A skater dress is one of the most flattering and feminine garment thanks to its fitting top and flaring at the lower body. It looks good on slim as well as plus size women, and you can get it in any color and pattern. While the standard dress length is mid-thigh, you can find many designer dresses with longer hemlines. Be it for attending parties or maybe you just want a dress that will make it fun for you to twirl around, the following skater dress designs are a wardrobe essential. You may also See Emoji Dress

Black Skater Dress

Black skater dresses have a slimming effect which is ideal for any woman who wants to look a few pounds lighter. The color has a formal look that you can wear to an office party or when meeting your business associates for dinner.

black skater dress


Skater Midi Dress

Whether you are going to church or want to look a bit modest, then a skater midi dress is a must have in your wardrobe. The hemline which is below the knees allows you to show off a bit of your legs and you can pair with heels to make the dress more alluring.

skater midi dress

Floral Skater Dress

Floral skater dresses are perfect for summer or spring. The floral patterns enhance the feminine look of the dress. These designs are also great for attending outdoor activities such as when going bowling with friends. For a comfortable look pair with knee length boots or flats. You may also See Lurex Dress

floral skater dress


Velvet Skater Dress

Velvet dresses have come a long way from being associated with nightgowns to one of the best classy daytime look. They are sophisticated and sassy. A velvet skater dress is perfect for daytime event especially when you layer with printed boho jacket or a black bomber jacket. Fishnet tights will also give an edge to the dress.

velvet skater dress


Skater Denim Dress

Denim will always be trendy, and you can showcase your top fashion style by opting to wear a denim skater dress. These types of dresses are not only stylish but also comfortable. The trick is to go for a fitting size that will flatter your silhouette. For a 90s era look, wear a front button design and pair with chunky heels.

skater denim dress

Long Sleeve Skater Dress

Ladies, you can still wear skater dresses during winter. For a sexy look, choose a long sleeved skater dress with a hemline that hits just around the ankles. The long sleeves are also perfect for those days when you do not want to wear a jacket or sweater. To transform your dress from a daytime look to party attire, wear stilettos.


long sleeve skater dress1

White Skater Dress

Do you want to wear a white dress without looking like a bride? Then a white skater dress is perfect for you. The mid-thigh hemline and side cutouts give it a casual look while the neutral color gives you the freedom to complement with any shoe color. Pair with silver ankle strap heels.

white skater dress


Short Skater Dress

African Ankara prints have become trendy thanks to celebrities such as Beyoncé, Gwen Steffani, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and former first lady Michelle Obama. Short skater dresses with this pattern are great for daytime as they let you show off your legs. This length is so versatile that you can pair with sneakers, cute sandals and flats especially when you are busy doing errands. You may also See Pleated Dress

short skater dress

With its flared hemline, a skater dress is a must have for any woman who wants to look youthful as well as feel comfortable. They look good on every woman whether skinny, petite or plus size. If you are a newbie to skater dresses, then you might first start by wearing a skater skirt and match it with your favorite top.

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