Winter dress designs are ideal for a winter event and gathering so that you can celebrate the winter months and events in style. There are many winter dress designs for you to choose from so that you can find the perfect dress for any occasion. This article puts together some of the best winter dress designs for you to choose from to help you find the perfect option for any occasion or event with a winter theme. You may also See Wedding Dress Designs

White Winter Dress

White is the perfect color for Winter, as it is both festive and fits the theme of white, Winter and snow. Many white winter dresses are simple white skater dresses that can then be dressed up and accessorized with shoes and jewelry in order to create a beautiful winter-themed outfit.

White Winter Linen Dress

White Winter Long Dress

Winter Formal Dress

Formal winter dresses are usually long, floor length dresses with a fitted bodice. These dresses come in many colors, but are traditionally blue or silver in order to fit the winter theme.

Winter Formal Short Dress


Modern Winter Formal Dress


Short Winter Dress

Short winter dresses are an excellent alternative to longer winter dresses so that you can fit a more casual themed party or event. These dresses can be fitted for older women, although for younger women they tend to be a-lined in order to add a fun party style.

Short Winter Hem Dress

Winter Wedding Dress

Winter wedding dresses are very beautiful and are perfect for a winter wedding. Many winter wedding dresses use lace to emulate a snowflake design and incorporate crystals and sequins in order to look like ice and snow, creating a beautiful, wintery look. You may also See Winter Outfit Design

Winter Long Wedding Dress

Simple Winter Wedding Dress

Long Sleeve Winter Dress

Winter is the perfect time for long sleeved dresses in order to keep yourself warm in the colder months. These dresses come in a range of festive colors, such as red and green, to fit perfectly with the festive time of year.

Red Long Sleeve Winter Dress


Long Sleeve Winter Short Dress


Winter a Line Dress

Winter a line dresses have an a line skirt to create a fun and playful dress for any occasion. These dresses come in all colors and can be worn during the day as a casual dress, or as a party dress for an evening event.

Winter Prom Dress

Winter prom dresses are a very formal style of dress that is usually floor length, but are also available in shorter lengths. These dresses come in a range of festive colors so that you can definitely find your perfect winter prom dress so that you look beautiful for your prom.

Winter Prom Long Dress

Black Winter Prom Dress

Sweater Winter Dress

Sweater winter dresses are a warm dress made from wool or other warm fabrics so that you can stay warm but still look pretty. These dresses are perfect for a casual every day wear, and look great with tights and boots. You may also See White Dress Designs

Winter Cocktail Dress

Winter cocktail dresses are a formal dress with a winter theme. Cocktail dresses are usually fitted quite tightly to accentuate the body. These dresses are perfect for formal events and parties so that you can celebrate in style.

Winter Bridesmaid Dress

Winter bridesmaid dresses are generally blue or silver in color and use lace or beading in order to create a snow themed design. These dresses are perfect for a winter wedding in order to create your perfect day.


These winter dress designs give you plenty of options for a winter outfit so that you can dress to impress for any occasion. These designs give you lots of options for a range of different occasions in order to help you find the best outfit design for any occasion.

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