Among the tremendous heavy fashion trends seen on the latest runways, a lighter, actually wearable dress like a slip dress design catches attention. One of the very favorite dresses this year is the poppy dress design. These dress designs focus on the poppy flower to take inspiration from, and are often simplistic in form – instead, their main characteristic is the floral print. Below is a list of dresses that come under the poppy dress design category.

Fabric Poppy Dress

Fabric Poppy Dress Source

This light-hearted poppy dress design is perfect for a day out. Whether it’s a family picnic or just a summer party with your girls, this is a very modest and gorgeous dress. The loose fit makes it breathable in hot days, too. Pair it with a white skinny trouser to complete the outfit. You may also see Surplice Dress Designs

Laced Poppy Dress

Laced Poppy Dress Source

This gorgeous dress is best for a summer wedding dress. The simple flare and the lace on shoulders make the dress look more graceful. The length is not crazy long to sweep the floor or limit your footsteps on your special day but is a nice-looking poppy dress design that allows you to breathe.

Cotton Poppy Outfit

Cotton Poppy Outfit Source

An elegant evening dress for a walk outside or even an awesome choice for your first date is what this dress says. This poppy dress design displays a small, full print that makes it eye-catching and is not too much, not too less, but the right amount of attire for your evenings.

Poppy Bridesmaid Dress

Poppy Bridesmaid Dress Source

Ah, a breathtakingly gorgeous bridesmaid dress! You may recommend this to your friend who’s planning her wedding for next month, or even make your bridesmaids wear this. Beware; the bridesmaids would catch more eyes than the bride with this dress, so you must check out Tropical Print Dress designs for wedding season for the bride, too.

Chiffon Poppy Dress Design

Chiffon Poppy Dress Design Source

So many beautiful colors in one dress! The colors of spring and the watery, blurry flowers make the dress a very dainty dress for your attire. Light silver jewelry would be a dazzling addition. If you like dresses with thick shoulders like this one, you may want to check out shoulder pad dress design, too.

Poppy Summer Outfit for Women

Poppy Summer Outfit for Women Source

Visiting the mall with your girls on a hot day? Fill up your wardrobe with such poppy dress designs to make the heat go low on you. A white shrug over it would bring out a good contrast with this one and a matching handbag would do wonders to make you look fabulous.

Poppy Wedding Dress Idea

Poppy Wedding Dress Idea Source

Did someone say tropical print dress designs for wedding season? Well, we heard you! This poppy dress opens up at the bottom like the petals of a poppy flower. You would admire your reflection in the mirror wearing this.

Poppy Floral Dress Design

Poppy Floral Dress Design Source

This poppy dress design looks like a garden, all green and red: a beautiful view. The black belt provides a good shape to this floral print dress.

Fancy Poppy Dress

Fancy Poppy Dress Source

This short navy-colored poppy dress has a very delicate print and a simple form. To further enhance the look, you can wear navy blue and white pearl bracelets on one hand.

Poppy Prom Dress Idea

Poppy Prom Dress Idea Source

The Ukranian traditional dress looks amazing on a day out. It may be a picnic with your spouse, or a walk on the beach, this dress is moderate in design and easy on the eyes. It would look great with a white hat. You may also see Ribbon Dress Designs

Simple Poppy Dress Design

Simple Poppy Dress Design Source

Navy Blue Poppy Outfit

Navy Blue Poppy Outfit Source

Fashionable Poppy Outfit

Fashionable Poppy Outfit Source

White Floral Poppy Dress

White Floral Poppy Dress Source

Poppy Flower Shirt Design

Poppy Flower Shirt Design Source

Poppy Maxi Dress Idea

Poppy Maxi Dress Idea Source

Butterfly Sleeves Poppy Dress

Butterfly Sleeves Poppy Dress Source

Red Color Poppy Outfit

Red Color Poppy Outfit Source

Vintage Style Poppy Dress

Vintage Style Poppy Dress Source

Black and White Poppy Dress

Black and White Poppy Dress Source

Traditional Poppy Print Dress

Traditional Poppy Print Dress Source

All these poppy dress designs are very comfortable to wear, and can fill up your entire wardrobe for the summer for every event.

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