Beach weddings are magical, romantic and tend to show a carefree attitude. Unlike church weddings, beach weddings have an informal setting which makes their wedding dresses to be less traditional. Long veils can be easily blown by the wind while long dresses will make it hard to walk to on the beach sand. Therefore beach wedding dresses have to be comfortable and sleek. Depending on your figure, here are some beautiful dresses that you can wear on your special day.

Short Beach Wedding Dresses

Short beach wedding dresses have the ideal length to make it easier to walk on ocean sand. These dresses are casual and put the main focus on legs. You can get them in unique styles such as off-shoulder necklines and two-piece designs.

Beach Wedding Guest Dresses

Guests who are attending a beach wedding have the freedom to wear smart casual dresses as long as they complement the theme of the wedding. Beach wedding guest dresses can be in a bold color as long as they don’t overshadow the bride’s gown.

Casual Beach Wedding Dresses

Casual beach wedding dresses are often in light fabrics such as silk, lace, and chiffon. They take inspiration from cocktail party dresses which have a knee length hemline or above. They allow your skin to breathe.

Lace Beach Wedding Dresses

Do you want a wedding dress that clearly depicts your femininity? Then go for lace beach wedding dresses. Laces are light, breathable and exude sexiness to make sure that you are gorgeous and the center of attention.

Lace Beach Wedding Short Dress

lace beach wedding short dress

Backless Beach Wedding Dresses

Backless wedding dresses are for the modern or daring bride. They look attractive on women who are slender and toned. You can choose from criss-cross back design to those with a cut that reaches the waist. You may also See Fantasy Wedding Dresses

White Beach Wedding Dresses

White beach wedding dresses are perfect for brides who have always wanted a traditional gown. They are often made of silk material giving them a flowy effect. For a modern look add a contrasting pair of shoe to offset the monotony.

Chiffon Beach Wedding Dresses

Chiffon wedding dresses are known for their light weight fabric and versatility to incorporate other feminine details. They give a romantic effect which works well with any bride. This fabric will drape beautifully over any body shape.

Green Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

green chiffon beach wedding dress

Vintage Beach Wedding Dresses

Since a wedding dress should match the theme of the wedding, vintage beach wedding dresses are for brides who love old décor. These dresses are unique ensuring you feel special during your wedding day.

Beach Wedding Flower Girl Dresses

A flower girl tosses flowers to pave the way for the bride. Since all eyes will be on her hence ensure she is dressed to perfection. Beach wedding flower girl dresses are light, airy and in bright colors like light pink, yellow and blue.

Halter Beach Wedding Dresses

Halter beach wedding dresses have straps that fasten around the neck and tend to put more focus on the arms. These dresses look amazing on brides with large busts. Ladies with small busts should opt for halter dresses that cover up to the neck. You may also See Short Wedding Dress

Halter Maxi Beach Wedding Dress

halter maxi beach wedding dress

Maxi Beach Wedding Dresses

Maxi beach wedding dresses are a favorite for outdoor settings. Opt for maxi dresses in solid colors and avoid stripes or loud prints. Floral maxi dresses are feminine and appropriate for a beach wedding. A design that cinches at the waist will emphasize curves.

Chiffon Maxi Dress For Beach Wedding

chiffon maxi dress for beach wedding

Mermaid Beach Wedding Dresses

Mermaid beach wedding dresses are defined by a tight bust and fitting curve-hugging skirt that flares out at the knees. These dresses look stunning on brides with hourglass figures. For a beach wedding opt for mermaid dresses whose hemline is on the ankles.

Strapless Mermaid Beach Wedding Dress

strapless mermaid beach wedding dress


Strapless Beach Wedding Dresses

Strapless dresses are the most popular designs for a beach wedding. They keep you fresh, beautiful and accentuate the collarbones. These dresses create the illusion of more curves. Hence women with large busts or flat chests should avoid wearing these garments.

Long Strapless Beach Wedding Dress

long strapless beach wedding dress


One Shoulder Beach Wedding Dresses

One shoulder beach wedding dresses are ideal for girls who love contemporary style. They accentuate the collarbones making them perfect for those with pear-shaped figures. These dresses are sexy, feminine and modern. Go for one shoulder dresses in chiffon or satin fabrics.

One Shoulder Beach Velvet Wedding Dress

one shoulder beach velvet wedding dress

Formal Beach Wedding Dresses

Long dresses are the appropriate attire for formal beach weddings. Both accessories and makeup should be subtle. Pair with a wedge shoe and a fun clutch to complete your look. For this event only wear neutral colors like white or lighter shades of pink. You may also See Lace Wedding Dress

V Neck Formal Beach Wedding Dress

v neck formal beach wedding dress

Red Beach Wedding Dresses

If you need to depict passion and elegance, then go for red beach wedding dresses. The bold color will ensure that you stand out. Opt for short red wedding dresses, apply red lipstick and pair with nude or black wedges.

Red Beach Wedding Maxi Dress

red beach wedding maxi dress1


Cotton Beach Wedding Dresses

Cotton beach wedding dresses are suitable for vegans who prefer a more eco-friendly material. Or Brides who want a gown that is unique yet glamorous. Cotton allows air to move freely and is appropriate for an environment with high humidity.

Boho Beach Wedding Dresses

Light and colorful, boho beach wedding dresses have beautiful embroidery that makes them one of a kind. They suit brides who want the princess look or a classic design and often have decorations that put the spotlight on your figure.

Boho Beach Wedding Lace Dress

boho beach wedding lace dress

Flowy Beach Wedding Dresses

As a bride do you want to feel special during your wedding day? Then go for flowy beach wedding dresses. They are often of light material such as chiffon which gives the dress a flowy effect. They add volume making them suitable as prom dresses. You may also See Sheath Dress Designs

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