Getting an invitation to a wedding often elicits happy reactions, however choosing what to wear can be a little intimidating especially when the dressing code is not indicated. Well, worry no more because in this article we give you various guest dress designs that will ensure you look proper. Wedding guest dresses have to flatter your body shape and complement the wedding theme. The fabric has to match the season and time of the event. You may also see Wedding Dress Designs

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

When selecting beach wedding guest, dresses go for those in light fabrics such as lace, linen, organza and chiffon. Choose dresses in colors like turquoise, aquamarine blue and terra cotta as they mimic the beach atmosphere. Ensure you carry a shawl to keep you warm in case it’s an evening event. You may also see Beach Wedding Dress Designs

Beach Wedding Guest Maxi Dress

beach wedding guest maxi dress

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

Couples tend to have their wedding during fall mostly because of the cooler temperatures. When attending a wedding in fall, opt for jewel toned dresses as well as fabrics in vibrant colors. When dressed in a sleeveless dress carry a matching bolero to keep the cold away from your arms. You may also see Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Formal Wedding Guest Dresses

If you have a dress that you tend to wear during a black tie or white tie events, then it will suit a formal wedding. Long floor length dresses or those that reach the ankle in dark shades will look proper as formal wedding guest dresses.

Formal Blue Wedding Guest Dress

formal blue wedding guest dress

Maxi Wedding Guest Dresses

Maxi dresses for wedding guests tend to be in solid colors and subtle prints. Avoid pairing with flat ballet shoes. Instead, wear cute gladiator sandals or heels. Petite ladies should opt for a design that defines the waists and fits closer to the body. You may also see Black Wedding Dress Designs

Modern Maxi Wedding Guest Dress

modern maxi wedding guest dress


Long Sleeve Wedding Guest Dresses

Long sleeves are ideal for evening weddings. Female guests should wear these dresses when the weather is cool like in winter. Stay away from long dresses in white or cream colors as they can overshadow the bride.

Casual Wedding Guest Dresses

Does your wedding invitation say the dressing code is casual? If yes, then it means the wedding will most likely be outdoor or laid back. Prom dresses are appropriate as well as party dresses. If your dress is too short, then add dark stockings underneath.

V-Neck Wedding Guest Dress

casual v neck wedding guest dress

Black Wedding Guest Dresses

Black wedding guest dresses are suitable for formal weddings. An elegant black gown with a bold statement will ensure you look proper and beautiful. Look for a black dress that will flatter your body shape and show your best features.

Simple Black Wedding Guest Dress

simple black wedding guest dress


Lace Wedding Guest Dresses

While lace will ensure you look feminine, if you want the bride to look comfy and stand out during her special day then avoid wearing lace in white color. You can wear light pink lace dress which is ultra feminine. You may also see Lace Wedding Dress Designs

Purple Wedding Guest Dresses

Purple wedding guest dresses will allow you to show your personality and fashion style. While you can wear matching purple dress, shoes as well as accessories, you will look more sophisticated when you pair with nude heels and clutch.

Purple Wedding Guest Maxi Dress

purple wedding guest maxi dress

Floral Wedding Guest Dresses

Floral wedding guest dresses are suitable for weddings that are taking place during spring or summer. Wear your floral dress in a brunch or luncheon weddings. Opt for materials with subtle floral patterns and pair with simple accessories.

Off-Shoulder Floral Wedding Guest Dress

off shoulder floral wedding guest dress


Red Wedding Guest Dresses

Wearing a red dress to a wedding will show you celebrate the couple’s love, passion, and romance. Instead of a solid dress go for those with silver, gold or beaded embellishments. These dresses are ideal for winter weddings, so pair with a white fur coat.

Casual Red Wedding Guest Dress

casual red wedding guest dress

Vintage Wedding Guest Dresses

If you are attending a retro wedding, then it is appropriate to wear vintage wedding guest dresses. However, if you just want to wear a comfy vintage dress then choose a pattern that incorporates the wedding theme color.

Vintage Belted Wedding Guest Dress

vintage belted wedding guest dress

Tea Length Wedding Guest Dresses

Tea length dresses tend to have a hemline which hangs between the knees and ankles. To avoid looking stumpy, wedding guest should wear these dresses with high heels or comfortable wedges. During warm weather, wear a kitten sandal or a classic black heel.

Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

Summer features hot weather which means you need to dress up in light and breathable fabrics like linen. Party dresses in vibrant colors are perfect for attending summer weddings.

Beautiful Summer Wedding Guest Dress

beautiful summer wedding guest dress

Strapless Wedding Guest Dresses

As a guest, you should wear a strapless dress if the wedding is taking place in the evening. Opt for a color that complements the wedding theme and do carry a shawl to keep you warm in case you get cold.

Sheath Wedding Guest Dresses

Sheath wedding guest dresses have a form fitting cut that makes them flattering to all body types. Go for a dress design that fits closer to the body in a color that matches the theme of the wedding.

Elegant Sheath Wedding Guest Dress

elegant sheath wedding guest dress

Tips for Selecting Dress Designs for Wedding Guests

Guests who are attending a wedding should select their dresses based on the specified dressing code on the invitation card. If the dressing code is not indicated, then wear as you would for any social event and consider the weather.

Weddings are memorable and often include good food! When choosing wedding guest dresses to ensure you look proper, pretty and avoid upstaging the bride. The dress color should flatter your skin and match the theme of the day. Ultimately, guest’ outfit should never look like wedding dresses.

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