Long sleeve dresses are the staple wear for cold seasons like winter. They have an elegant vibe that makes them ideal for evening events where you don’t want to wear a jacket or wrap a shawl. While these dress designs are perfect for ladies who want a conservative look, availability of different styles of sleeves can help you achieve a sleek modern look. Whether for a wedding or party, there’s a long sleeve dress that will look stunning on you.

Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses

Dress to impress by opting to wear long sleeve maxi dresses. They are comfortable, suitable for winter or autumn and have a casual vibe that depicts a fun personality. When choosing, these dresses go for a cut that creates a slimming effect.

Fall Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

fall long sleeve maxi dress

Long Sleeve Maxi Prom Dress

long sleeve maxi prom dress

Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Whether as a religious requirement or when you need to stay warm during chilly weather; long sleeve wedding dresses are comfortable. These dresses provide more coverage making them ideal for older brides. Young brides can wear long sleeve gowns that have sheer or lace details.

Chiffon Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

chiffon long sleeve wedding dress

Vintage Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

vintage long sleeve wedding dress1


Long Sleeve Prom Dresses

Let all eyes be on you by opting for long sleeve prom dresses. You can choose a ball gown with sheer long sleeves or a princess cut red long sleeve dress. You will look sexy and feminine with these dresses.

High Neck Long Sleeve Prom Dress

high neck long sleeve prom dress

Long Sleeve Lace Prom Dress

long sleeve lace prom dress

Black Long Sleeve Dresses

Black long sleeves are a must have to all social women. During those occasions when you had no time to buy a new dress, you can easily wear your long sleeve black dress and add a vibrant statement necklace.

Black Sequin Long Sleeve Dress

black sequin long sleeve dress

Long Sleeve Lace Dresses

Long sleeve lace dresses are the ideal garment for summer or when you need a feminine look. These dresses appeal to girls of all ages because they cover the hands yet show a bit of skin on the arms. Complete your look by styling your hair into a messy bun.

Long Sleeve Maxi Lace Dress

long sleeve maxi lace dress

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress

long sleeve lace wedding dress1

Long Sleeve Bodycon Dresses

What’s not to like about a dress that makes a lasting first impression! Long sleeve bodycon dresses have a tight silhouette from top to bottom hence are perfect for girls with hourglass figures. For a polished look, pair with stiletto heels.

Midi Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress

midi long sleeve bodycon dress

Formal Long Sleeve Dresses

Exude sophistication by opting for long sleeve formal dresses. You can wear these types of dresses to a work party or church. Adding a narrow belt in the same color as the dress will help bring out a curvy outline.

Semi Formal Long Sleeve Dress

semi formal long sleeve dress

Formal Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

formal long sleeve maxi dress1

Sequin Long Sleeve Dresses

Sparkles have a way of making a girl stand out. Sequin long sleeve dresses have a sparkly fabric that exudes a feminine look. Opt for a sequin long sleeve dress with a hem that is slightly above the knees or those with thigh-high side slits.

Gold Sequin Long Sleeve Dress

gold sequin long sleeve dress

Sequin Long Sleeve Prom Dress

sequin long sleeve prom dress

Long Sleeve Short Dresses

Do you want to show off your toned legs? If yes, then go for long sleeve short dresses. They are ideal for ladies with a daring attitude. To avoid looking frumpy wear a body hugging cocktail dresses.

Long Sleeve Mermaid Dresses

Features such as a fitting torso and hips while flaring at the knees are what makes long-sleeve mermaid dresses a must have for any woman who attends various evening events. For an elegant look, pair with a strappy high heel.

Long Sleeve Wedding Mermaid Dress

long sleeve wedding mermaid dress

Long Sleeve Lace Mermaid Dress

long sleeve lace mermaid dress

Chiffon Long Sleeve Dresses

Chiffon long sleeve dresses are made using lightweight fabric that is trendy during summer. The flowy material makes these dresses ideal for all body shapes. Simplicity is what makes it feminine and chic, so pair with modest jewelry.

Chiffon Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

chiffon long sleeve maxi dress


Black Chiffon Long Sleeve Dress

black chiffon long sleeve dress

Long Sleeve Wrap Dresses

Long sleeve wrap dresses tend to wrap around the body and have a sash to hold the fabric in place. You can wrap this dress at the front or side. They also have a V-shaped neckline that flatters women with hourglass, diamond and pear body types.

Red Long Sleeve Wrap Dress

red long sleeve wrap dress

Long Sleeve Floral Dresses

If you want a modest yet feminine outfit, then go for long sleeve floral dresses. The floral patterns will look awesome in summer so choose a fabric that is light. By mixing and matching with simple accessories, you will look fresh each time you wear this dress.

Long Sleeve printed Floral Dress

long sleeve printed floral dress

Long Sleeve Floral Maxi Dress

long sleeve floral maxi dress2

Long Sleeve Velvet Dresses

Velvet has a luxurious texture that makes them attention grabbing. Long sleeve velvet dresses can be dressed down by wearing leather ankle boots or dressed up with black high heels. Adding a fur scarf will bring out the elegant trait of the dress.

Long Sleeve Sheath Dresses

Long sleeve sheath dresses have a simplicity that makes them a favorite to young as well as older ladies. It’s subtle yet sophisticated that you can wear it to work or an evening out with family. To make a bold fashion statement adds a silk scarf.

Long Sleeve Black Sheath Dress

long sleeve black sheath dress

Long Sleeve Lace Sheath Dress

long sleeve lace sheath dress

Beaded Long Sleeve Dresses

If you want to look like a star, then go for beaded long sleeve dresses. The beading embellishments have a sparkle that will easily complement metallic jewelry in silver or gold. A beaded clutch will match the elegance of the dress.

Beaded Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

beaded long sleeve wedding dress

Short Beaded Long Sleeve Dress

short beaded long sleeve dress

Long Sleeve Striped Dresses

Stripes are trending right now, and you can show you know fashion by opting for striped long sleeve dresses. For a casual look pair your black and white striped dress with flats or cute sneakers.

Long Sleeve Black and White Striped Dress

long sleeve black and white striped dress

Vintage Long Sleeve Dresses

Long sleeve vintage dresses are unique, timeless and often feature patterns from past eras. For a fresh and sleek look, pair with modern accessories such as a watch. If you intend to wear everything vintage, then mix from different eras.

Vintage Long Sleeve Lace Dress

vintage long sleeve prom dress

Long Sleeve Leather Dresses

Leather long sleeve dresses are chic and will always be fashionable. If black leather looks intimidating, then wear colored leather dresses in red, yellow or orange.

Long Sleeve Leather Club Dress

long sleeve leather club dress

Long Sleeve Mesh Dresses

Long sleeve mesh dresses have spaced openings that give them a seductive image. While these dresses have a sultry appeal, wearing the same color undergarments will ensure you look bold and not trashy.

White Long Sleeve Mesh Dress

white long sleeve mesh dress

Long Sleeve Sequin Mesh Dress

long sleeve sequin mesh dress

About Trend of Long Sleeves

While a long sleeve dress may have a traditional look, it doesn’t make them any less trendy. From long sleeve cocktail dresses, long sleeve bodycon dresses, long sleeve floor length dresses to long sleeve mini dresses; there is a wide variety of long sleeve dresses that will cater to the preference of women of all ages. Wearing a long sleeve dress that will make you look elegant is about choosing a style that will flatter your body shape.

Long sleeve dresses are a must have in your wardrobe because they are simple and look proper on all occasions. You can use different accessories to give these dresses an edge. With many designs available, you can even get long sleeve wedding dresses in a design that will complement your theme.

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