Lace dresses that come with a sash or a belt look great on women of all ages if the right color, texture, and fabric are chosen. These belted lace dresses are mostly evening dresses that can be worn for cocktail parties. A-lines, shift dress, or sheath dress also come with belts that add a touch of style to these dresses. This is the accessory that looks good on printed as well as a solid color of clothing.

Belted Lace Maxi Dress

belted lace maxi dress

This is a full length belted maxi dress with doily-like design all over in white color. Made of viscose, nylon, and cotton, this dress has detailing of ruffles above the torso, sewn to the neck design as well as the sleeves.

Knitworks Belted Lace Dress

knitworks belted lace dress


A short belted lace dress that looks good even on plus size women.  Lace dresses are suitable for women who are fun and love the outdoors. Women with any body type can try these dresses.

White Belted Lace Dress

white belted lace dress


Lacy dresses are a popular element of the bridal wear. Most of the beach wedding dresses are made in lacy material and adorned with nets and other embellishments. The white sash with a bow gives a different dimension to this dress altogether.

Sleeve Belted Lace Dress

sleeve belted lace dress


A short, white lacy dress looks good for the summers. This is a bold dress that any woman can carry off. Women of all age groups look good wearing this dress. The brown belt adds another dimension to this dress.

Belted Floral Lace Dress

belted floral lace dress


A beautiful floral printed, knee-length sheath dress with an olive green sash and a white corsage is good to set the feminine look. This is an elegant looking dress, more suitable for formal occasions.

Black Belted Lace Dress

black belted lace dress


A beautiful black lace dress with oval shaped white embellishments. It looks good on young girls. Wear them for any formal occasion and do not forget to wear stilettos along with this dress. Ribbon dresses also add to the frills and thrills of theme parties.

Belted Lace Wedding Dress

belted lace wedding dress

A simple wedding dress with a double white sash across the waist looks good on a very young bride. The high neck and lace design all over this knee length dress is a simple choice. You can wear silver stilettos or something more understated along with this.

Trendy Belted Lace Dress

trendy belted lace dress


White and Blue Belted Lace Dress

white and blue belted lace dress


Fashionable Belted Lace Dress

fashionable belted lace dress


Blue Lace Belt Dress

blue lace belt dress


Black Lace Belted Dress

black lace belted dress

Go for the knee length lace dresses or the sheath dress in prints or solid colors if you are looking for cute outfits. You can look at the detailing, such as, pleating, ruffles, or any other fabric enhancements that look girly and happy on these outfits.

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