Effortless and attractive; a dress is a garment made specifically to flatter a woman’s body. A short dress is meant to show off beautiful legs while a long dress flatters curves and draws attention to the arms or neck. Both of these dresses work to make a woman attractive and differentiate her physique from that of a man. While there are different types of dresses, a lady should always wear a dress which is comfortable and accentuate her best features.

Formal Dress Design

Women wear formal dress designs when going to a wedding, anniversary, church, cocktail, funeral and prom. Official events labeled white tie are meant to depict status and class hence long figure hugging dresses in dark or neutral colors will suit the occasion. For black tie wear a long cocktail gown or a little black dress.

Semi Formal Dress for Women

semi formal dress for women

Formal Party Dress Design

formal party dress design

Maxi Dress Design

Maxi dress designs which are usually fitting at the bosom, free flowing at the bottom and reach floor length are for attending a barbecue or a summer wedding. Petite women can still look good wearing a maxi dress; the trick is to go for small prints. Solid colors will look attractive on all body types.

Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Design

long sleeve maxi dress design

Strapless Maxi Dress Design

strapless maxi dress design

Floral Dress Design

Every woman should have a floral dress design because it’s the true definition of feminity. This kind of dress is timeless, shows class and suits every season. Vibrant floral dress designs with short sleeves are ideal for summer while those which are long in length are just right for attending church or anniversary party.

Floral Chiffon Dress Design

floral chiffon dress design

Floral Midi Dress

floral midi dress

Red Dress Design

A red dress design will make a bold fashion statement, and you can wear it to a romantic picnic. The color of this dress is timeless; it shows passion and seductive traits. Neutral skin tones look good with any red shade, Blue based red complements pale skin tones while orange-red is perfect for dark skin tones.

Red Lace Dress Design

red lace dress design

Short Dress Design

Any woman can wear a short dress design as long as they show confidence. While older women tend to shy away from wearing short dress designs, adding stockings or tights will exude sexiness. Go for a flattering cut that creates the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Short White Dress Design

short white dress design

Short Summer Dress Design

short summer dress design

Wrap Dress Design

A wrap dress design clings to the curves in a way that draws attention towards your whole body. Wear this dress when going for a picnic or evening parties. While the dress color of your wrap dress should match with your skin tone, it looks stunning on hourglass and pear shaped body types.

Twist Wrap Dress Design

twist wrap dress design

Faux Wrap Dress Design

faux wrap dress design

Vintage Dress Design

Vintage dress designs are unique and will help you stand out from a group of people. Any lady can pull off wearing a vintage dress. The trick is to mix and match different eras and accessorize with modern pieces such as statement heels. If the vintage dress is in a vibrant color, then wear with simple jewelry.

Vintage Boho Wedding Dress

vintage boho wedding dress

Strapless Dress Design

A strapless dress design will flatter your figure as long as your body is fit because it exposes a lot of skin on the upper body. It is ideal for women with long slender necks as well as toned shoulders, collarbone, and shoulder blades. It should be well fitting at the top to avoid forming bulges.

Strapless Midi Dress Design

strapless midi dress design

Spring Dress Design

From side cutouts, denim material to a ruffled neckline, different types of spring dress designs will look good on all women. Maxi, midi, fit and flare dress designs are perfect for spring. Dresses with flared sleeves, ruffled hems, sleeveless, one shoulder and lace patterns are also ideal for this season.

Spring Floral Dress Design

spring floral dress design


Yellow Spring Dress Design

yellow spring dress design

Gingham Dress Design

Women want to look attractive whenever they step out of the house. Wearing a gingham dress design will not only draw attention towards your feminine curves but also cement your fashion style. This dress type is usually made using two colored yarns in checked pattern. A shirt dress gingham design will look good on young girls.

Blue and White Gingham Dress Design

blue and white gingham dress design


Gingham Shirt Dress

gingham shirt dress

Gingham Collared Dress

gingham collared dress


Shoulder Pad Dress Design

Suitable for women with narrow shoulders, shoulder pad dress will look stunning on both young and mature ladies. Shoulder pads help to balance the upper body by adding volume hence creating the illusion of broad and long shoulders. To show elegance, go for shoulder pad dress designs with wide V necklines and puffy sleeves.

