Back in the Victorian period, people considered a woman’s hair the most sacred and precious asset of herself. Hairstyles inspired from the Victorian era are generally in long lustrous hair. The women of Victorian era sported long hairstyles that were neatly combed and left open.

They even made use of human hair as extensions to add volume and density to their hair. The hairstyles were in sync with the outfits worn by them. Let us have a look at some of the most awesome Victorian hairstyle designs as follows:

Katerina Petrova Victorian Hairstyle

katerina petrova victorian hairstyle

Katerina Petrova’s Victorian hairstyle is as stunning as she is. The long tresses have been curled with a middle hair partition and neatly combed backwards. The hair is naturally dark and brown and when worn with a beautiful long gown this hairstyle is sure to look glam.

Angelina Jolie Victorian Hairstyles

angelina jolie victorian hairstyles

Angelina Jolie in a photo shoot is seen sporting a Victorian hairstyle with her long hair curled in the bottom. The upper portion of the hair has been pulled backwards and secured with a little tiara in vintage style. We are in awe with her look. Angelina here looks like a princess from the old world!

Miley Cyrus Short Victorian Hairstyles

miley cyrus short victorian hairstyles

Miley at a red carpet appearance is seen donning a Victorian hairstyle in her short blonde hair. It is similar to Marilyn Monroe’s hairstyle where one side of her hair is pulled backwards and the other is styled in neat wavy form. Miley completes the look with a flashy red lipstick and a pair of diamond earrings.

Nicole Richie Victorian Center Part Hairs

nicole richie victorian center part hairs

Nicole Richie sports a Victorian hairstyle in her super short hair where the hair has been parted in center and curled and styled neatly. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for those with round and small faces. Also, those who love to sport stylish hairstyles in short hair.

Amanda Seyfried Victorian Hair

amanda seyfried victorian hair

Amanda Seyfried in her blond hair features a Victorian hairstyle with neatly gelled hair around the scalp with her tresses curled up falling on one side of the face. Most Victorian hairstyles feature neat tresses secured with hair sprays.

Adriana Sklenarikova Long Victorian Hair

adriana sklenarikova long victorian hair

This awesome Victorian hairstyle sported by Adriana in her all blonde hair is very elegant. Her gorgeous outfit and the jewelry go very well with this age old hairstyle looking truly elegant and sophisticated.

This Victorian style hair bun is also a beautiful way of adorning the hair which can be dated back as the centuries old fashion. Paired with ball gowns and cocktail dresses, this kind of hairstyle flatters all hair colors including blonde and brunette.

Flower Designed Prince Hairstyle

flower designed prince hairstyle


This cute flower design hairstyle inspired from the Victorian era is an epitome of elegance. Hair accessories are used to doll up the hair along with a hair color that matches the color of the outfit.

Black Updo Victorian Hair

black updo victorian hair


This stunning black hair do in black hair with a black gown looks straight out of a fairy tale. The gown features black roses which are kind of matching with the hairstyle, creating a very unique and beautiful look.

Beautiful Long Silky Victorian Hair

beautiful long silky victorian hair


This is yet another trendy Victorian hairstyle where the hair is tied up into a bun. The back part is secured with a long hair braid and a pretty gold hair accessory which completes the look. Victorian hairstyles also make use of hair accessories which adds beauty to any hairstyle.

Modern Browse Look Haircut

modern browse look haircut


Gorgeous Spring Curly Hairstyle

gorgeous spring curly haistyle


Curly Victorian Hairstyle

curly victorian hairstyle


Vintage Victorian Hairstyle

vintage victorian hairstyle


Victorian Braid Hairstyle

victorian braid hairstyle


Victorian women sure knew how to carry themselves with elegance, poise, and grace. Also, the Victorian hairstyles are popular for being neat, clean and beautiful. Victorian women are known to flaunt very long hair with the use of false pieces which adds intensity to the hair also making them easy and flexible for different hairstyles.

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