Every lady deserves to wear an evening dress that will make her stand out in the crowd. Evening dresses are gowns which you can wear during formal or semi-formal occasions. They often feature luxurious materials such as silk, velvet, satin, and chiffon. So you will find your ideal dress designs that you can wear comfortably to evening wedding reception, anniversary dinner or cocktail parties. If you need inspiration, check the following stunning dresses. You may also see Wedding Guest Dress Designs

Long Evening Dresses

Long flowing gowns are the staple design for wedding dresses or the ideal wear for formal evening events. They are suitable for women who want to show off less skin or for those who want to put less focus on legs. You may also see Cocktail Dress Designs

Blue Long Evening Dress

blue long evening dress

Red Evening Dresses

Red is the color of passion, danger, and desire. Red evening dresses are attention grabbing, feminine and sophisticated. Those in one shoulder design and sparkly embellishments are especially eye-catching. Complement this dress color with a red lip and sparkly red shoes.

Off-Shoulder Red Evening Dress

off shoulder red evening dress

Short Evening Dresses

Short evening dresses are perfect for semi-formal or casual events. They have an ideal hem length for ladies who need to put the spotlight on their sexy legs and statement shoes. The short hemline length is the perfect size for cocktail dresses. You may also see Vintage Dress Designs

Awesome Short Evening Dress

awesome short evening dress


Black Evening Dresses

Black evening dresses are just right for black tie or formal events. The little black dress is also the best wear for cocktail parties. Opt for a black dress in mid length size that makes it easier to pair with stockings and any shoe color.

Long Sleeve Evening Dresses

If you need to put less focus on your arms or shoulders, then opt for long sleeve evening dresses. To avoid looking extra large then wear a fitting dress that accentuates your curves. For a feminine look wear a dress with sleeves made of lace. You may also see Gold Dress Designs

Simple Long Sleeve Evening Dress

simple long sleeve evening dress

Vintage Evening Dresses

Do you love dress design from 1900s? Well for your next evening event, show off your personality by going for vintage evening dresses. With these designs, you are sure that you will be unique, feminine and stand out from the crowd.

Lace Evening Dresses

If you prefer gowns that show your feminine side then lace evening dresses are a must have in your wardrobe. A dress with lace details at the top will draw attention towards your upper body so go for a V-shaped design.

Evening Formal Dresses

Evening formal dresses are usually floor length and in neutral or dark shades. Diamond and Pearls are the perfect accessories for these dresses. For a flirty look wear a long dark green evening dress and pair with a nude heel.

Long Formal Evening Dress

long formal evening dress

Mermaid Evening Dresses

Do you have an hourglass figure? Then the ideal evening dress for your figure is a mermaid design. These dresses accentuate upper body part hence the best accessories are those with gemstones. Pull your hair back to showcase a statement necklace.

Awesome Mermaid Evening Dress

awesome mermaid evening dress


Casual Evening Dresses

Casual evening dresses are in endless designs giving you the freedom to wear your favorite color and go for a hemline that flatters your body shape. Evening dresses in bright colors like orange, yellow or pink suit casual environments. Pair with chunky bracelets. You may also see Casual Dress Designs

Floral Evening Dresses

Floral evening dresses will remind you of beautiful flowers so wear these dresses during summer and spring. Floral prints are feminine, attractive and colorful hence should be paired with simple accessories. A subtle silver or gold earring will complete your look. You may also see Floral Dress Designs

Floral Printed Evening Dress

floral printed evening dress

Beaded Evening Dresses

Do you want a dress that makes a statement? Ladies love to portray their fashion style and beaded evening dresses will make a bold statement. These dresses exude a feminine charm that is hard to ignore.

Strapless Evening Dresses

What better way to draw attention towards your toned arm, beautiful shoulders and collar bone than with strapless evening dresses. Wear this dress with a strapless bra or opaque straps.

Cool Strapless Evening Dress

cool strapless evening dress

Velvet Evening Dresses

Velvet evening dresses have a soft, luxurious fabric that is perfect for evening occasions. Matching velvet shoes with the dress will result in both fabrics them competing for attention. Pairing with nude heels or wedges will ensure you look fabulous.

Sequin Evening Dresses

Sequin evening dresses have a sparkling fabric that will make you the center of attention so ensure you get a material that looks flawless on your body. The glitters will help camouflage any imperfections. You may also see Sequin Dress Designs

Long Sequin Evening Dress

long sequin evening dress

Beach Evening Dresses

Beach evening dresses are light, airy and have details that portray a romantic vibe. When choosing these gowns, get a cut that is comfortable to walk on the sand while flattering to your body shape or a particular asset.

One Shoulder Beach Evening Dress

one shoulder beach evening dress

Wearing an evening dress is all about finding a design that flatters your body. While long dresses are the ideal wear for evening events, women nowadays have the freedom even to wear short party dresses that show off their legs. With many designs available to date, choose an evening dress that suits the formality of the event.

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