Long Sleeve Shoulder Pad Dress

long sleeve shoulder pad dress

Printed Dress Design

From animal to abstract prints, printed dress designs are easy to accessories and look chic even in formal occasions. Suitable for older women such as those in their 40s, they work well to camouflage the tummy and give an edgy look. You can wear a printed dress design during summer or spring.

Tribal Print Dress Design

tribal print dress design


Geometric Dress Design

When you need to impress your fellow ladies, wear a geometric dress design. The key to looking trendy is to choose patterns that balance your figure and draws attention towards positive traits. Short women should go for the heavily geometricized pattern while tall women should wear subtle accessories when wearing this dress type.

Black and White Geometric Dress

black and white geometric dress

Vintage Geometric Dress Design

vintage geometric dress design


Geometric Maxi Dress

geometric maxi dress


Zipper Dress Design

Every woman needs a dress in her closet that she can wear in more than one way. The ability of this dress to have different variations makes it chic and practical. You can wear a zipper dress during the day or unzip a section at night when you need going out partying.

Front Zipper Dress Design

front zipper dress design


Black Zipper Dress Design

black zipper dress design

Denim Zipper Dress

denim zipper dress

Illusion Dress Design

We all have imperfections, and while models or celebrities look flawless, they wear illusion dress designs that draw attention towards their best features. This design, tend to incorporate black color to bring out the illusion. When you need to wear a monochrome dress, opt for one with a figure-hugging illusion waist.

Illusion Neckline Dress

illusion neckline dress

Lace Illusion Dress Design

lace illusion dress design


Flapper Dress Design

Flapper dress design gets their inspiration from the 90s fashion style and will expose the arms. Suitable for women with slim or boyish figures, this dress type incorporates beaded patterns or glittery material making it chic and elegant. Wear a flapper dress design to a costume party or when hanging with other ladies.

Long Flapper Dress Design

long flapper dress design


Fringed Flapper Dress

fringed flapper dress

Ribbon Dress Design

Ribbon dress designs are cute and exude a girly character. The ribbons can either be on the shoulders of the dress, at the back or the front. The color of ribbon dress that you want should complement your skin tone. Wear a ribbon dress to a prom or a casual date.

Ribbon Embroidery Dress Design

ribbon embroidery dress design

Ribbon Cocktail Dress Design

ribbon cocktail dress design


Wedding Dress Design

Every girl has a fairy tale wedding where she walks down the aisle to the love of her life wearing a beautiful wedding dress. Traditional brides tend to opt for floor length simple silhouette white wedding dresses. Modern brides can go for colored or floral patterns with daring cutouts, pant suit or jumpsuit.

Beach Wedding Dress Design

beach wedding dress design

Lace Wedding Dress Design

lace wedding dress design


Prom Dress Design

Whether you are petite or plus size, the perfect prom dress should complement your body type and portray your personality. A good prom dress design can be long, flowy, short or clingy however it should make an impression. Short dress designs suit petite girls while long ball gowns will look good on tall, slender ladies.

Red Prom Dress Design

red prom dress design


Long Prom Dress Design

long prom dress design

Short Prom Dress Design

short prom dress design


Flower Girl Dress Design

Be it your daughter or niece, flower girls play a significant role in making a wedding memorable. Depending on the location of your wedding, flower girl dress designs should either be a mini version of the wedding gown or match with the style and theme color of the wedding.

Purple Flower Girl Dress Design

purple flower girl dress design


Trendy and Vintage Dresses

Every occasion calls for a different dress. Vintage dress designs usually have intricate patterns, yet they look elegant or chic depending on how you match with your accessories. It suits all occasions and will flatter a woman’s body. To look stylish always pair a vintage dress with contemporary accessories and items such as jackets or heels.

Women have a selection of dresses that they can wear depending on the occasion. From vintage flapper dress for a costume party to an elegant ball gown for weddings, there are different varieties of styles to suit every body type. You can wear a dress to work or on a romantic date.

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