If you want to find a dress that is different from the classic designs and has something special about it then you should choose a dress with fringes. The variety of dress designs is extremely vast allowing every woman to find the design that fits her needs. If you are on the lookout for a new dress then keep on reading because today we are presenting you with a collection of inspiring fringe dress designs.

Beaded Fringe Dresses

Beaded fringe dresses can give you an old Hollywood style that will make you steal the limelight everywhere you go. You can find these dresses in many colors, monochromatic or colorful while you can match with black or nude heels.

Vintage Beaded Fringe Dress

vintage beaded fringe dress

Fringe Sequin Dresses

The combination of sequins and fringe can give you multiple options with fantastic designs to choose from. These designs are strictly for special occasions because they exude a glamorous vibe making you look stylish and fabulous with eye-catching results. You may also see Sequin Dress Designs

Black Fringe Sequin Dress

black fringe sequin dress

Black Fringe Dress Designs

Black dresses are a classic choice for almost every woman. So instead of going for a simple design, you can choose a dress with fringes to make you look stylish and elegant while making a statement with your personal tastes. You may also see Black Dress Designs

Short Black Fringe Dress

short black fringe dress


Vintage Fringe Dresses

Vintage pieces come in many designs and various lengths giving you a great variety to choose from. You can go for a dress with silver, gold, blue or dark red fringe in order to add a glamorous or sophisticated tone.

Fringe Flapper Dresses

Draw some inspiration from the 20’s and be sure that you will steal the limelight. You can find flapper dresses in various color combinations adding style in your every outfit. These designs are suitable for every age and special occasions.

Beaded Fringe Flapper Dress

beaded fringe flapper dress

Fringe Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses have an outgoing look that gets an instant upgrade with a stylish fringe. You can go for short or long dress design depending on your tastes. Moreover, a fringe design can complement every figure hiding feature you don’t like. You may also see Cocktail Dress Designs

White Fringe Cocktail Dress

white fringe cocktail dress

Fringe Prom Dresses

Every girl wants to feel like a beauty queen on her prom night. You can choose a design with elegant and bold fringe or you can go for a softer look with feather-like fringe that will add a romantic tone.

Beaded Fringe Prom Dress

beaded fringe prom dress

Fringe Wedding Dresses

Whether you go for a short or a long dress you can be sure that you will look stunning and exquisite with a fringe dress. Wedding dresses come in many styles allowing you to find the right fringe style for you.

White Fringe Wedding Dress

white fringe wedding dress

Fringe Bodycon Dress Trends

Bodycon dresses have a unique design that looks ideal for semi-formal to formal occasions. You can choose a design with lines that hug beautifully your body while the fringes define your every move with elegance. Match with high heels for style. You may also see Bodycon Dress Designs

Long Sleeve Fringe Bodycon Dress

long sleeve fringe bodycon dress

Long Sleeve Fringe Dresses

Long sleeve dresses are ideal for subtle and trendy fringe. You can choose a design that has fringes under the sleeves in order to make your arms look elegant and stylish. These dresses can come in various colors and lengths.

Long Sleeve Red Fringe Dress

long sleeve red fringe dress

Leather Fringe Dresses

Leather takes the lead for fringes giving you startling pieces to choose from. You can go for an elegant design in black or you can go for an earthy one in beige or brown to make you look stylish.

Short Fringe Dress Designs

This goes for both formal and informal dresses. The short length of a dress can be reconciled with a fringe that will add a couple inches to the look. You can also go for full body fringe that starts from the neckline.

Trendy Short Fringe Dress

trendy short fringe dress


Red Fringe Dresses

Evening dresses need a strong design to make you stand out. Add a little red to the equation and you are set with the most stunning and eye-catching dresses. The fringe elements will make you look sophisticated and mesmerizing.

Red Fringe Party Dress

red fringe party dress

Tiered Fringe Dresses

Tiered fringe dresses are made of escalating rows of fringes that follow the design of the dress hugging your body elegantly. You can find many designs of tiered dresses with fringes in various colors to create fabulous and impressive combinations.

Black Fringe Tiered Dress

black fringe tiered dress

White Fringe Dresses

White fringe dresses have a soft and romantic design that will make you look incredible. You can find them in formal and casual designs in order to bring some character in your closet. You can match them with black heels. You may also see White Dress Designs

Cool White Fringe Dress

cool white fringe dress

Fringe dresses have a special look that can make a simple dress look glamorous. As a general rule, fringe dresses are suitable for formal and semi-formal outfits. This will allow you to incorporate a fashionable cut with trendy fringe creating the most incredible dress designs for special occasions. However, you can choose fringe dresses for everyday wear. They can have a shorter length or a longer one depending on your own style and personal tastes.

Fringe designs look amazing and fashionable. They are great ideas for prom dresses adding a sophisticated and feminine touch to your outfit. Depending on the design you choose you can decide on the accessories and shoes in order to achieve a matching look that will make you feel like a queen.

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