Timeless and attractive, vintage dresses are a must have for any lady who loves unique outfits. They are a reflection of past eras hence tend to tell a fashion style of a different time. When you find a vintage dress that flatters your body, wear it with confidence because it is one of a kind. You can still wear vintage dress designs to reflect modern trends by opting for patterns that reinterpret older garment styles.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Relive past romance by going for vintage wedding dresses. A stunning silk wedding gown with beaded detailing at the chest area can help you stand out. Classic accessories such as a pearl necklace will ensure the dress is the main focus. You may also see Wedding Dress Designs

Vintage Prom Dresses

Vintage dresses tend to work for any age and body shape hence you are more likely to find one of a kind prom dresses. If your hairstyle is an updo then wear a strapless vintage dress and pair with metal cuff bracelet.

Vintage Lace Prom Dress

Vintage Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girls also need to be the center of attention, hence check the vintage flower girl dresses thread and seam to ensure it will handle the strain of frequent movement. A tiara decorated with silk flowers will further match the vintage style.

Cute Vintage Flower Girl Dress


Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage bridesmaid dresses are ideal for complementing a retro vibe. If the dresses don’t fit, then get a good tailor who can resize them according to each bridesmaid’s body type. You may also see Fringe Dress Designs

Vintage Peach Bridesmaid Dress

Lace Vintage Dresses for Women

Do you love distinctive outfits? Then go for lace vintage dresses for women. Lace is feminine and often comes in girly colors such as pink and bold red. This fabric will make a fashion statement on its own so pair with simple strappy heels.

Lace Vintage Cocktail Dress for Women

Vintage Flapper Dresses

Flapper vintage dresses get their design inspiration from the 1920s. They often feature light fabrics like chiffon and silk, are loose fitting and can incorporate beaded fringes. For the authentic retro look, add flapper pumps or heels with shinny rhinestones.

Vintage Black Dress Designs

If you are not sure which color to wear to an event, then a vintage black dress will ensure you look proper. For summer, wear a black dress in a light fabric and pair with bright accessories.

Formal Vintage Dresses

While vintage formal dresses should be long evening gowns in dark colors, you can still wear your favorite vintage dinner dress as long as it looks proper. To style these dresses in a fashionable way, add a sequin clutch and nude heels. You may also see Formal Dress Designs

Black and White Formal Vintage Dress

Vintage Floral Dresses

Vintage dresses are often handmade hence when you opt for vintage floral dresses you are sure that you’re wearing fabrics that are part of history. Loud floral patterns from the 1950s should be paired with black or nude shoes and add a simple necklace. You may also see Floral Dress Designs

Floral Long Sleeve Vintage Dress


Vintage Polka Dot Dresses

Polka dots will always remain trendy, and that’s why vintage polka dot dresses are a must have in most women’s wardrobes. A few large polka dots portray a 1920s fashion style while a polka dot dress with ruffles depicts a romantic person.

Vintage Maxi Dress Designs

Maxi vintage dresses often feature a flowy design which can help camouflage body imperfections such as a big tummy. However, to look presentable, you need to wear a maxi dress that fits closer to the body especially if you are slender or petite.

Vintage Chiffon Maxi Dress

Vintage Evening Dress Designs

When selecting vintage evening dresses, designs that fit closer to the body yet are not too clingy will look appropriate. Your dress should be in a luxurious fabric such as silk, linen, velvet and should be below the knees.

Red Vintage Evening Dress


Vintage Beaded Dresses

Purchasing vintage beaded dresses means that you are contributing to eco-friendly behaviors. Beaded dresses tend to have a sparkle hence should be paired with simple stud earrings. A black heel or a cute brown wedge can help complete your look.

White Vintage Dresses

White vintage dresses can make a woman look romantic, elegant or fun depending on the accessories you add. A simple monogram pendant will showcase your personal style. Complement the white color with a brown hat or skinny belt.

White Lace Vintage Dress

Vintage Short Dresses

Short dresses are very versatile that you can find them in authentic vintage designs or a new dress that replicates old style. These dresses will look amazing on youths. Older women should wear short vintage dresses with a hemline at the knees or include stockings underneath.

Vintage Floral Short Dress

Whether you wear vintage dresses every day or on special occasions when you opt for vintage you are less likely to find another person wearing the same design. If you are new to vintage clothing, then simple maxi dresses will help you feel comfortable, look unique and accentuate your feminine curves.

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