Many modern brides are nowadays opting for colored wedding dresses, and you can make a memorable entrance with a black gown. Black is a slimming color hence it works to make the bride look a little lighter in weight and classy. It is daring, sexy and shows an individual who is not afraid to make bold choices. These dress designs are the go to color for formal events so that you will look different from everyone else.

Black Lace Wedding Dresses

Not every bride wants a white dress instead some want colored options and black is the color that will help you look unique. However, for a feminine look black lace wedding gowns are the way to go. Add a jeweled hair clip to introduce a sparkly element to your look and vivid colored shoes in red or pink hues.

Black Lace Full Sleeve Wedding Dress

black lace wedding short dress

Short Black Wedding Dress Designs

Short wedding dresses are for ladies who want to show off their sexy well-toned legs. Suitable for brides, wedding guest or maid of honors who are not afraid to show off their lower bodies. Pair these dresses with silver heels or pumps. If your hairstyle is an updo, then wear chandelier earrings.

Short Black Wedding Lace Dress

short black wedding sleeve dress

Vintage Black Wedding Dresses

If you love retro clothing styles, then vintage black wedding dresses are for you. If you get a vintage gown that you just can’t get off your mind yet doesn’t fit then get a good tailor who will alter the size and turn it into your dream dress. Go for a sleek hairstyle to give your look a classy retro feel.

Vintage Black Polka Dot Wedding Dress

vintage black polka dot wedding dress

Vintage Black Wedding Maxi Dress

vintage black wedding maxi dress

Black Gothic Wedding Dresses

Black dresses are often associated with gothic style, and you will fit the look when you wear a black wedding dress. You don’t have to be the bride to wear this dress design, show your bold personality by wearing a classy black dress to a wedding.

Black Gothic Wedding Dress with Long Sleeve

black gothic wedding dress with long sleeve

Black Wedding Guest Dresses

If you are guest attending a wedding yet not sure about the wedding theme, then opt for a black dress which compliments all event themes. Add a vibrant statement necklace and wear nude heels. The dress color also fits weddings with a black-tie invitations. Pair these dresses with a necklace that has rhinestones.

Sleeveless Black Wedding Guest Dress

sleeveless black wedding guest dress


Black Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Back mermaid wedding dresses will help showcase your curves while creating a slimming effect. Those in floor-length designs are perfect for a formal wedding. The right undergarments are crucial when wearing these dresses as they can easily change how a gown looks on you.

Black Long Dresses For Wedding

Black long dresses have a formal look that suits any evening wedding. While curvy and slender women will look stunning with long dresses whose hemline drags on the floor, petite ladies should avoid these dresses as they can make you appear shorter. Complement your look with a black tiara.

Black Long Chiffon Dress For Wedding

black long chiffon dress for wedding

Black Tulle Wedding Dresses

Black tulle wedding dress designs are for women who love looking like ballerinas. They tend to feel out giving a 1950s look that will work for those who also love vintage dresses. Add color to these dresses by accessorizing with a bright bouquet of flower. Mix this look by wearing red, nude, or shoes with a floral pattern.

Black Tulle Wedding Long Dress

black tulle wedding long dress

Black Leather Wedding Dresses

Black leather wedding dresses portray a tough look that can prevent you from looking like a small girl. These dresses have the right combination of an edgy style and feminine look. Sparkly shoes can break the monotony of these dress color.

Black Victorian Wedding Dresses

Even though white wedding dresses became fashionable thanks to Queen Victoria, you can still take inspiration from this dress style by opting for long full skirted gowns in black color. These dresses act as a reminiscence of Victorian era hence are suitable for traditional brides. Complete your outfit by adding a flower barrette on your hairstyle.

Black Halter Wedding Dress Designs

If the upper body section is your best feature, then choose to wear a black halter wedding dress design. When wearing these dresses, go for a strapless bra with a plunging back neckline. This dress will draw attention towards your upper body and away from hips and even legs if you wear one with a long length.

Black Halter Wedding Sequin Dress

black halter wedding sequin dress

Black Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Embroidery makes any outfit look glamorous, and it will look lovely even more alluring as a black wedding dress. It works for both daytime and night events. Wear these dresses with chunky sandals, nude gladiator sandals or ankle strap sandals. Colored shoes will add color to your black dress.

Strapless Black Wedding Dresses

Black strapless dresses will draw attention towards your collarbones and arms. These dresses are accessory friendly so wear your favorite jewelry.  Break the monotony of this dress by adding a silver or bold statement necklace and even complement with baby pink heels. A strapless dress with a bit of boning will help bring out an hourglass shape.

Strapless Black Wedding Chiffon Dress

strapless black wedding chiffon dress

Wedding dresses in black color scream elegance in a way that any gown should. They work to make a bride feel special without taking any attention away from her. These dresses complement any wedding theme. Even if a bride opts for the classic white gown, guests can still wear stunning black dresses.

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