde hair

Honey Blond Hairs can be made into variety of attractive styles on the basis of the length of hairs. However Honey Blond Hairs do best in the short and medium lengths. You can make them curly or get them super straight with simple edges or with bangs to go with your looks. Honey blonde hair medium curly

Source Honey blonde short hairdo

Source Honey blonde long shadey bangs hairdo

Source Honey blonde medium shadey bangs hairdo


7. Blonde Ombre hair

Blonde Ombre Hair colors come in variety of shades and the best shade will depend on the natural hue of your color and also your skin tone. Blond Ombre hairstyles are suited to the long hairs and you can make them look best with long curls and raised crown or even straight at base. Blonde Ombre hair with gray shade bangs

Source Blonde Ombre hair with gray shade out


Blonde Ombre long hair with gray shade curls

Source Blonde Ombre short hair with gray shade curls


8. Red and blonde hair

Red color adds a lot of style to the simple blonde and gives you a lot of options with the shades and patterns you can achieve by combination of red with blonde. The best hairstyles for red and blonde hairs are suited to long hairs where you can just leave the hairs to fall freely and spread the magic. Red and blonde curly hair

Source Red and blonde sleek strigh hair

Source Red and blonde short hair

Source Red and blonde meduim wavey hairdo


9. Blonde hair with low-lights

Blonde Hair with low-lights is getting popular among the gals with long hairs. The key is to keep it simple and straight. Curls are getting out of fashion and straight is trending. Alternatively you can go with all curly hairs from the base to tip with loose bouncy curly hairs. Blonde hair with lowlights

Source Blonde Curly hair with lowlights

Source Blonde Sleek stright hair with lowlights

Source Blonde hair with lowlights hair do


10. White blonde hair

The Best Hairstyles to go with your White Blonde Hairs depends on the length of your hairs. White Blonde Hairs are not for the short hairs. The latest trends have made long super straight hairstyles pretty popular for this shade. Alternatively full curly hairstyles are trending with medium white blonde hairs. White blonde medium sleek hairdo

Source White blonde long sleek hairdo

Source White blonde long side hairdo

Source Blonde white long side hairstyle


11. Sandy blonde hair

The best hairstyles to make your Sandy Blonde Hairs look super attractive comes with long and medium hairs. With medium hairs, the straight hairs with bangs are in fashion. For the long hairs, the curls on the edges and mid sections can give a special look. For more bouncy hairs, loose curls are best. Sandy blonde hair

Source blonde hair sandy

Source Beach Blonde hairstyle


12. Medium blonde hair

Medium Blond Hairs give you sober and decent look. You can make a strong statement by adopting simple and neat hairstyles. Medium blonde color looks great on bouncy and voluminous hairs. Thus tease the hairs at the base to get them bouncy. They are suitable for both straight and curly styles. Medium sleek blonde hair

Source Medium shaded sleek blonde hair

Source Medium shaded sleek side bangs blonde hair

Source Medium shaded curly blonde hair


13. Caramel blonde hair

Caramel is mostly used more making your basic shade look more appealing with a touch of hue for caramel. It is best to use caramel as a down-lighter or highlighter. The best part about caramel blond colors is that it suits universally for all lengths and all accompanying shades. Use them at the base to highlight your hairstyle. Caramel blonde long hair

Source Caramel blonde Short hair

Source Caramel blonde curly long hair

Source Caramel blonde wavey long hair


14. Blond Curly Hair

Blond Curly Hairs are all about sharp and pronounced curls. With blond curly hairs, you can make your hairs look denser and voluminous. Length is the key with blond curly hairs and longer the hairs, the best you can get. The shade does not really matter and all shades look good with blonde curly hair. Blond Curly long Hair

Source Blond wave Curly Hairdo

Source Blond wave wrinkls Curly Hairdo

Source Blond wave Curly Hairstyle


15. Blonde Hair Extensions

Blonde Hair Extension is a smart choice to get a large variety of hairstyles for your short hairs without having to grow them longer. With these artificial extensions, you can add extra length and volume to your original hairs and turn them into a any desired pattern in very little time. Blonde curly Hair Extensions

Source Blonde long sleek Hair Extensions

Source Red Blonde long curly Hair Extensions

Source Black Blonde curly Hair Extensions


16. Celebrities with Blonde Hair

Celebrities are always looking for a unique look and hairstyle certainly plays a key role. Blonde Hairs offer infinite ideas for the hair designers to give a unique look to celebrities with innovative styles. Most celebrities prefer long curly blond hairs. Some celebrities also feature with simple straight bouncy blonde hair styles. Alice eve with blonde hair

Alice eve Scarlett johnsson in blonde hair style

Scarlett Johnsson Kristen Dunst hair style

Kristen Dunst jessica simpson hairstyle

Jessica Simpson Dianna Agron sleek blonde hairstyle

Dianna Agron


Blond Hair Colors opens a huge number of options for your hairs and with a wise choice of hairstyle and shade of blond; you can give yourself a perfect look to suit an occasion. Also you can find large number of ideas to get a perfect blond shade to suit your hairs and skin tone.

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